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Inaugurate THIS!

Thursday, January 20th, 2005

The War President, created by Joe at the American Leftist.

Washington Post’s Faces of the Fallen webpage

Three Days of Glory.

Tuesday, January 18th, 2005

I seriously think I need more three-day weekends in my life. Shit, given that I work a 6-day week, I’ll take more TWO-day weekends, actually.

Three-day weekends are for sleeping in, watching bad tv, knitting, cleaning, hanging out with friends, being all-around laaazy and making onesself yummy breakfasts like this:

Mmmm…yummy :)

My original plan for the weekend involved intensive cleaning of my apartment and vigorous knitting on WIPs which should have resulted in a SPOTLESS pad and two FOs. Unfortunately (fortunately?), the lazy, sleeping in and napping segment of the weekend went a little overtime, cutting into the cleaning and knitting segments of the weekend. I *did* manage to *finally* take down the Christmas tree though (YAY!) AND, of course, I managed to sneak in a little knitting :)

I’ve been hesitant to work on *anything* that isn’t my Momma’s Belated Birthday Scarf. I really did feel guilty when she opened her 3″ scarf still-on-the-needles on her birthday, mainly because I could see the disappointment in her eyes when she figured out what the attached bamboo and plastic was all about (I think that’s what set her off to the fact it wasn’t finished. THAT, and the fact that it was only about 3″ long…). Today, I got it to this point:

Only one ball of yarn to go!

Now that I’ve finished the third ball of yarn, I’m in the HOME STRETCH!!!! WOO!!! Here is a detail shot of the pretty-ish cabling at the edge:

You totally can’t really see it, but it’s the best picture I have of it.

Since I’m 75% done with the scarf, I figured I was allowed to give *some* love to the neglected GGSE (Great Green Sweater Experiment, if you’ve forgotten ;) ). Let’s hear it for GGSE!!! Hip Hip, HOOORRAAAY! (It’s 3am, cut me some slack)

Anyway, I’m proud to report that GGSE finally has her FIRST SLEEVE!!!! Again, Hip Hip, HOOORRAAAAY:

*this* sleeve is a GREAT improvement over my first attempt.

It *always* amazes me how much better this thing looks in pictures than it does in real life. When I try it on, I’m convinced that it is one sad, dilapidated, makes-me-look-like-a-linebacker sweater, but when I post the pics, I start thinking, ‘”Hey! That darn sweater might actually be CUTE!”

I’m going to finish her, and she will never be frogged, as she holds the honor of being my *FIRST SWEATER EVER*… but I have a sad feeling that this cozy little number will only be strutting the runway of Chez Vibegrrl.

In other news, Wednesday is Meetup!! I’m *really* looking forward to it!!! Let’s hear it for Meetup!! (one more time, humor me) Hip hip HOOORRAAAYYY!

Maybe I’ll finally start my thrummythrum mittens while I’m there!!!

peace out.

I’ll show *you* STRESS!

Wednesday, January 12th, 2005

Apparently, I can’t get my sorry ass back into my blogging schedule!!!! I *MEANT* to show you progress on my mother’s belated birthday scarf and get you back in touch with our old friend GGSE, but I didn’t upload the pics before I left for work and now I am stuck imageless for another day.


What kind of blogger am I?!?!?

Instead, you’ll jsut have to settle for another story. (I like stories. Stories are fun…)

Last week, after spending a lovely evening knitting with Chelsea at the B&N, I stopped in to the nearby Boston Market to pick up dinner.

As I was ordering, the young-ish guy behind the register paused and asked, “Have you been under a lot of stress?”

A look very similar to The Face washed over me, as I had no idea where this was going.

“Uh, I guess so, why?!!?!?,” was my reply.

Hold on to your ass for this…you ready?

Making a sweeping motion with his hand over his head he said…

“You have a lot of GRAY HAIR!”

I shit you not. This is what he said to me.

It’s true too, for a girl my age (my very YOUNG age, I’d like to add), I have a lot of gray hair. I don’t even necessarily MIND that much, except…


Is this some new form of community service? Maybe that kid just had frontal labotomy he wasn’t aware of…

Then, THEN, he went on to tell me that it is not because I am OLD that I have the gray hair, as young people get gray hair TOO! 10 year olds can get gray hair!!

Thanks man, thanks. That’s comforting. May I now shove my Chicken Carver Sandwich up your ass?!!?!


Now, since I have nothing to share besides my gray-hair-chicken-sandwich-story, maybe you should click on over here for some giddy, happy news! I’ll be back with knitting soon!!!

Missing – One Post!

Friday, January 7th, 2005

Some of you may remember a post about The Good Thing That Snuck into 2004*! You *might* be wondering where it went or if it was even here at all!

Well, you’re not crazy. It was here.

It’s gone now.


I’m paranoid. Read:

I like your car and I also kinda like you … by the thing u type in your web-diary-page :) anyways dont you dare to buy a VW keychain I will send you one as a present.

Take Care

While I’m sure the person who sent me this email is a perfectly nice person, the above email reminds me of the DANGERS of posting a picture of your new car* on the internet. WHY DON’T I JUST HELP STALKERS STALK ME, YES?

I have apparently not mastered the art of the blog. I have not figured out what is and is not appropriate to post. There’s a delicate line between private and public and I apparently don’t understand how to walk it. The worst part of it is people misunderstanding or reading into the things I write. Like it or not, our blogs have the power to hurt or confuse people if not managed correctly, and that pains me to no end. Not that that has anything to do with the missing entry, I digress…

Related but unrealted, I’d like to clear up a couple of things:

  • I DID NOT GET BACK TOGETHER WITH MY EX-BOYFRIEND. That fish is permanently tossed back in the sea and I am accepting new applications ;) HOWEVER, If I have previously rejected you, please don’t reapply. Thank you :)
  • I AM NOT TRYING TO WIN A FREE iPOD. I AM TRYING TO WIN A FREE $250 GIFT CERTIFICATE FROM iTUNES. Which reminds me, I only need TWO MORE PEOPLE to sign up and complete a free trial offer and I GET IT! So, if you were thinking about trying to win YOURSELF a free iPod, but haven’t taken the plunge and signed up, please do! We can both get free shit and it will ROCK!

I gotta figure out a way to continue this blog in the vein I am accustomed to while still maintaining a level of privacy for myself and my loved ones. I’ve grown a lot as a blogger in that right since I started, but it is becoming apparent that I have a long way to go…

* If you and I have an already established relationship of sorts and you want to see the pics I have deleted from the blog, hit me up :) I’ll mostly likely be happy to show you. Maybe ;)