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not a good day for vibey

Tuesday, December 9th, 2003

Sometimes I think doctors don’t realize they’re working with PEOPLE. PEOPLE. Confused, scared, EMOTIONAL PEOPLE.

It’s like, they’re telling you this sort of TRAUMATIC THING, and they’re being all CLINICAL about it, explaining EVERYTHING and NOTHING all at the same time in language YOU DON”T UNDERSTAND!

And I’m listening and she’s going on about this ONE thing, and I’m all like, “wait wait wait wait WAIT, WHAT was the FIRST thing you were talking about!?!?! SCREW THE SECOND HUGE THING YOU’RE TELLING ME, WHAT WAS THAT FIRST ONE?!?!?”

All she really leaves me with is “We’re mailing you a pamphlet. Read it and call me if you have any questions.”


Needless to say, today was NOT a very good day.

In other vibe news, I got my Christmas Tree yesterday! yAy!