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Proof of Knit

Tuesday, July 26th, 2005

I miss you guys.

I feel like we never ‘talk’!

So sad!

So, I was sitting here, thinking about what I wanted to tell you.

I could talk about how we watch Lifetime movies even when we know better and then wish there was a way we could get our two hours back…

I could talk about how doing the BACKWARD lunge walk, facing Laurent, and holding his hands puts me in a *very* compromising position approximately every two seconds for what seems like an unbearable amount of time.

I could talk about how much I {{heart}} Keane.


I could talk about how, last Tuesday, I had seven boys in my apartment or how one of them was trying on my clothes while another wore a clean kitty littler bag on his head as a do-rag.

How ’bout how I really wanna learn how to play guitar, and I met a guy who can teach me, but I don’t wanna call him to ask because he liiiiikes me.


How ’bout how I think THIS guy actually ASKED ME OUT over email on Friday…(and how I’m so impressed he’d have the guts to ask, that I’m considering saying yes!)

Naaahhh… I’m not going to talk about *any* of that!

I promised knitting, and knitting you shall receive!!!!

First, proof I’ve actually been knitting!

I’ve been semi-diligently working on secret baby project #1 for a few weeks now… I probably would be farther along except 1) I’m a tad lazy and 2) I ran into a snag or two.

Turns out seed stitch is not as mindless for me as I thought.

After the *second* time I somehow ended up with ribbing instead of seeds (don’t ask me! Maybe it’s a contact high off of whatever my crazy-ass cat is smokin’), Holly took pity on me…

My Hero!!

Fixing seed stitch is more of a bitch than I thought, ESPECIALLY that EDGE stitch! Holly is truly a better woman than I… Look at her handy work:

She thinks this looks wonky…
I say, “WONKY, MY ASS!”

So now I’m up to the part of the project that involves evil intarsia and Im all scurred of it, so I keep putting it off. HOWEVER, it *would* be nice to have this done for when the baby is born — which is like, ANY SECOND — so maybe I oughtta bust out and work on it, yes?

The other thing I’ve been working on is this:


I knit them in the Tess’ Angora/Merino I bought at MDS$W from a pattern in Last Minute Knitted Gifts :)


Don’t you just wanna eat them?!

What? You wanna see what these fuzzy pink feet are attached to? Hrm…


I guess all that doesn’t amount to much (except a WHOLE LOTTA PINK!), but hey, at least I’m knittin’, right? WOO!!!

Friday is the first ever Mid Mid-Meetup Meetup (MM-MM) MOVIE NIGHT! What’s showing?



The Pirate Movie and XANADU!


Hopefully, we’ll ‘chat’ before then though



Tuesday, July 19th, 2005

I just deleted at LEAST 100 spam comments.

The comment spammers have launch a FULL-BLOWN attack on vibey.

The problem is I’m too scurred to upgrade my WordPress even though doing so would give me more control to FIGHT THE FUCK BACK!

So, instead, I waste a half-hour of my life DELETEING.



Have I been knitting? yes.

Have I things to tell you about? yes.

Have I pictures to share? yes.

Have I been MAD busy? yes.

Have I become THAT girl who totally neglects her blog and lets it get all dusty and INFESTED with crapalicious COMMENT SPAM?!?!?! yes.



Well, maybe you’ll forgive me if I post a cute baby pic?

Meet Alyssa Mae

One of my bestest friends had a baby!!!! Alyssa was born yesterday at 2:14pm and Momma and baby (and Daddy) are all doing FABULOUS! Ain’t she the CUTEST damn thing?

Speaking of which…

Tonight I’m gonna KNIT, and then I’mma take PICTURES and then HOPEFULLY, later in the week, I will have a real, PROPER knit blog post. ‘Aight?


Painfully. Tired.

Thursday, July 7th, 2005

Laurent kicked my ass again.

I’m tired.


Too tired to give you a proper post even!

HOWEVER, if I DON’T post, it might not be until MONDAY when I DO, and I don’t want to make you wait that long when you’ve been so kind to drop in to see how I’m doing :)

So, in lieu of babble, I present PICTURES!

Cindy and Jason’s idea to picnic on the side of GW Parkway and watch the fireworks was GENIUS!


Proof that I actually DO knit!

I also have a pic of the sock, but then I realized that it looks pretty much as it did the LAST time you saw it, even thought I’ve knit further on it. Thus, no pic, because…why? you know? (see, tired! I’m SO not making sense!)

If I wasn’t soooooo tiiiiiiiiiiiired, I would tell you all ABOUT the fun that can be had with a mega shipment of MANOS! Manos Football! Guess the Manos Color! The Manos Cheer! Manos Treasure Hunt! Manos Pom-Poms!

Holly and Wendy and I had MUCH fun at KH on Tuesday with the Manos! The Possibilities are ENDLESS! SERIOUSLY! WOOOO!!!!

(You think I’m kidding. I’m not. Ask Holly. She thinks I’m nuts.)


ok, time for bed.