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Learning Curve

Sunday, September 19th, 2004

A while back, when I was still pretty new to yarnnotboughtfromMichaels, I decided to teach myself how to knit socks — on tini-tiny bamboo dpns ( I love tini-tiny bamboo dpns now, seriously…almost as much as The Poncho.)

So, I went to my nearest LYS, and picked up what I thought would make a good sock. 1 skein of this cotton/rayon blend. {{shrug}} (I don’t like wool socks, they feel wierd to me.)

You remember this, right?

socklette 1
the socklette

I was really proud of myself. MY FIRST SOCK(lette)!. So I immediately cast on for her sister. See?

socklette twins.

Um. Except. Uh…

Do you see a problem with this?

Apparently, ONE skein of THIS:

ball band

is *not quite* enough for a pair of cute white socklettes. :(

IIIIIII’m pretty sure this yarn doesn’t exist anymore. IIII don’t know what to do. I’m not in the mood to stalk ebay, but on the other hand, I don’t wanna frog the sock and forget about it either :(


So the socklettes stay in limbo while I come up with an idea.

Today has been a CRAP day. It went from sorta shitty, to shitty, to better, to GOOD, back to shitty. So what’s that? 85% shitty? lovely.

Go see Garden State.

Always a bridesmaid…

Thursday, September 16th, 2004

It’s natural, I think, for a bride to have nightmares in the weeks before her wedding…all the planning and preparing and coordinating coming to head…WHAT IF SOMETHING GOES WRONG?!?!!?

How normal is it though, I ask you, for the maid of honor to have nightmares??!

It was the day of the wedding. Everything was PERFECT. Except. I DIDNT HAVE A DRESS! I’d totally forgotten to pick it up from the tailors!!! Before bridezilla noticed, I slipped on the extra dress in the hall closet. All that was running through my mind at this point was that it was DAMN lucky that Jennifer Lopez had left it there or I’d’ve been FUCKED.

It was definately too big for me, but as long as I kept my arms at my sides, the dress stayed up. Good. Now I just had to call the tailors to see what time they opened. Except that it was SATURDAY and the tailor’s is CLOSED ON SATURDAY! This is when I started muttering to myself and wondering WHO IN THE HELL HAS A WEDDING ON A SATURDAY?!?!!?

Realizing that the oversized back-up dress was going to have to do, I hussled my ass to the auditorium (yes, that’s right, I said auditorium) to get in place for the ceremony. I got backstage, but then realized I’m supposed to be stage-RIGHT, not stage-left. Crossing the stage involves a sort of trapeze-act wherein I climb to a suspended platform above the stage, cross said platform and climb back down. When I got to the top of the platform, there was an entire 7th grade band (with glockenspiels!!!) waiting to perform!! As I was trying to make my way through a maze of flutists and saxaphones, the entire platform was rocking and shaking, causing me to nearly fall on my big-dress-wearing ass NUMEROUS times!!

FINALLY, I got to the other side only to realize I DON’T HAVE MY SHOES!!! I BURST out into RIDICULOUS tears and pushed through the curtain (yes, I said curtain) to where my MOM is sitting and PLEADED with her to go back home to get my shoes for me. We had 40 minutes left before the ceremony — if she hauled ass, she could’ve made it. My mom then proceeded to yell at me, telling me that I shouldn’t be seen ‘in costume’ before the performance!


So, how grateful was I that I woke up, that my shoes are safe and sound, that my dress will be ready on Friday and that I have over a week before the wedding?

I have only two questions:

  • How freaked am I gonna get someday when I get married?
  • What was Jennifer Lopez’s dress doing in the hall closet?


It’s an addiction

Monday, September 13th, 2004

me and ashley
This is me with one of my most favorite people EVER.

my poncho
This is my poncho.

What to do you get when you cross one of my most favorite people EVER with my most favorite poncho and toss in a weekend and a 30% yarn sale?

mini poncho

mini poncho
Aunty Poncho and baby poncho! awwww :)

All it took was a few hours, 1 30% off skein of Mission Falls 1824 wool and 1 skein of some miscellaneous Cashmerino Aran wanna-be from A.C. Moore! 1 evening and like $8! An addicts dream! It was so fast, I didn’t even get to add it to my snazzy new percentage bars!

I’m going to put it in the mail this week, so hopefully, I’ll get a pic of one of my most favorite people wearing her (hopefully) most favorite poncho soon!

vibeknits v. 1.1

Saturday, September 11th, 2004

The site is really coming along! I’ve added percentage bars, knit-alongs, and voting stuff…plus I’ve tweaked the CSS a bit more to my liking. Now if I can just get this whole thing centered on the page, I think I’ll be happy. Plus, eventually I still wanna add some photo galleries…

I’m noticing though…the whole thing ended up really, um…PINK.

heh. oh well.

ps –!