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Tuesday, March 8th, 2005

This weekend I went to the OUTLET MALL!

All KINDS of deals can be had at the OUTLET MALL!!! Let’s hear it for big deals!! WOOOO!!!!

THIS WEEKEND though, I got the DEAL of DEALS!

Check it:




So like…


I don’t think the store actually knew about this deal.

In fact, I think *most* (ok ALL) other people who bought six pairs of socks and wanted that hoodie had to actually PAY for it, but me? I GOT IT FOR FREE!!!!

Now, before you start calling me a SHOPLIFTER, lemme just say it’s not STEALING if they simply FORGET TO CHARGE YOU FOR IT!

It’s a gift :)


I mean, the lovely sales associate saw the hoodie. She folded the hoodie. She even placed the hoodie nicely in the bag! Clearly, she meant me to have to hoodie, no?

It had actually occurred to me, when the total popped up on the screen, that something was off. I *almost* asked her how much the hoodie was, as it didn’t all add up (obviously)! That was about when the evil side of me decided to keep her stupid mouth shut and just walk out with her goods :) :) :)

That is also when I ran into Forever 21, tracked down my friends with receipt in hand and blurted out “I THINK I JUST STOLE A HOODIE!”

Here is all of my shop-fest loot:

It is clear now, as I had gone in intending to buy *nothing*, that my girls are dangerous people to shop with.

We came, we saw, we SHOPPED. Dude, we even got KICKED OUT of BeBe in an incident involving a TJ MAXX shopping cart!!! It was a good time.

In other weekend news, thanks to an evening of knitting with Chelsea (heaps and heaps and SCADS of fun!), I can now present you with these:


Of course, NO presentation of Finished Thrummed Mittens* is complete without THIS:


I have to be really careful with my new precious mittens, as I witnessed this during my photo session:

This is *clearly* the beginning of something baaaaaaaaaaaad.

The question NOW is…What’s next?

Rogue is my main project, but what will I knit while I get my hair dyed tomorrow? What will I knit on the plane to LI on Wednesday or while I watch my Felicity DVDs? Do I cast on? Or do I thrust my devotion back into forgotten and neglected UFOs?


We’ll see…


* No, the irony was NOT lost on me that, the day my mittens made their debut, the temperature outside was 69°. Thanks.

Super-size my ass, please.

Friday, March 4th, 2005

Thanks to Jeffrey, I’ve been having mad cheeseburger cravings for two days. The main problem with this is that my insane pangs of cheeseburger-craving hunger tend to begin at around oh… 3am.

Where is a girl to get a cheeseburger at 3am on a weeknight in suburbia?

I’m too ashamed to type it, so I’ll just leave you a link.

I almost can’t believe I caved to the temptation!

It wasn’t even that good!!

I feel so diirrrrty !!!


My ass was ALREADY mad at me… I don’t know if she’ll EVER forgive me NOW…

I can’t be too mad at Jeffrey though, as he also told me that I’m hot and assured me that my current booty drought would indeed end at some point (lord help us relationship-inclined girls and our in-between-boyfriends sufferring). Gotta love the Jeffrey.


Then again, what does he know? He’s never even SEEN my bare ass AND he said all that BEFORE the 3am cheesburger, so…

In other guilty confessions, I bought yarn at Michael’s last night!!!!


There are two things wrong with this:

  1. Michael’s is the land of all things acrylic and bad. By this I mean BAD ACRYLIC. While they have Lion Brand and Lion Brand is ok, nothing good can come of yarn shopping at Michael’s.
  2. I WAS ON A YARN DIET! I was being good! (the sock yarn doesn’t count, as it would have been RUDE to go to the fiber party and not make at least a *small* purchase!) AND NOW? NOW I HAVE SPARKLY NOVELTY YARN! WHY DIDN’T YOU STOP ME?!!?!?!? So what if you weren’t actually there? I blame it on YOU.

I tried to put it back, I DID, but my downfall came when I saw the little knitted swatch. It was *screaming at me* to become some sort of thin, springy scarf! (I will request that you do NOT remind me at this point in time that I HATE knitting scarves with firey passion)

Moda Dea Caché.

To my yarn snob credit, it IS 75% wool…

Aaaas for knitting progress, the Thrums have expressed to me that they no longer wish to be seen in their unfinished state. Thus, the next time you see them (hopefully soon!), they will be FOs!!! Rogue is also playing a little shy. She doesn’t want you to think I’m not spending any time with her (I AM! I SWEAR!), so she’d like to be a little bigger the next time you see her as well. So, no knitting progress to show. :-\

I guess that’s all I got. Happy weekend! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do ;)

* apparently, Michael’s is turning in to an A.C. Moore wannabe, with their new stock of Moda-Dea yarn and Clover needles?!!?!? Wha? At Michael’s?!?! Wierd.

ps – My 31 Days of Oscar are oooooovvverrrr :( {{{sniff}}} However, I was *just given* an advance copy (free!) of Felicity – Seaon 4 : Senior Year , so WOOOT!

Keep your fork, there’s pie!!

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2005

Best quote I’ve heard in a long time?

vibegrrl: Guys SUCK!
mike:That’s why I date women.


Hey, random thought, but how many of you have ever been proposed to over IM? Twice? By someone who wasn’t totally kidding?

Aaaannnyway, I broke my yarn diet this weekend. Thanks to Paula and her fun fiber party, I now own some of this:

SpiritTrail Fiberworks Superwash Merino Sock yarn!

Considering I only spent $16, maaaybe I can just pretend the purchase didn’t happen? After all, I could have easily dropped $70 and TOTALLY didn’t!

I am also the happy owner of this:

Thanks Secret Pal!!

My Secret Pal sent me a lovely little pattern for felted embellishments, 2 hanks of Cascade 220 to make said embellishments, a copy of the Spring IK, and some prettypretty stitch markers! Does this all mean Spring is near? Please say yes? {{sigh}}

Actually, hold off on Spring, because I still have one Thrummed Mitten to finish and most of a Rogue Cardie and I’d really like to wear them *this* year. Yes, I know I’m delusional and that at *my* pace, there isn’t really a chance in hell I’m going to get my wish, but a girl CAN dream, no?

Speaking of which, anyone interested in helping me take out Rosario Dawson? It just ain’t RIGHT! (read the fine print)

I think I’ve done enough miscellaneous rambling for ONE day, so I think I’ll just go home now and eat what’s left of the super yummy fruit tart that Rossana brought to my RED CARPET Oscar party! (sadly no pics, as I totally forgot to take any). If you get a chance, please tell her that Christmas chocolate is JUST AS GOOD as any other :)