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Introspection, part II

Thursday, June 9th, 2005

You guys are amazing. *TOO* amazing. Really. Thank you :)

However, I must admit that I am thoroughly embarassed now. If you only knew what it was I was talking about, I would hear a collective GROAN from all of you, it’s THAT lame.

Nothing monumental or earth-shattering or difficult is going on with me right now… just a little pathetic, self-inflicted drama.

But thank you :) It’s good to know you guys are out there. You all really do rock :)

Sorry for the melodrama ;)


Thursday, June 9th, 2005

A friend of mine recently posted,

The difference between
Happiness and Unhappiness
    is the difference between
Confidence and Fear

I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately.

The difference between
Happiness and Unhappiness
    is the difference between
Confidence and Fear

It’s so spot-on, I think it’s freaking me out.

Maybe the difference between Happiness and Unhappiness is the difference between Optimism and Pessimism. After all, isn’t Optimism a form of confidence? Or a lack of fear of failure?

I met someone in the last couple weeks who I can’t say I’m very fond of. She’s a version of me I thought I’d gotten rid of years ago, and yet, here she is, casting a shadow on my current, more confident self. She’s the one preventing me from seeing that if things don’t work out the way I’m hoping they will, it’s just as much of a loss for the other people involved as it would be for me. She keeps me from noticing that if things DON’T work out, my life will be no worse off. It’s not going to be the last or even the *best* opportunity I’m ever going to have.

I know I’m being all vague here (and dramatic) but it’s because I don’t wanna put *all* my shit out there on the internet, but yet, I still wanna share how right now, I’m feeling a little insecure and sad, and that I *loathe* the reason I feel that way.

It just seems, if I had a little more confidence and a little less fear, the sun would be shining *that* much brighter this week.

Betty Crocker

Tuesday, June 7th, 2005

Cindy was my first close girlfriend to get married.

She’s also the first to have a baby :) (sister wasted NO time ;) )

Now, for those of us nowhere even CLOSE to either of these activities, having a best friend go through it before us allows us to pick up on a few Dos and Don’ts.

While many of these Dos and Don’ts pertain to the acts of preparing for a wedding and preparing for baby, SOME of them pertain more to the SHOWERING of the friend actually DOING the preparing.

Having been through two showers in the last year for the same woman, I have learned three key things (actually, I’ve learned MANY things, but these three will remain close to my heart):

  • Never volunteer to hand-make the invitations unless you have a serious stress-wish. Let another crafty chick do it :) lesson learned with first shower, executed with second.
  • A successful Afternoon Tea Baby Shower can be planned and pulled off in FOUR days! Minus the invitations, which must be sent out a month (um, or less) ahead. I’m very impressed with ourselves!!
  • Never offer to BAKE anything that can be BOUGHT! Your sanity is at stake here!! Unless you wanna be up till 6am the night before the shower scraping sticky gooey SCONE DOUGH off your countertops, you will HEED MY ADVICE!

Isn’t it just the prettiest?

These are *some* of the offending scones. Due to their unexpected size, I prefer to call them sconelettes.
Lest you should think they look lovely, know that their bottoms are charcoal.

We even played GUESS THE BABY FOOD!!
Daddy-to-Be apparently didn’t like that particular flavor. It was Turkey and Rice. It was DAMN NASTY! (please note that it is orange!)

He thought it was BACON AND GARLIC!
Since you probably can’t read that paper, his other guesses (and the CORRECT flavors) were 1) Pea (string bean) 2) Scallops and Cheddar (sweet potatoes and corn) and 3) Mango Chutney (apples, bananas and pears)!!! LOL!!

The Tea Party was followed by a BBQ and it was all waay fun :)

On the knitting front, I haven’t been doing any.

I know.

I’m lame.

I have a sock I haven’t shown you that I knit on from time to time, but other than that? ZIP.


I finished up an old FO!!!

Remember this? :

I started it back in JANUARY!

Well, it has grown up to become this:

A weeeeeee Bobbi Bear!!
I made him using the Regular Blue Sky Bobbi Bear pattern and the DK Blue Sky Alpaca on size US3s!

He’s moved in with Chelsea!!
He was her birthday pressie!!!

Anyway, so yeah. That’s all I’ve been up to lately. I think I will leave you with my current favorite quote of the week. I don’t know why, but it CRACKS ME UP ALL TO HELL! (you probably had to be there)

RE: raisins and their shrivel-y little selves…

“It’s like eating old people!”

Thank You and Goonight!