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…And The Pursuit of Happiness.

Friday, October 22nd, 2004

I think you should read this. Even if you don’t agree with it. Read it. It’s a really well-written entry about Gay Marriage.

The elections in the US are about a week and a half away and we all have a really big decision to make about which direction we want this great country to go. If you’re undecided, I want you to read this too. It’s not really any kind of liberal propaganda ;), it’s just well-written piece about indecision (ok, it IS pro-democrat, but still. Read it even if you’re not.)

My Friday is matching up to my Monday. I think it all has to do with how it started out, which I would rather tell you about later when I can properly illustrate the situation. Let’s just say that this morning I contemplated giving up my darling kitty for adoption.

ps – Everyone who came over from Michelle and Silvia’s blogs — HEY :) HI! Thanks for stopping by :) Also, I’d like to say wassup to my bloglines subscribers!! YOU ROCK! (I’m so excited I even *have* bloglines subscribers, you have NO idea!)

pps – My next post will include plenty of YARN. I promise :)

Just call me LaBerta Daquari …

Thursday, October 21st, 2004

Oh, those crazy Mormons are a HOOT!

A Tale of Two Kitties

Wednesday, October 20th, 2004

When I was a little girl, I used to dress up as a cat, crawl around on the floor, mew incessantly, and partake in kitty-like activities like rubbing up against my mother’s leg (like a CAT people, like a cat.) She played along so well, that she would even call me by my cat name (that she gave me!) — Bijou.

So, although I may be getting a tad too old to wear it out in public (though I likely will), it seems only fitting that I should make this:

kittyville hat
This is my kittyville hat from Debbie Stoller’s Stitch n’ Bitch.

kittyville hat
Here’s another view.

Obviously, I didn’t get too creative with the colors or the yarn. I’m very picky about hats. Hats itch. Itching is BAD. Cashmerino is GOOD. Soooooooft. Soft hopefully means NOT ITCHY. I wanted to add a hot pink accent, but I never really found a bright, hot pink yarn that complimented the cashmerino, so I stuck with black. I like black. I like black almost as much as I hate itchy. black : good as itchy : bad.

In an attempt to be cute, I thought the two ‘cats’ of the house should take a picture together.

2 kitties
Hayley apparently doesn’t appreciate being used for blog fodder. She does, however, like hangin’ with the mommy.

In case you have any doubt of this, HERE IS THE PROOF! This is a picture of Hayley as she is plotting to jump off of the bathroom sink and on to the mommy. Seperation anxiety, anyone?

The only thing about my kitty hat is that the EARS are all wierd. And my head is too big! (ok, that’s two things.) Cashmerino is a thinner worsted, and with my big head, that makes the hat kinda tight. It fits, but my head looks goofy in it. I didn’t check gauge cause it’s a hat and I’m lazy. I kinda knew it would be a problem because I’ve made this hat before :

Lois' Hat
The same hat, sans ears, plus pom-pom.

That hat was WAY to small when I tried it on just to see…But I used to knit TWISTED, and twisting the stiches makes the fabric tighter, and now that I don’t TWIST anymore, the same hat, knit on the same needles, using the SAME YARN, should be BIGGER, no?

I guess the theory works, as the new hat is just tight-fitting and not WAY too small, but still.

As for the EARS, well. I kinda made them up. I started out doing them the way the pattern said, but I thought they were too limp and flimsy (it is possible that I neglected to see an entrie line of the pattern which said to repeat the ear and whipstitch them together, but we’ll ignore that for now). Plus, I didn’t like the way the seed stitch looked. SO, I ripped out the one ear I did and started over. I doubled the yarn. Which worked! Except that the first time I did it, I picked up the stiches using a single strand and then knit them doubled. The SECOND ear, I picked up using a DOUBLE strand and knit them doubled. The first ear ended up looking odd at the bottom (go figure!), but since I’d ripped it out once, and I think again after that, I didn’t feel like redoing it. So I fudged it. And you can tell.

kitty ears
Here are my wonky ears. Can you guess which one is the ‘bad’ ear?

They also have a tendency to curl over on themselves. I tried to block it out, but I think they’re doing it again. {{sigh}} Oh well. I may decide to gift this one to a twelve-year-old I know. She’ll totally love it! I was going to knit her something else, so what I think I’ll do is knit that, and then decide what to give her when I have both to compare.

As a companion to the hat though, I’m making this and it’s taking FOREVER:

It’s Cashmerino on US7s in a K4P2 rib

It SUCKS to knit this thing. How do people make scarf after scarf!?!? I don’t get it!?!? Is this why novelty scarves tend to be garter stitch on really BIG needles?

AAANNNNYYYYWAY, tonight is knitting meetup at Mayorga Coffee Factory in Silver Spring! If you’re in the area and want to sit and knit with us, come on by!

PS – Has anyone else noticed that the Cashmerino in Debbie Bliss’ Cashmerino Aran starts with CASH? CASHmerino? Ironic, no?

Manic Mondays

Monday, October 18th, 2004

I am cranky as all hell today. I’m not really sure why. Let’s assess the possible reasons, shall we?

  1. My jeans feel *mighty* tight around my thighs today. They may have shrunk in the wash. Then again, they may not have.
  2. My college roomate is pregnant. And my other college roomate is going off the pill so she can *get* pregnant. Oh, and her friend?Three months pregnant. It’s not that I want a baby, but do you ever get the sense that life is moving forward full speed and you’re sooooo left behind? (by the way, I’m soo crazy excited for all three of these girls. I think it’s awesome that they’re going to have babies!)
  3. It’s Monday. I’m at work. Mondays are rarely days of joy and celebration.
  4. I’m knitting a k4p2 ribbed scarf on US7s and it’s TEDIOUS.
  5. I’m at work. It’s Monday. Shoot me.
  6. My cat can’t stand to be away from me for any amount of time AT ALL! And by ‘away from me’ I mean ‘not sitting/lying/licking onesself ON TOP OF ME’ . Spend an entire day at home with her, never leaving the apartment, and see how annoyed YOU are the next day.
  7. I have the Sealab 2021 theme song stuck in my head.
  8. Monday. Work. pfffth!
  9. I made the mistake of asking my friends who they’re voting for. Then I made the mistake AGAIN with a different friend, only to get irritated in a totally different manner. (note to self: you don’t wanna know. don’t ask.)
  10. Mondaaaay. Woooork. Kiiiiilll.

My weekend was pretty chill. This was the first weekend in an AMAZINGLY LONG TIME where I had Friday night through Sunday OFF! YAAAY! A REAL WEEKEND!!!!

I got to catch up on some house stuff (laundry, bill-paying, bathroom cleaning, dish-washing, vacuuming, etc) Friday night and Saturday morning, so that was cool ( some may say that’s pretty LAME, as I am a twenty-something single girl and should have been OUT Friday night, but if you’re one of those people all I have to say about that is ‘screw you, I was tired.’ ;) Did I mention I’m cranky today?)

Saturday, I finally ventured down to the lovely Knit Happens so I could cash in my gift certificate and finally meet sweet Holly in person!!! She was just as nice in person as she is on her blog and in the comments :) I think *I* may have been acting a bit shy and quiet though, but I get that way sometimes around new people. Everyone was very nice though, especially Erika and Carol, who I also got to meet!! While I was there, I picked up a few goodies and I’ll be sure to take some pics and post about them soon :)

Saturday night I hung out with the honeymooners. We went down to Dupont, met up with Mike and had some tasty Thai food at a place called “Bua”. Then we picked up Ebony and went to “Wonderland” in Columbia Heights. This place is *exactly* like a college house party (at least the ones I went to). There was beer, a DJ playing cool beats, and a whole lotta people crammed in a small space. It was all very laid back. Pretty cool, actually. To cap the night, we got some schnacks at the “DC Grill” (I think?), where some woman got upset that Ebony wasn’t interested in learning the language of her ‘people’.

Sunday was my day of sloth. An ENTIRE DAY spent in my jammies, in the confines of my little apartment. This day of nothingness can be summed up with one kittyville hat, 2 Julia Roberts movies, 1 annoying cat, 3 hours of Sex in The City Season 4, 1 pot of homemade soup, 1 dishwasher load, and a whole pile of folded laundry. I’ll have pictures of the hat in my next entry, but you can get a preview of it on the Knit Happens Blog.

And now it’s Monday. And I’m at work. And cranky. As all hell.

ps – while I can see why someone would search for ‘vagina’ and I do occasionally get a search for ‘vibeknits’, I’m really not sure why anyone out there would be searching for ‘vibeknits vagina’