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Um, OW?

Wednesday, April 20th, 2005

Joanne made me do it!!! ;)

Friends Don’t Let Friends Knit with Plastic

Monday, April 18th, 2005

It started out innocently enough.

Chelsea sent me an email to tell me she bought some Lion Brand MicroSpun to make a MDS&W tank.

Now, seeee, while I had been THINKING it might be fun to wear som’n knitted to the festival, I hadn’t really committed to the idea. Finish my socklettes maybe? Dig up the R2 Tasty?



CHELSEA had to utter the words “tank top” and “MicroSpun” and before you know it, I’m squatting in Michael’s, trying to pick me a color!!!

It’s Julia’s Honeymoon Cami from the Spring ’04 issue of Knitty*

It’s knitting up at TOTALLY the wrong gauge, so I’m making the 4th size up and hoping for the best. You may or may not see me in this Cami at S&W.

Speaking of which, now’s a good time to warn all those who were possibly thinking of maybe hangin’ out with me after the festival Saturday night…

Apparently, when I get mad drunk, I lick people.**
HA! Check out the bartender in the background!!!

And lest you think I’m not an EOL (Equal Opportunity Licker)…

No one is safe.

You have been warned.

Here is a pic of Seema and I earlier in the night, pre-alcohol…

Sober Girls.

I think I may have even managed to prove my dedication as a hard-core knitter!!! Check out what I just *had* to stuff into my going-out purse for the Metro ride home…

Aww yeah, baby! I think in my drunken state, I may have pulled it out and showed it off to the boys we were talking to!!! SEXAY!!!

Other things I learned this weekend:

  • While 18 hours might leave you blister-free, 22 is pushing it, babe.
  • It’s really good to have friends with access to large closets of free music:

    WOO!! ALL FREE!!
  • Maroon 5 have a LOT OF FANS. Saturday night they were all drunk and knew *all* the words!
  • The Beer/Food line at Merriweather Post Pavilion will take you at least 45 minutes. Plan accordingly (and avoid the hot dogs).
  • 55° is maaayyybe a little too cold to ride with the top down…(even WITH the heat on)
  • Watch out for guys who tell you they own four cars but won’t tell you what kind they are in an attempt to seem ‘modest’. They may run off and steal your favorite discontinued lipgloss.
  • When choosing an approriate time and place to regurgitate alcohol and late-night snacks, maaaaaybe don’t choose the sidewalk next to the car as you and your friend drop off the boy you were talking to all night. Let’s hope he didn’t look back, k?
  • Whoppers are suuuuch perfect hangover food!!!! (although the plastic King-head man scares the living CRAP out of me)

Here’s to the quick and painless return of the weekend!!

* I haven’t forgotten Rogue. AND I indirectly soorrrta promised Paula I’d cast on for the body before Meetup (wed), so…
**Going through my old photos, I’ve noticed this is a common occurrence. Watch out ;)

25 days and counting…

Tuesday, April 12th, 2005

I’m so totally going to lose my shit because I JUST. CAN’T. WAIT!!!

25 Days until Maryland Sheep & Wool!!!!!


I’ve tried to explain the excitement of this to my friends and family and sadly, I’m usually met with some rather awkward silences and blank looks.

PERHAPS, it’s because they interpret THIS:

MARYLAND SHEEP AND WOOL IS COMING!!!! MARYLAND SHEEP AND WOOL!!! Aaalll my knitty friends are going to be there and it’s going to be sooo FUN!”

to mean this:

“I’m going to big-ass knitters convention to meet up with my imaginary ‘internet’ friends and buy YARN n’ stuff!”

Yeah, um. I get looks. You know the ones? The ones that are like, “Yo, since when did you become this total DORK?!!?”

And reaaaallly, when you analyze it (I AM going to a big-ass knitters convention to spend an entire weekend knitting, talking about knitting, and buying knitting paraphenalia with a whole bunch of people I’ve mostly only met on the internet), it doesn’t sound like the um, hippest thing, but GODDAMN!



I’m seriously going to pass out from excitement about all the knit bloggers who are going to be there!!! SO MANY!!! Plus! PLUS! All the local bloggers!!! Ones I hang with on the regular and ones I can’t wait to meet!!!

(um, ok. dude, There’s so many, and I’m so excited, I just can’t link to ‘em all!!! I’ll get delerious!!)

Sheep! Yarn! Bloggers! Fried Twinkies!!!



April Showers…

Friday, April 8th, 2005

After 2.5 days of warmth and sun, the rain has returned to DC.


Don’t think I didn’t get no fun up in thurr while it lasted though…

Here is the start of Bittersweet Socklette #2, newly born and bathing in sunlight! (note further evidence of sick obsession with all things PINK)

So happy and blissful was I, working on my figure-8 cast-on, that it didn’t even bother me that THIS GUY WAS SITTING ON MY LEG:

Um, while I’m not all that scared of bugs, he’s uh, kinda creepy, dude. AND FURRY!

Actually, I think it was more like pain and frustration that led me to ignore the spider. I have come to the conculsion that, while it is magical to witness, the figure-8 cast-on is a m#!$@*^#(%^&g B$%*H! I think the cast-on ALONE is what has warped my pretty little Crystal Palace US1s into the elegant arches that they are.

I still like it. I’ll still use it. But damn.

Anyway, so that was my Tuesday. Due to lingering and so-barely-there-it’s-annoying flu-type symptoms and the emergence of some wack-ass stomach virusy thing that made me feel nauseated* for three days, I overslept and missed out on the Cherry Blossoms. Instead, the car and I had a day out where I took her for a wash, went to Woolwinders (to replace my kitty-knawed DPNS) and had myself a knitty picnic nearby.

They say money can’t buy happiness. I SAY whoever SAID that *obviously* never drove my car on a sunny day in the Springtime!

Not wanting to miss out on yet another year of Cherry Blossoms, I decided to try again on WEDNESDAY. My plans were *almost* thwarted *again* when the stomach virus bestowed upon me what I lovingly call LiquiPoo™!

Not to gross you out, but there is diarrhea… and THEN there is LiquiPoo™. LiquiPoo™ is kinda akin to um….well? AssVomit™

(you’re loving me right now, aren’t you?)

Yeeaaaaah. NOT GOOD.

So, I spent three hours trying to find a doctor Wednesday morning.

Right, I said FIND.

Because I’m 28 and like, I don’t, um, HAVE one.

Which is like, BAD.

I know.

(Should I be worried that his name conjures up images of cemeteries?)

Once that was done, I hopped on the Metro and trekked down to The Mall, LiquiPoo™ be damned! (to anyone who might be confused, including my recently-moved-here-from-NH-co-worker, I am talking about the National Mall — the one in DC that’s an outdoor space surrounded by the MONUMENTS…not the um, MALL, that has like, ABERCROMBIE n’ stuff)

I’m not sure if the crowded trains, MASS quanities of tourist stupidity, gift-shop hot dog and gaggles of children were really worth it, but the flowers sure were preeeetttttyyy…

ooooooo. aaahhhhhh.

The Jefferson Memorial

Funny side story…

When I was all bummed and sad because I thought my Doctor Search was going to leave me Cherry Blossom-less, me and my friend Ebony had an IM convo that went kinda somethin like this:

me: But I wanna seee the pretty treeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees… :(
her: hey! I have a Cherry Blossom tree by my apartment!
me: Good for you. :-\
her: You can come see *that* one…
me: hrm. But there are Dance Performances by the Jefferson!
her: I can do that for you!
me: will you? Will you put on your bellydance costume and wiggle around the tree?
her: yep.
me: and teach me origami?
her: all that!


Lastly in the picture-parade, I give you what I am going to annoint, “The Claudia“:

’nuff said.

(I took that picture sitting underneath a cherry blossom tree while some mother with bad, bad feathered hair forced her scared, crying son to illegally climb said tree so she could capture her kodak moment. When saying ” YOU HAVE TO” didn’t work, she threatened his little 4-year old masculinity by coercing a little GIRL to do it, making him look like a wuss. I was *convinced* these lovely tree-climbing ankle-biters were going to fall on my head.)

Yesterday, after a FUN trip to the Dr., the car and I manged to cram in a few more topless adventures before the rain finally came back. :( YAY TOPLESS ADVENTURES! BOOO RAIN!

Meanwhile, the kitty has developped some wierd, freakish bump over her eye and her fur is getting all patchy in that area, so sooommmeeeone ELSE now has a Dr. visit in store…

Happy Weekend, my loves :)

* see 3/17/05 NAUSHUS entry.