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Christmas Break

Wednesday, December 29th, 2004

So, it’s been exactly two weeks.

I didn’t mean to abandon you. Really. I love you! I thought of you every day, I swear it.

Do you believe me?

Will you forgive me?

Did I mention I love you?

The holidays just got so crazy for me that I *never* seemed to have time to blog!!!! We have *so much* to catch up on!!!

How ’bout i hook you up with a picture show of my holiday fun?

As a new holiday tradition (in its second year), I host a holiday dinner for my two best college girlfriends and their boys and I MADE A TURKEY! It’s actually the third one I’ve made, but DAMN, it looks perty!

I GOT TO SEE OLD FRIENDS!!! I took a long overdue train ride into NYC to have dinner with two friends I *never* see.

This is totally my favorite picture.

Apparently, at 12:31am on Christmas Eve, in the City That Never Sleeps, THIS IS WHAT THE TREE IN ROCKAFELLAR CENTER LOOKS LIKE! wtf?

The caption for this picture is “DADDY ASSEMBLY REQUIRED” If you could have seen how much assembly he’d done in the days leading up to this, you’d SO feel his pain.

This is the hat I made my Momma for Christmas. (She would HATE that this picture is on the internet, so pleaaase don’t tell her :) ) I was supposed to give her a matching scarf for her birthday (the day AFTER xmas), but sadly, I actually wrapped up 5 inches of scarf and gave it to her on the needles

This one didn’t get finished on-time either. I knit this kitty toy AT my brother’s house for my sis-in-law’s cat the day AFTER Christmas. But hey, at least I *finished* it. Right?

This has to be my favorite part of the trip…TONS of baby niece bonding!!! She’s in a ‘cuddling’ phase which has to be the cutest. thing. ever.

I hope you had a very happy holiday (or non-holiday, as the case may be), and I hope that everyone in blog-land is healthy and well :)


Right now, as I’m writing this, I am flirting with a cute boy over email. Knowing my luck though, he probably totally can’t tell it’s flirting…Still, I’m staying up waaaayyy too late for someone that has to be up at 7am, waiting to read into every word ;)


…you still love me, right? :) :)

iPod, uPod!

Wednesday, December 15th, 2004

You’ve been jonesing for an iPod, haven’t you?

They’re so cute and hip and AWESOME, but you don’t have either the cash or the friends with the blingbling to buy it for you, right?

Well, dude, I’m here to tell ya you can GET ONE FOR FREE!

Seriously. My friend Mat is doing it, and he said the friend that told him about it ALREADY GOT HIS iPod!!!

Hey, maybe you have one already. OK. Well then YOU can get a free $250 Gift certificate to iTunes!!! You get a choice : One of the iPod minis, a 20gig regular iPod, or the $250 gc!!!

All you have to do is sign up, complete a trial offer, and then get 5 of your friends to sign up and complete offers and FREE iPod!!

I already have one, but I’m gunning for the $250…think about it….that’s 25 FREE CDS or 250 FREE SONGS!!!!

Some of the offers are totally free and some cost a small amount of cash (I’m doing the one, and I think it’ll cost me about $20)

:) I don’t know about you, but I’m willing to bet $20 that someone will give me a free iPod….I mean shit, why not?!!?


ps – just to clarify — the ‘Leaver of the Poster’ is not a lurking stalker. The point of the story was that I thought I had a lurking stalker before I figured out who it was. Whoever told him I said he IS a creepy lurking stalker must be a manipulative bitch that likes to twist half-truths to suit alterior motives. Crazily enough though, at least three people reading this blog actually have stalkers!!! Be careful ladies :(

Just like Rockafellar Center! (or Oh, Christmas Treee, Part II)

Monday, December 13th, 2004

I was gonna go all frecklegirl on you, and give you a sweet tour of the ornaments on my tree, but since I already put you through *one* whole post about my tree, I’ll spare ya and just skip to big lighting ceremony!!!!

Here it is during the day.

Ok, you ready? {{drumroll please}}

YAAAY! Christmas Tree!!!

Here is my favorite part:


Every year I rig up Santa to ride his sleigh in the middle of the tree :) It’s a set I bought from Hallmark years back (I used to be big into the Hallmark Christmas Ornaments. Now? Not so much. Occasionally they have something cute, though.) It’s a PAIN to set up, but I just *love* it.

In other weekend news, I know you’re wondering about The Date.

Turns out, there isn’t much to tell.

We went to Rosa Mexicano for dinner — very tasty. They make a mean Pomegranate Margarita :) We just ended up hanging out there, talking. He’s very nice, fairly attractive, seemingly smart… It was fun!


HOWEVER, I don’t think there’s anything there as far as the whole dating thing is concerned. No real SPARK, I guess. Trust me on this one. After all the years on the battlefield, I’m getting pretty good at sizing these things up. Zip.

Oh well.

It’s all good.

The REAL story of the weekend though, was when I got HOME.


  • Read her blog. This, in itself, is not creepy behavior. It’s on the internet for crap’s sake, *anyone* can read it. However, if you are someone she is not currently speaking to on any kind of regular basis, and she realizes you somehow know new stuff about her she didn’t tell you in person, it will freak her out.
  • Break into her supposedly locked-down apartment building. You either need a security key fob to get in, or you need to be standing at the door, lurking, waiting for someone to open the door. Such lurking is creepy.
  • Leave a poster of Gavin DeGraw on her door. Since she doesn’t really know her neighbors, and no one else she knows has a key fob to get in, the mere appearance of this poster will disturb her.
  • …I mean seriously, who even KNOWS I LIKE Ga…oh. Wait. Look… it’s right there on my blog. Hmm…
  • When I flip the fucking thing over and realize it’s signed, “To Lara…Gavin DeGraw,” I’m going to scuttle into my apt and lock the door. Do I even have to point out why this is creepy?
  • Gavin DeGraw isn’t scheduled to be in the DC area until Monday night (tonight) Where the hell did it come from? WHO PUT IT THERE?!!?!?!? Vibegrrl is definately gonna freak out at this point.
  • Not leaving a note to go with it will make her paranoid. How did you even get in?!!? WHO are you?
  • Anyone from the radio station would have had it signed, “To vibegrrl…” This rules out all rational, non-creepy explanations.
  • Did I mention Gavin DeGraw couldn’t have BEEN in DC? He’s on tour. He’s probably playing a gig in another city RIGHT. NOW. This poster signed by Gavin with my name on it came from where, again??!
  • Vibegrrl’s smart. She will figure it out. Even though she is referring to herself in the third person, she is a smart chica. She figured it out. Then, she was relieved. THEN she thought about it for a second. She then realized she’s still a little freaked out.

Moral of the story? LEAVE A FUCKING NOTE! Otherwise, I will end up calling people at 2:15am, telling them I’m freaked out because I have a stalker and I have no idea who it is!!! Punk-ass.

A N Y W A Y.

I did manage to do at least a little bit of everything I said i was going to do this weekend. I cleaned, I decorated. I shopped. I wrote Christmas cards. I knit!

I can’t show you what I was knitting, but I can show you this:

Hello Kitty!!

It’s one of my new stitch markers!!! I forget whose blog I originally saw them on, but they’re really shoe charms from Target!!! SOO FUN!!

Oh, Christmas Treeeee… Part I

Friday, December 10th, 2004

I love Christmas trees.

Christmas is not Christmas without a Christmas Tree.

However, I am neurotic about picking out The Perfect Christmas Tree. Last year, I had to promise my ex I would only drag him to ONE tree lot because the year before, tree-picking involved three hours and approximately 5 tree lots (I kept my word too!! Only 1 lot! Although, to be honest, the tree was pretty, but totally sub-par on the vibe-scale of tree-worthiness).

It’s not just the number of lots, either! Nooooo. I make you hold the tree up. Then I make you rotate it. Then I have to sprint around the tree and look at it from every. possible. angle. Then I have to compare it to the last tree you held up and rotated, meaning you have to hold it up and rotate it again. I even *carefully* inspect the tree to make sure that the trunk is straight (otherwise, when I get home, I’ll spend hours stupidly trying to get a crooked tree to stand up straight).

*MY* tree has to be tall and preferably thin with a nice triangular tree-shape. It also has to have nice, sturdy branches and short needles (no long, softish, spiky needles for me). It can’t be overly GREEN either. I prefer the bluish-green of Frasiers. OH! And anything with needles that are prickly to startwith is a HELL NO! (tried that last year with the sub-par tree. PAIN aside, well, just remind me to show you what my carpet looked like right before I threw out that tree )

Yeah. Neurotic, right? At least I admit it.

Anyway, Wednesday was the BIG DAY. It was a bright, sunny, sparkly winter day — *perfect* for tree-picking!!! (The only thing less-than-perfect about it was that I had no one to come with me :( This year, I did the tree hunt SOLO. BAH!)

Usually, I borrow a radio station vehicle. In the past, it’s been the Xterra. The Xterra is a good intro to SUVs for someone who has never gone anywhere near one. It’s small, it’s cute; it’s a truck without BEING a truck. THIS year however, they gave me the CARGO VAN.

{{blink}} {{blink}}

I’m not going to front. I was scared SHITLESS of that van. To illustrate how scared shitless I was, this was the expression that took over my face the *entire* time I was driving it:

Scared. Shitless. Seriously.

I really thought I might die in that thing, AND I ONLY HAD TO DRIVE IT ONE BLOCK TO GET TO THE FIRST LOT!

The First Lot.

When I *did* reach the first lot (safe and sound, without maiming anyone or anything), I was filled with glee! Not only did this lot have scads of prettypretty trees, but THEY ACCEPTED VISA! I’m not sure, but it’s even possible that I may have been skipping amongst the trees, I was that excited.

So many pretty trees!*

So, I was skipping through the trees, all happy-like when I just *happened* to look down at the bottom of one of these glorious trees and notice a price tag. I won’t get into the specifics, but let’s jsut say that there were two numbers higher than 5 arranged in a HIGHLY displeasing combination. Suddenly, these trees got real ugly, real fast.

Here’s the problem though. In order to get to a SECOND lot, I had to drive The Van. This was truly a dilemma. I sucked it up though, because I knew there was another lot less than a couple miles away. I decided to be brave. Much making of the ‘face’ ensued.

In case you forgot.

The Second Lot had like, 5 trees. My great enthusiasm for photographically documenting my tree-picking experience diminished rapidly upon seeing this paltry lot. It had 5 trees, a cute dog, and a friendly old man who stalked me around the lot, touting the various qualities of each tree as I passed it.

You know what this meant, right? The Van. The Face.

I had two options. Face ‘The Face’ and hunt around for another lot (the option my neurotic, tree-picking little heart desired) or turn back and go to the Independently-Weathly-People-Only tree lot (which was back in the direction I came from and oh-so-close to home).

Did I mention the IWPO lot accepted VISA?

Needless to say, my neurosis got a beat-down and my tree-budget was blown all to hell. It was either that, or this:

Oh HELL no.

I *did* manage to find the perfect little tree, though :) Every time I see it, I can’t help but tell it how perfect and pretty it is! I guess, in a way, it’s sort of like childbirth (I imagine, anyway)…Even though I had to carry it through 4 heavy doors and up a flight of stairs ALL BY MYSELF and rig it up in its tree stand with NO HELP WHATSOEVER, somehow, I’ve forgotten the trauma enough that I would do it all over again :)

Wasn’t she worth it?


This weekend brings the Decorating of the Tree, as well as card-writing, holiday shopping, holiday cleaning, a possible movie and {{gasp}} A BLIND DATE. One of my lovely knitty friends is attempting to set me up and all I have to say to her is I know where to find you.

Wish me luck :)

ps – I’ve have been knitting, but it’s secret christmas stuff, so you can’t see it. Well, maaaaybe…

pps – GGSE™ says hi :)

* the funniest thing about this lot was the sign that said something to the effect of, “Buy real tree so we can breathe cleaner! We can’t plant new trees unless you buy the old ones.” Seriously. Not kidding.