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“Ma coeur est avec toi, Lara!”

Wednesday, June 29th, 2005

Soooooo, um…I hired a personal trainer.

His name is Laurent.

It’s sort of a birthday pressie to meeee.

For one month, for one hour each week, he is going to kick my ass. THEN, he’s going to teach me how to kick my OWN ass so I can rock the gym by myself!

Why only a month?


Thaat’s about all I can afford, dude.


There’s a REASON celebs look so damn good.


Anyway, so ACTUALLY, I started this workout-business three weeks ago and seriously? HE SOOO WASNT KIDDING ABOUT THE ASS KICKING!

I worked out with Laurent on Monday and I woke up PARALYZED this morning!

My muscles were SOO weak after the workout, that, walking to the Whole Foods, I nearly fell down the steps TWO TIMES!

Walking to the printer just now was pain BEYOND pain!


Laurent is French, so he tends to count reps and say other things to me in French while I’m working out. At one point, while I was huffing and puffing and whining and whimpering doing this lunge-walk thing that makes me wanna curl up and die a really painful death because ANYTHING is better than doing the lunge walk, he said somthing to me in the language of love (or hate, in this case). Apparently, my 6 years of French kicked in, because my head whipped around and snapped at him (in english), “Your heart is NOT with me so quit LYING!”

Do you see the glaze of defeat in my eyes?

Do you??




Friday, June 24th, 2005

From a recent IM:

A3*: you sound so hot on the radio. people might be apt to think you’re hot in real life
Vibegrrl: sooo misleading ;-)
A3: lol
A3: cuz like you’re all flirty on the radio
A3: but then a guy comes over
A3: and all you want to do is knit

LOL! I was munching on snacks at the time, and I came *this* close to spitting them out all over the keyboard when he wrote that!

Lest you should think I don’t knit anymore, here is my new sock:

MINI RINGEL! How I love theee!

Hayley** loves the mini-ringel too!!!

Possibly little *too* much!!!

Besides the knitting, there has also been the purchasing of yarn:

Rowan All-Seasons Cotton!

For those of you keeping track, I am NOT breaking my yarn diet. While I am not allowed to buy any yarn until Rhinebeck, I *am* allowed to buy yarn for two specific baby projects!!! WOO! NEW BABIES!!!

Besides, I got that yarn at 20% off!!!

Now, you might be wondering how and WHY I got such a sweet deal…


Yes, you read that right. I am the newest employee of KNIT HAPPENS!!!. I will be working there Tuesdays and Thursdays part time, so if you’re in the area, stop on by!!!! (well, stop on by anyway, no matter what day it is…it’s a great shop!)

In other Lara news, Sunday is my BIRTHDAY!



Not doing much for it though, just going out to dinner with a couple friends. OH! BUT! SPEAKING OF BIRTHDAY! CHELSEA got me the BESTEST KNITTY BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER! Like, EVER! The *one* knitty thing I reallyreallyreallyreally wanted, and she GOT IT FOR ME! She just *knew*!!!! I will post pics of it next week :)

In the meantime, you have yourself a swell weekend, k?

* So that he doesn’t get on my ass about copyright infringement, the GENIUS behind that IM exchange is this guy

** Hayley pics by request for Jeffrey. Wouldn’t want him to get all jealous and think I love my new friend Allen more than I love HIS ass…

ps- go visit this guy. He leaves funny comments :)

Playing catch-up!

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2005

I *HATE* that I’ve been going a WEEK without posting!!


Anyway, let’s play catch-up! Here is a list of shit I’ve learned in the last week:

  • DSW Shoe Warehouse is the greatest place known to Woman. OMG, THE SHOES!
  • Even if you wear sunscreen, if you ride for 5 hours in a convertible with the top down, you WILL get a wierd convertible tan! It’s kinda like wearing pants to the beach and forgetting to flip over ;) heh. oh well.
  • There are TWO St. Patrick’s Cathedrals in NYC. If you are attending a wedding at one of them, this is an important thing to know if you actually wanna SEE the wedding. I DID NOT KNOW THIS!
  • Pretty Girlie Shoes are good for looking pretty. They are not good for walking many NYC city blocks.
  • Little chairs and seating spots made for children are made for REAAAALLLY TIIIINY ASSES! No matter how tiny you think my ass is, it does not fit.
  • I SUCK at Star Wars Trivial Pursuit. Lois is frighteningly good.
  • If you are FINALLY drunk and happy and buzzed, DO NOT KEEP DRINKING in a sad attempt to stay that way. Unless, that is, you wanna end up hunched over the toilet at Cafeteria. This is becomnig a bit of a trend, no?
  • Personal Trainers have NO MERCY! Even if you pout, whine, whimper, growl, hiss, and cry, he will not let you stop. He will just LAUGH at you!

And of course, THE PICTURES!

DRESS#2! (with even NEWER shoes!)
Click to see a super LARGE version!


Me and Ebony in the cab on the way to missing the wedding!

Deo and Ebony at Celebrating at Darren & Jen’s One Day Anniversary Brunch!!

A sign in Bryant Park! WOO!!

Visiting Ashley’s new house!!

Me and Jeffrey *

The Bride and Groom*

I’m working on getting a proper gallery up…photos are uploading AS YOU READ THIS! So uh, check back :) edited: bored? check out ALL the pics here.

* The last two pics were stolen from Allen Murabayashi, cause he can actually TAKE good pictures!

The N to the Y to the C!

Wednesday, June 15th, 2005

I’M ALIVE!!!!!

(I know a couple of you were wondering…)

I’m alive…BUT, (sit down for this) I have not been knitting!!!



So bad.

So um, since I have no KNITTING to show you, I thought maaaybe you could help me out with a little som’n som’n. :)

This weekend, I’m going to a wedding in NYC!!! It’ a mini-reunion of sorts, as a bunch of my college friends are all going to be there and I’m waaaay excited!!! The thing is, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO WEAR!!!!

In my search for A dress, I ended up coming home with TWO! TWO DRESSES AND TWO PAIRS OF SHOES! I’m not completely in love with EITHER, but alas, time is runnin’ out. I was hoping maybe YOU could take a look at them and tell me what you think (and any ideas you might have to accessorize them) WOO! FUN!


This is dress 1 (and her shoes and accessories so far):

This is dress 2 (and her shoes and accessories so far):

So whaddya think?

It’s going to be f’in AWESOME I think — 3 days in NYC!!!

Tonight is Knitty Meetup, so hopefully, I will have something KNITTED to show you next time :)

PS- Thanks again for all your sweet thoughts :) I’m feeling much better!! It was just a passing thing related to a specific ‘saga’ that was going on which I think is probably more or less over now :) . But thanks :)