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Whatcha lookin’ for?

Friday, February 4th, 2005

It seems as good a time as any to start a new ‘feature’ here at vibeknits.

Every month, I go through my stats and check out the list of things people searched for to get to my site. Some make a lot of sense, and soooomeee, welll…

Now, see… the people typing these things are obviously looking for something, and since their searches somehow lead them here, I feel that perhaps I have an obligation to help them out.

So, with that said, here are the best search phrases from January 2005 and my best attempts to assist:

Hello Kitty Shoe Charms
These are the Hello Kitty “Stitch Markers” I’ve been using on my Rogue. You can find them at Target, hanging up near the Children’s shoes. They also come in Spongebob, Barbie and Strawberry Shortcake.

April and boyfriend sex photos
Huh. Yeah, caaan’t help you there. But hey! Let me know what you find! (pervert)

What is Chad Michael Murray’s real screen name for aol?
Seriously? Do you think I’d be sitting here typing this for you if I actually knew that kind of information?

Is there a floor kit for redoing the floor to look like stone?
I understand how I get search phrases like, “Blog less than penis 5 inches” or “tree pictures vagina,” but how the hell did someone find me with THIS one? Dude, try this.

Prison fights pictures
I’m pretty sure you’re looking for

What is there relationship between life and a roller coaster?
Frankly, if you’re doing a search for this on the internet, you potentially need more help than the internet can provide. Watch this.

Drunk radio DJ
Now THAT I can help you with!

Have a great weekend, everyone :)

A Vibeknits First!

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2005

I cannot be stopped! I *am* a KNITTING FURY! Check me out:

I’m Thrumming along!

My thrummed mitten is coming along nicely :) The only problem is that, in the beginning, I made the thrums a LOT BIGGER than they needed to be. Now I’m afraid I’ll run out of roving before I finish!!!! :( I’m making them *really* tiny now, so we’ll see…

Also, I’m almost done with Chart D on my Rogue Sleeve!!!!

pretty pretty cabley goodness!

This yarn is soo fuzzy and squoooshy (as Paula says), it’s hard to count gauge. What’s wierd is that it appears I’m spot on with stitch gauge, but yet, the bottom of my sleeve is 2/3 of an inch BIGGER than it should be. It seems as if the bottom of the sleeve on the left side of the cables is knit a little looser. Only at the BOTTOM though. At the TOP, they’re pretty much the SAME. See it? Wierd. Fuck it :) I’mma keep goin’.

Now, while all that is fine and good, today’s Big Blog News is the reveal of …


That’s right…TODAY I am wearing a *completed* GGSE™!!!!!

Here she is:

The straight-on shot!!

GGSE™ is the Green Ribbed Sweater from Rebecca 20. Since the recommended yarn is discontinued, I made mine using Filatura Di Crosa Super Soft in Olive Garden. While the gauge of the yarn technically matches the specified gauge for the pattern, the yarn was all thick-n-thin and didn’t knit up the way I wanted it to, so I made my sweater using the yarn doubled. My GGSE™ is a bit thicker than the model’s sweater as a result, I think. Also, I had to adjust the pattern a little by a stitch or two here and there to make sure it fit right. If you’re thinking of making this one and you can’t find Zermatt (the recommended yarn), you’re best off NOT using what I did and maybe busting out with some Rowan Big Wool (which is supposed to be the same gauge).

Also, I passed on using the US36 DPNs and knit the entire sweater using 2, 32″ US36 circulars! I’m excited about this, because shiiiit, if I can knit a sleeve on two circulars the size of broomsticks, I can handle socks on circs, no problem!!!

I was worried The Great Green Sweater Experiement™ would end up becoming The Great Green Sweater Disaster, but all-in-all, I think it worked out!!

Want more pics?

I’m dubbing this one the “Lara”! (unless everyone poses like this, in which case, I gotta come up with a new one.)

It’s not the same exact pose, but you get the idea :) Props to Gillian for humoring me and taking all the pics!!!


In other knit news, I had the pleasure of hanging with the adorable Rossana this weekend!! We had a fab afternoon of yarn browsing, coffee and knitting!!

She was the only one who came even *remotely* close to guessing what my mystery project was, so I gave her this little item of knitty goodness:

She LOVED it!!! That makes me really happy :)

Tonight I’ll be hangin’ with Chelsea for more coffee, snacks and knitting!! FUN!