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I’m no Ed McMahon, but…

Wednesday, December 8th, 2004

Ok, so like, you know how, in the movies, they have this thing where someone walks into a store and like, all these ALARMS n’ stuff start going off and balloons drop and everyone is screaming and cheering and there’s ticker tape *everywhere* because it just so happens that YOU are the 1,000,000 customer?!?!!?


Well, picture that, because THAT is TOTALLY what’s going on here…



(um, this is where everyone starts cheering and flailing their arms wildy in congratulations while Carrie does the Snoopy Dance!)

Carrie, JUST for being the 200th commenter, you win THIS:

Uuuunless you already own it, and then you win something else :)

YAY Carrie! YAY comments!

(Unfortunately, it’s not signed, because even though I met Debbie Stoller this weekend, I didn’t want to walk in to the book signing with a big pile of books I didn’t buy at the store :-\ )

Since we’re celebratin’ and throwin’ it down over here at vibeknits, I also wanna wish belated happy birthdays to Claudia and Erika!! Both are celebrating birthdays divisible by 10 and both couldn’t look any finer!

I got to hang with Erika, Holly and crew tonight (last night? since it’s after midnight?) and I got to meet Rossana in person!! She is the sweetest little bundle of cuteness EVER and damn, can her BF COOK! I also got a chance to meet Erika’s husband J and all I have to say is that between the cooking and the surprise weekend getaways and surprise party planning and *everything*, those two girls couldn’t GET any luckier!

Dude, is it possible to get high off of chocolate cake? ‘Cause I totally think I am…

Another One Bites the Dust.

Monday, December 6th, 2004

Another weekend come…

Another weekend gone.


This one had its share of moments, though ;)

Sadly, I was shopping for something to wear to that damn party up until the bitter end. Yup. Party started at 7 and at 6, I was in a dressing room, all frantic. Why? I have NO idea. But that’s what we girls(and some of you guys) tend to do now and then.

I bought a semi-cute black top and necklace and paired them with a skirt I bought two years ago and some kick-ass mid-calf black wedge boots I bought on Thursday. PRESTO! Party-wear!

AND! As luck would have it, when I went into the coat closet to dig up my black wool coat, I found it all pressed and beautiful in a dry-cleaning bag! Guess it was a good idea to clean it before I put it away last spring!

To be honest though, I still left the house feeling not-all-that cute :-\ 1 and a half glasses of wine and three compliments on my skirt later, I felt *much* better :) Alas, it was still just the compnay Holiday Party and I still had to turn into a worker-bee pumpkin at 9:30, so the fun and excitement basically ended there. I did manage to snag a “good to see you!” HUG from a co-worker who hates everyone and who claims to be hated in return by most though! OH! And I *also* got a chance to partake in the CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN!

Yes, you read that right…


Who needs the open bar when there’s open chocolate!?!?

Other weekend highlights included:

  • Meeting Debbie Stoller at Knit Happens! I thought I wasn’t going to make it, but I DID! Unfortunately, I think I ended up being a bit of a social retard and I think she most likely noticed. While I was there though, I got a chance to chat with Holly (yay!!) and pick up some much-need supplies for holiday gifts and thrummed mittens!
  • Hosting Britney Spears’ Day at Hechts! Did you know that her new perfume ‘Curious’ contains Louisiana Magnolia? Because, you know, she’s from Louisiana! And, with any ‘Curious’ purchase before 4pm, you get a… (Yeah, it was like that.)
  • Buying a PINK WOOL COAT! HEE! It’s PINK!
  • Eating some damn good Indian food with friends :)
  • Donating a dollar to help children with diabetes:

    It was all for The Children…aaalll for The Children.

    God Bless Abercrombie and Fitch and their charitable, half-naked, little hearts :)

But wait! You’ve made it this far and noticed that there hasn’t been *any* mention of KNITTING!!?!!?!! What about the Great Green Sweater Experiment™?

Well, thanks to the help of the Knitting Gurus, my relationship with The Sweater has been restored!! It’s like we’re in the ‘honeymoon phase’ all over again!! I know I said it last time, but I really think it’s gonna work out, guys!

Hayley’s just trying to even out some of that ribbing for me…(btw, this is the most accurate color rep. to date)

I might have to consider putting GGSE on hold though, or *someone* is going to end up a Christmas present short!

Check back mid-week for the Lighting of the Vibeknits Christmas Tree!! WOO!!! Fa la la la la and all that jazz ;)


Friday, December 3rd, 2004

Tonight is the Company Holiday Party and I have nothing to wear.

I’ve been on a shopping rampage these last few days, trying to find something suitable for both the party AND our annual big holiday concert event.

Must. Look. Cute. (especially for the latter)

Here’s the thing though. When I tried on The Chosen Outfit at the STORE, I looked HOT. When I tried it on last night so I could take a picture and show you guys, I LOOKED FIVE MONTHS PREGNANT! Plus, the black pants I own TOTALLY don’t fit right (I actually don’t think they ever did)!

Maternity top + Loose Pants + Cheap Necklace from teen crap store = NOT HOT.

I was going to buy new pants last night at the Limited, but this is what happened:

Knowing there was a sale going on, I walked into The Limited. As is customary, I was promptly greeted near the door.

Her: Hi! Welcome to The Limited! If you buy any pair of pants you get one of these candles for free! Any Size!

(Not really needing another cheap-ass votive candle, but not wanting to be rude, I smiled.)

Me: Thanks.

A cute sweater caught my eye, so I wandered over to the table to check it out and see if they had my size. I could sort of hear some heated-sort of discussion going on in the background, but I didn’t really pay attention, as I was too busy sorting through sweaters. Then, out of nowhere, The Greeter comes up behind me again.

Her: Hi! Are you alright?

(What? What would be wrong with me?)

Me: Uh…I’m fine.
Her: (looking to one of her co-workers, but talking to me) I did ask you that before, didn’t I?
Me: (now looking to her co-worker, but talking to her) Yeah, I uh… I think so.

(If I say yes, will you leave me alone?)

Me (again): Sure.

Two New Shoppers approached the sweater table, relieving me from Greeter Hell (so I thought). I could hear her offer to find a size for them, and for a moment I considered the fact that I couldn’t find the size *I* wanted, but seriously NOT wanting to have to talk to her again, I abandoned the sweater. Besides, hadn’t I walk into The Limited to find pants? I thought so.

So I walked over to some pants. My fingers barely had a chance to graze the fabric when another sales associate came over to me.

Her: Hello. Just to let you know, with any pants purchase…
Me: I know. You get a free candle.
Her: Or a free journal, bag or scarf! AND, with any sweater purchase, you do get a free scarf!

(Is it a good time to mention that there are printed posters and an entire TABLE DISPLAY devoted to this information?!)

Me (flatly): Thanks.

This is about when I spotted The Pregnancy Top on the rack. I didn’t buy it the day before because I was still debating, but it did look really HOT, so I figured, why not? I picked one up in my size and continued to look at the pants. Enter Greeter 3.

Her: Can I help you find a size?
Me: No thanks, I’m just looking.
Her: With every pants purchase…
Me: Yup. Thanks. I know.
Her: (looking at the top in my hand) Would you like to try that on?
Me: No, thanks, I’m fine.

(Ok, screw the pants. Must. Get. Out. Now.)

I had only been in the store for about TEN MINUTES, PEOPLE!

At the register?

Her: Did you know that with every pants purchase…
Her: Or..
Me: Or a journal, or a scarf! I’ve been told at least THREE TIMES! You guys might wanna tone it down a little.
Her: And with every sweater purchase…
Her: (fakest smile EVER) If we didn’t tell you, you wouldn’t know.
Me: There are signs.
Her: Some people don’t read them.
Me: Then tell me ONCE. Once will suffice.
Her: Well the ladies don’t know what the others have said to you…


I went in there to buy PANTS! You know? The pants? I wanted to make a PANTS PURCHASE! 10 minutes later, and I just wanted to run screaming from the store, and this woman was smiling at me, telling me that her ‘shock and awe’ tactics were supposed to be helping me, so I didn’t miss out on my valueable $2 free journal! NO PANTS PURCHASE WAS MADE.

This incident almost escalated to the level of the Michael’s Incident, where I ended up waving 10 sheets of velum in a cashier’s face, yelling “CUSTOMER SERVICE! NEXT TIME, TRY IT!”

(I swear I’m not Crazy, Belligerant Shopper! She drove me to it!)

Needles to say though, I have no pants.

I have three new pairs of shoes, but no pants.


Anyway, we’ll see what the weekend brings. I can only go to this party for two hours before I have to cart my ass back to work anyway. While I will mostly miss out on the Open Bar (Ever hear a drunk radio DJ? It’s nooooot prettty!), there will still be plenty of free food and drunken co-workers!!Isn’t that what company holiday parties are all about?

Hopefully, this year, I won’t accidentally accept a date invitation from someone who clearly qualifies for membership to the AARP. Uh, ooops ;)

Happy weekend all!!

100 things.

Thursday, December 2nd, 2004

There seems to be a renaissance or sorts going on with these things. Everyone’s making them again all of a sudden. I’ve been planning to do one for a little while now, so I guess I might as well do it now, huh? Jump on the list-making bandwagon, I guess…

  1. I was named after Lara from “Dr. Zhivago”.
  2. I’ve never seen the whole movie. You’d think I would have, but no.
  3. When I was about 14, I wanted to be a Disney Animator.
  4. Then, when I was 15, I decided that although I had the potential to be good at it, there are some people who were born to do it, and I wasn’t one of them
  5. I’ve also wanted to be a ballerina, a lawyer, a screenwriter, and an actress.
  6. I once applied for a job as a traffic reporter because this radio asshat recommended it. He told me that they needed to hire someone under 120lbs or they’d have to buy a new plane.
  7. I didn’t get the job, but I DID get to ride in the plane and wave at my apartment building!
  8. I took my first trip out of the country when I was 26. I went to Brazil.
  9. While I was there, I went skinny-dipping with 7 boys and one of my best girlfriends.
  10. I actually had no intention of taking *my* clothes off. I was just tagging along to see seven naked boys ;)
  11. Since then, I’ve only been out of the country once. I took my mom to Cyprus.
  12. She was born there.
  13. My favorite band EVER is Depeche Mode.
  14. If my radio listeners knew that, they might start thinking I’m *so* uncool.
  15. I only partially care about that.
  16. If you wake me up and somehow manage to simultaneously annoy me, you will regret it with every fiber of your being.
  17. Ask my brother. He’ll back me up on that one.
  18. My brother is one of my favoritest people ever. He’s also a pain in the ass.
  19. He once bought me a subscription to “Cat Fancy” magazine because I really liked cats.
  20. At the time, I didn’t have a cat.
  21. Yeah, I can be wierd like that.
  22. I’ve had the same best friend since the 7th grade.
  23. We’ve known each other since we were 5.
  24. She only pretended to like me in the 6th grade.
  25. It pisses her off every time I bring that up.
  26. I took the SATs 4 times.
  27. My best score was a 1330.
  28. My math score was higher than my verbal.
  29. If I took the Math half of that test now, I’d probably get a 200.
  30. When I was younger, I declared “Bridge to Terebithia” to be my favorite book.
  31. I even wrote it IN the book.
  32. I might consider “Pride and Predjudice” my favorite book now.
  33. I don’t think I ever had any imaginary friends.
  34. Sadly, I do believe I had imaginary boyfriends
  35. …and imaginary pets.
  36. In my school, all third graders *had* to learn to play the recorder.
  37. I liked it so much, I ended up playing in the Long Island Recorder Festival. I played alto AND sopranino recorder.
  38. I wanted to learn how to play the saxophone, but I thought braces would get in the way somehow.
  39. Instead, the band director convinced me I should play the flute because I had a ‘flute mouth’.
  40. Even though I was a moderately accomplished flutist for five years, I would barely be able to play if you gave me one now.
  41. I married a boy named Robbie Cox when I was 4 years old.
  42. We exchanged Mickey Mouse rings to make it official.
  43. My brother married us.
  44. I have since cheated on my ‘husband’.
  45. Even though Robbie and I have barely spoken since, I did inform him of my adultery at our 10-year high school reunion. He laughed.
  46. I have never made it far enough to celebrate an anniversary with a boyfriend.
  47. My longest relationship was 2 years and 4 months…
  48. …on and off.
  49. I can fall asleep anywhere, anytime, in any location. Try me.
  50. I spent a large portion of high school and college sleeping in my classes.
  51. I obviously wasn’t popular with the professors.
  52. I was once crowned “Miss Photogenic” in the International Prince and Princess Pageant.
  53. Somewhere, I still have the crown and sash I recieved for that.
  54. I am a pack rat.
  55. I only entered the pageant so I could participate in the talent portion.
  56. My first and only dog was named Freeway.
  57. My mom named him after the dog on “Heart to Heart”.
  58. If I’d named him, he would have been called ‘Scruffy’ or ‘Mutsy’.
  59. We had to give him away when my mom had to sell our house.
  60. Freeway is 16 years old.
  61. My parents were the first owners of that house.
  62. My cousin and his family live there now.
  63. When I was a kid, I was fascinated by radio towers.
  64. I had no idea what they were for, though.
  65. I think it’s possible to get addicted to Coca-Cola.
  66. I also have a semi-unhealthy addiction to ‘Felicity’.
  67. As a joke, I wrote a song and played it on my guitar to commemorate the final episode.
  68. I don’t actually know how to play the guitar.
  69. One of my ex-boyfriends wrote a song about me.
  70. Actually, he never finished it.
  71. It made me cry.
  72. It makes me sorta sad that I’ll never hear the completed version of the song.
  73. Some of my friends call me Larry.
  74. I *never* liked New Kids on the Block.
  75. I’ve always been very proud of this.
  76. I never remember to send thank-you cards.
  77. My first computer was a Macintosh.
  78. It was a hand-me-down from my Brother.
  79. He bought it in 1985 ( I think).
  80. It’s one of the original Macintosh computers — 512k, all-in-one, with no hard drive.
  81. I still have it.
  82. I also have an iMac.
  83. I feel very disconnected without my cell phone.
  84. The fact that regular tampons have only about 1/4 of the girth as the average penis scared the shit out of me at first.
  85. I’m totally fine with it now.
  86. I don’t understand women who don’t use tampons.
  87. One of my favorite things is doing absolutely nothing.
  88. I am late to almost everything.
  89. I’ve gotten better over the years with my time management.
  90. Not much better, though.
  91. I don’t think I look anything like I did when I was a kid.
  92. Everyone else in my family looks *exactly* the same.
  93. I’ve had three serious realtionships.
  94. Only two of my boyfriends told me they loved me.
  95. Only one of them meant it.
  96. I have a Platinum credit card to Express.
  97. My tongue used to be pierced.
  98. I wish it still was.
  99. I’ve had an aol screen name since 1994.
  100. I prefer strawberry milk to chocolate milk.