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Monday, August 14th, 2006

This past weekend, I was graciously invited to witness Adam’s brother Drew marry his love Joanna. While I already know and adore Anne Marie (who doesn’t?!?!) and the boys (so cute!), this was my first time meeting the rest of the Swartz Clan.

My last boyfriend and I dated on and off for two years.

If I had to simplify what went wrong with that relationship, I would have to nail it down to one thing: family.

obligation. expectation. independence. validation.


My ex-boyfriend came from a different cultural background than I and his family had ideas about the type of girl he should be with. Needless to say, I did not fit the part and he was unable to make major decisions about his life without being debilitatingly concerned about his parent’s approval.

In two years, I met his parents less than a handful of times. While that might not seem abnormal, depending on the circumstances, I should possibly point out that my ex-boyfriend LIVED WITH his parents.

3 times in two years.

You can only imagine then, how much it meant to me to be so warmly welcomed by Adam’s family.

The Swartzs

Individually, they’re all really sweet and funny and cool and interesting and smart and witty and goofy and nice. As a unit, they’re so nearly totally functional* I was almost a little jealous. ;) It was really something special to see them all together and to witness the way love comes out in endless laughter.


One of the bestest things about it (besides the sap rant above), was that I also got to spend time with one of my favoritest favorites:

and I finally met The Pants! (who is just as awesome as you’d think he’d be.)

and! AND! I got a chance to wear my latest (sewing) FO!

My dress**…

…which was much appreciated by The Boyfriend…

pictured here, quite drunk and quite cute.

It was a beautiful weekend spent with really great people.

Congratulations Drew and Joanna!!!

Thanks for letting me be a part of everything.

* no family’s ALL functional
** an attempt to use craftiness to achieve thriftiness! Pattern + Materials = $25!

She’s Crafty

Thursday, July 20th, 2006

You might not want to hear this but…

I’ve been cheating.


I told Adam about it and he’s actually being REALLY supportive!!!

I mean, why should a girl have to commit to just one craft?


(you totally weren’t buying that shit anyway…don’t act like I fooled you.)

For my 30th birthday (yes, really), my favoritest brother and sis-in-law gave me a SEWING MACHINE!!!!


I am in love.


It’s not that I don’t love knitting (I DO! I DO!), but I this sewing business is SO FUN!


me and my new toy.

Just look at me go!!!

I called up my sew-savvy friend Seema and asked her to show me how to use it.


We went on a fabric/pattern spree and then back to her place for a sewing marathon totally remnicent of Project Runway* (except that uh, 1, we didn’t finish and 2, there was no runway show. Also? Tim & Heidi weren’t there and neither one of us got eliminated. Apparently, it was nothing like PR at ALL. Especially since we didn’t actually design anything.)

We stayed up and worked unil 5am, peeps.


love? dedication? madness? who knows.

Regardless, here it is…my first FO!!!

MY SKIRT! It has a ZIPPER!!!!

In case you were wondering about the pretty thing hanging from my neck, here is a closer look at my other favorite birthday present:

He’s hot, he’s sweet AND he has taste in jewelery? Pinch me.

I have three other patterns and fabric and supplies to make 2 of them (hello? stash?). PLUS, I bought a reference book AND a cool book on how to tranform your old, big-ass t-shirts!! WAY COOL! It’s called Generation T and it will show you how to turn a t-shirt like this:


Into a sexilicious halter like this:



I HAVE been knitting AND I almost have an FO (secret beige knit is *this* close!)…I promise!!! This weekend though, I think I might have to spend some QT with my new baby :) (the mechanical one, not the man one, unfortch. AND NOT THAT KIND OF MECHANICAL! YOU KNOW WHAT I MEANT!)


* Don’t even get me STARTED about Malan. So sad.