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Sophie’s Choice

Tuesday, May 17th, 2005

Tomorrow, I will be faced with a very difficult decision.

It almost breaks my heart, it’s that hard!!!

What’s wierd is that I didn’t even REALIZE the conflict until just *yesterday*!!!

Tomorrow, I have to decide whether to go to my monthly knitty meetup at Mayorga OR THE DC PREMIERE OF STAR WARS EPISODE III!!!!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not crazy! I’m a knitter and all and I love my knitty friends and look forward to Meetup EVERY. MONTH!


Sorry girls, I’m totally gonna have to ditch you for the movie…

However, athough I am forsaking my knit brethren, it does not mean my little heart isn’t shedding a tiny tear in their honor… I’m very sad that I have to make such a choice, but make it, I must.

I do have mixed feelings about going to the premiere though. Three years ago on a Wednesday in May, I went to the DC premiere of Episode II and somewhat coincidentally, that day went down as the happiest day of my life so far. Like, seriously THE happiest day of my life. It was the day that my dream to be a full-time radio DJ came true.

People told me I should give up on it and find a sensible career and I didn’t listen, instead making some personal, professional and financial choices that were questionable to some. But THAT DAY, that day, it all came together in a fairy tale ending :) To make it all so much better, I had passes to see a movie I was really excited about and I was blessed with the company of the boy who encouraged me to ask for the job in the first place! I had a MAD crush on him and we’d just started dating :)

It was so perfect of a day that I remember lying in bed that night by myself, laughing at nothing. Just laughing. Happiness will do that to you.

Three years later, well…the job is fun and great, but not the Fairy Tale I thought it would be (I guess it never is) and the boy left a long time ago, leaving much drama and sadness in his wake (and happy memories too, but still…). I haven’t had a day like that since, and I don’t know I ever will. We’ll see, I guess.

ANYWAY, the point is, going to THIS movie premiere is reminding me of when I went to the LAST one and I guess I’m getting a tad remnicent and sad :(


I promised a bloggy contest, however, and bloggy contest I will deliver!!!

You ready?


The Contest is…


It occurred to me, after getting my nose pierced, that so many knit bloggers have nostril piercings!!! This is soo totoally fascinating to me!! (I’m not sure why, I msut have issues) SO, when I was at S$W, I made a bunch of them pose for pictures!!!

Here’s how it works:

  1. I’m going to post a pic of three noses from MDS$W (see below)
  2. YOU send me an email with your guesses!! (Do not leave your guess in the comments — it won’t count.)
  3. The FIRST person to match all of the noses correctly to the knitbloggers they belong to will win a prize!!!! (knitbloggers whose noses are pictured below are not eligible to win. heh.)

I think there will be a second place prize given to an entrant chosen at random from all of the other correct guesses!!! I have to FIND a prize for that, but it’ll make it more fun that way!!!

You have until Sunday night (5.22.05) at 11:59pm to enter :)

Now, without further ado, here are the noses:

To make it a TINY bit easier, I’m making it multiple choice!!! Each of those three noses belong to one of these FIVE knitbloggin’ MDS$W attendees:

  1. Jenna
  2. Carrie
  3. ME!
  4. Heather
  5. Anne Marie


Good luck, and may the force be with you ;)


Friday, May 13th, 2005

So, TODAY I was going to wrap up my Sheep and Wool coverage with my long-teased S$W bloggy contest!!! HOWEVER, it’s been a long week…and it’s late…and I’m totally lazy… AND I have to be up at 10am…

Therefore, the contest will have to wait until Monday, I suppose.

I know…

I’m SUCH a tease!!!

You know you’re getting old(er) when ONE sleep-deprived weekend-o-fun screws you up for an ENTIRE WEEK!!!!

This weekend promises no reprive, either…between hosting a Papa Roach in-store signing, attending the DC101 Chili Cookoff, watching Ebony’s Bellydance Showcase, tearing up the town with Gillian, working my regular Sunday shift and throwing a mini Star Wars movie party (yes, I’m a DORK, but you KNEW that already!), this weekend is likely to be non-freakin’-stop!!!


Those Papa Roach boys better be CUTE. That’s all I’m sayin’.

I do, however, have a little Sheep & Wool treat for you…something I’m sure my favorite little southern girls will appreciate… (that, or kill me for…heh. :) HI GUYS!!!)

Just pretend that it is about 12am laaast Friday night (Saturday morning)…


Hee! Have a great weekend, everyone!


MDS$W ’05 – The Definitive Report.

Wednesday, May 11th, 2005

I, before this past weekend, had never been to a Sheep & Wool Festival of any kind. My high school reunion was the same weekend as MDS$W last year, and I planned veryveryvery poorly for Rhinebeck, soooo THIS was my first time.

This weekend, I popped my S&W cherry folks, and let me tell you…I NEEDED A CIGARETTE AFTERWARDS, it was that good!

In all seriousness, it was so amazingly great, it blew my mind. And not just because there was all this fabulous yarn (there was)…not because the sheep/alpacas/llamas were just *that* cute (they were)…but because of all of the amazing people I got to meet, some of whom I felt instantly connected to and hope I know for a lifetime (awww).

Now, all that mushy shit is fine and good, but Rossana demanded to see the GOODS, and what Rossana wants, Rossana GETS:

(WARNING: YARN PR0N AHEAD!! If you’re more into the party than the stash, OR you have a weak heart, skip to the bottom.)

What did Vibegrrl bring home in the VibeTote?

First up (after the T-shirt booth), was the American Cormo Association.

I did not understand the wonder that is Cormo until Claudia and crew showed me the light!! I took home 1400yds of thesoftestandyummiestever angora/cormo blend (destined to become a white Charlotte’s Web, I think) and 4 balls of cormo fluff for thrummed mittens. I thought I was buying just enough fluff for ONE PAIR, but according to Stephanie, I can outfit a whole FAMILY with that s@#T (my words, not hers).

After Cormo, I hit The Fold, where I picked up 2 hanks of Soft Rock socks and a Mountain Colors sock pattern.

Blue Moon Fiber Arts makes this yarn and it is handpainted, SUPERWASH merino!! I think the colorway might be Jewel of the Nile… There is, however, something very unmentionable about my aquisition of this yarn. We will not speak of it. Moving on…

One of my goals for the day was to pick up LOTS of fluff for thrumming. I’d already bought the Cormo, but then I found THIS:


This is 4.5 oz of wool roving that’s is just PERRRFECT for thrumming!!! Each ball is .5 oz and with 9 of them in rainbow colors, the thrummy combinations seem ENDLESS! RAINBOW THRUMS!

This is when it got surrrious, y’all, because this is when I hit Brooks Farm for a second look. I’d resisted the first time, but this round?

Not So Much…

I bought one hank of Duet (55% kid mohair / 45% fine wool ) and 3 hanks of Fourplay in a brick-ish color (50/50 Blend of Fine Wool and Silk ). The Duet is going to be a Clap-o-TEE and the Fourplay will likely be a wrap-around MiniSweater with long sleeves!!! (look and me all planning n’ stuff!)

Chelsea Made Me.

Um, so liiiiiiike…I’m really NOT sure how anyone walks into Tess’ Designer Yarn and DOESN’T walk out with something. What I *am* sure of though, is that the fine vendors at Tess’ DON’T appreciate being referred to as ‘Crack Dealers’. Luckily for me, I escaped having *only* bought these three little balls of Angora Merino (98 yards each!!) As an extra bonus, they threw in a free Bias Scarf pattern! yay! :)

Can’t you just *feel* the softness!?!?!?!

If those little teaser balls hadn’t existed, I wouldn’t have been in sooo much trouble!!! {{phew!}}

Next, in search of Koigu that was never found (they got CLEANED. OUT!), I stumbled on Peace Fleece!!

Hand Painted Needles!!! And the cute Sheepy!!

I’d been coveting those needles ever since I first saw them on the Peace Fleece website. So. Pretty! Must. Have! :)

My last BUT NOT LEAST Sheep and Wool Purchase was this:

REGIA MINI RINGEL @ 50% off!!!!!!

I have been WANTING ME SOME MINI RINGEL ever since I first saw some mini ringel socks on Michelle’s blog a while back… I just never bit the bullet and bought any over the internet. BUT THEN! THEN! DESTINY! Thanks to Sarah’s eagle eye, I scored all that for $14!!!! WOOO!!!

Just LOOK at that colorway!!

Not pictured above was this *really* cool typewriter key RING I bought, my S$W festival HOODIE that Silvia tried to trade me for, LAVENDAR Eucalan, and the Fiber Trends Felted Clog pattern that I totally keep meaning to buy…

So there you go!!! A WHOLE LOTTA SHOPPIN’, YO!

But like I said, while the shopping and the sheep were fun, it was all about the LOVE!!! I’ve put nearly ALL my pics in a fun-filled foto gallery for you BUT, before you go and check it all out, here are some snippets ‘overheard’ at and around The Festival:

“…put [your cellphone] on vibrate and put it in your pocket… I’ll CALL you…”

“I do not TALK people into Spinning…”

“I will puke in my PURSE before I’ll puke in your car!”

“…we had a bathroom SITUATION…”

“It is so much beautiful!! I LOVE!”


“…I brought some Oreos. I was hoping he could deep-fry them for me!!”

“…we were the crazy white couple…”

Ok, without further ado…I give you


S$W bloggy contest coming soon!!!

Dranks… $1.50*

Monday, May 9th, 2005

I’m still TOTALLY trippin’ over how FUN this weekend was!!!

However, since it is 12:55am Monday morning and I have had ALL OF 7 HOURS SLEEP since Friday at 11am, I’mma just sum up what it was aaaalll about:

The 1.7th Generation Posse

New friends…


Baby Sheep… (16 days old!)

Heaven in a Hank…





I met soo many cool bloggers (Silvia! Claudia! Cara! Jenna! Cheryl! Norma! Nathania! Theresa! Heather! and more!!), saw sooo much cool yarn (CORMO! Brooks Farm! Tess’ Designer Yarn!), did so much girlie bonding with new friends (Carrie! Anne Marie! Jenny! Sarah Bible!) & old friends (Sarah!), and had SO MUCH DAMN FUN that my senses are completely overloaded!!!

There were one or two bloggers I saw (Carolyn!) who I really wanted to say hi to, and actually SAW at the festival, but sheepishly (heh) never managed to speak to :( , and one I never managed to spot (Lolly!), but my biggest sadness (besides the fact that it’s all OVER and that Carrie and Jenny and AM couldn’t stay forever and ever and EVER…) is that Frecklegirl Jess wasn’t able to come. She was totally there in spirit though…

Jenny made her!! ISN’T SHE THE CUTEST EVER???!!

I may be tired as shit, and my wallet may be a student loan payment lighter, but this weekend? BEST. EVER.

I couldn’t have had a better knit-partner-in-crime…

Me and Chelsea :)

Being that I have a sleep deprivation situation going on, I need to maybe get some sleep. I have a F@#KLOAD of pics though AND a S$W blog contest in the works, so I’ll be back with CRAZY AMOUNTS OF MDS$W FUN!! In the meantime, I leave you with this:

* go here.