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Don’t Worry…

Thursday, August 11th, 2005

…I’m learning to adapt to all this free time:

mmmmmm :)

Today was actually pretty relaxing and productive. I got some work done, I had some tasty eats, I got in some good reading (first in bed, then in the tub), I watched a little TV* and…

I made progress!

Ends were woven in, a shoulder was bound off all three-needle-like…I’m *so* close!!!! All I have to do is pick up 67 stiches for the collar, do up four rows of seed stich, sew the side straps and buttons on and POOF! FO!

(think it took me long enough? geez!)

Hopefully, I will mail it to its rightful owner this weekend!!

In the meantime, I will dream of my Rogue and fight off the urge to break the yarn diet in the name of Lorna’s Laces (oh how the pretty yarns call to meeeee).


*I cannot BELIEVE they let Blake through on So You Think You Can Dance !!!! Ok, actually I can, but that kid is a cocky BITCH!

Because I have nothing better to do…

Tuesday, August 9th, 2005

I used to be the girl who was in charge of For four years. First full-time, then part-time.

4 years.

I’ve never done ANY job for four years. That’s a f*#load of time, dude.

So, I was working the website by day, rocking the air shift by night AND, for the last month, working 2 nearly-full days at the yarn store per week.

I’m exhausted just *thinking* about it.

Anyway, long story, but, as of last week, I no longer work on

Therefore, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays — the days I do NOT work @ KH, I have nothing to do ALL DAY until I go to do my airshift at 9. PM,


I get SO OVERWHELMED with the POSSIBILITIES, I end up sitting on the couch doing NOTHING! Do I clean the apt? Do I read a book? Do I post on the blog? Do I go to the pool? DO I KNIT?!?!? What?

I know, you hate me…sorry. heh.

Anyway, with all this FREE time, with my ass on the couch, I get ta thinking about the profound things that really affect us.

For example, I was watching TV this afternoon with Hayley:

aww. cute!

She was sitting on my chest, licking my face, when I realized something…



So I got to thinking. Is this MY fault? Am I neglecting her kitty-tooth health? Is her offensiveness a result of poor mothering? But if that is TRUE, what do FERAL cats do? I mean, are there all these bad-breathed cats walking around whose teeth eventually ROT at some way-too-early age, leaving them starving and defenseless? WHO BRUSHES THEIR TEETH?

I’m sitting there, mortified, imagining all these toothless cats, staring longingly at small rotents while smackin’ their kitty gums, GUILT washing over me with CRUSHING strength, when, out of the blue…


Um, her teeth are fine.

In other news:

I spy a POCKET!!

Could that pocket be ATTACHED?!?!? Why, yes! I think it may BE! I’m getting so close… WHEE!

Also, tomorrow I’m having dinner with an old friend. Coincidentally, I have a giant ZIT on my cheek and another waiting to pop up above my lip. Lovely.

*ok, so maybe I dramatized this story a bit. The guilt wasn’t exactly *crushing* and um, well…she didn’t actually bite me…THAT TIME! But really, her vet said her teeth were lovely and thinking about it, her food smells like ASS. Anyone’s breath would smell if they had to eat THAT crap, eh? Ain’t she a cutie?


Friday, August 5th, 2005

I’ve been coming across a lot of Laras lately.

First, Jeffrey sent me THIS link.

Yes, no need to re-read…her name was Lara. Dunno what this says about me. Likely nothing, but still.

THEN, I found this:


Now, being the kind of girl that buys *anything* that has her name on it, I had to get me a Lara Bar!! (tell me the intro to that website is NOT offensive (needs sound))


The other morning, I was late for work and didn’t have time for breakfast SO, I grabbed my Lara bar and headed out the door.

Since I became INSTANTLY trapped in hellish traffic, I had plenty of time to f#*k around with my digital camera and document JUST. HOW. DELICIOUS. my Lara Bar was!!!

Here is photographic evidence of that which IS Lara Bar:

Yeah, thaaaaat’s not good.

all-natural PUTRESCENCE!

Yeah, don’t buy those. Not good.

In other news, Baby Project #1 is nearing completion:


Some of you will TOTALLY know what it is baby project #1 *is*. I ‘m not sure if she ever reads my blog, but the momma of baby project #1 recipient isn’t a knitter, so even if she DOES come here, she won’t be able to guess what it is* :)

All I have to do is the finishing. All the knitting (save 4 rows of seed stitch for the collar) is DONE!! Maybe I’ll finish it this weekend!!! WOOO!!!!!

After that, it’ll be time to get cracking on Baby Project #2 and dig up my Rogue so I can finish it in time for RHINEBECK!

Happy Weekend, y’all!

*Orginally, my hands typed, “She won’t never need to know.” Clearly, I’m leaking brain cells.


Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005

So liiike, Mid Mid-Meetup Meetup Movie Night did not go down on Friday as planned.

As it turned out, a tiny, 8lb, 6oz crying midget disrupted our plans!

I’m an Aunty! (again)

Her name is Bananahead* (aka Danielle Nicole) :)

I got to assist with her birth and it was truly an amazing honor to have been a part of it and to share such a special moment with my brother and sis-in-law. I was present for my first niece’s birth as well and they told me it wouldn’t have been the same if I wasn’t there for the second :)

Now, while I was all honored and it was all beautiful and insane and awe-inspiring and I’m totally TOTALLY grateful, there were some things I must not have been paying attention to the first time around.


One word for you ladies…


What? You don’t know what that is?



You seeee, babies have really really big heads. Big heads which need to fit through really really small holes by comparison. SO! SOMETIMES they have to MAKE THE HOLE BIGGER. WITH SURGICAL SCISSORS.

Yeah, you read that right.

I watched them make a 2″ cut in my Sister(in-law’s) hoo-ha with a pair of surgical scissors.



I think I’m a little shell-shocked this time. Seriously. It’s a good thing I’m NOWHERE NEAR having kids yet.

HOWEVER, one look at that baby’s cute, cheeky face and you know it was soooooo worth it, yah?


Now, when my FIRST niece was born, they put the most ADORABLE little hand-knit hat on her, complete with cute little pom-pom! Naturally, I thought little Bananahead would return from her first bath with something similar.

oh. but. no.

I took one look at that kid in HER new hat and laughed my ass off!

I wish I had a PICTURE of the monstrocity they put on that baby!

It was all THICK with FUGLY GREEN AND ORANGE STRIPES!! VERTICAL STRIPES! AND IT WAS CROCHETED!!!( no offense) It was the most hideous thing I have seen in a loooong time. Dude, my niece TOTALLY came back looking like a toilet paper cozi!!!!!

What’s worse is that I’d only brought my Mini-Ringel sock! I had NO SUPPLIES with which to correct the situation!

SOMETHING had to be done though, right?


I found my way to the LYS, picked up some DB Baby Cashmerino and some DPNs, drove out to the hospital and GOT TO WORK!

(There might have been some snacking and playing with both nieces in between there, I can’t remember)

Since I’m not all that fast, and since there was a lot of interruption, it basically took me all day. At one point, my brother wanted me to come with him to get food, but, out of fear that I wouldn’t finish and Dani would be left hat-less, I was ordered by my Sister(in-law) to stay and KNIT! KNIT! KNIT! Bananahead *had* to have her hat!

Bananahead’s Baby Beanie ©

Bananahead IN her Beanie!

She doesn’t look that happy to be wearing it, but I think it was more the GAS and not her HAT that made her cry…either way, mommy and daddy seemed pretty happy :)

I *think* it’s about a 1/2 inch shorter than it should be, but overall, I’m pretty proud of it. I know it’s just a simple hat, but it’s only the second thing I’ve attempted to design (the other being an ipod cozi) and I think it came out mad cute!

Maybe eventually I’ll type up and pdf the pattern :) In the meantime, I’m knitting up a second one in stash yarn to test my 1/2 inch theory and possibly gift it to the other little bean that made her debut recently.

As for MM-MM MN, well… it may not have gone down Friday as planned, but it still went down!!! Here we all were after watching both The Legend of Billie Jean and Xanadu!! (The Pirate Movie was MIA):

(left to right) Michelle, Amy, Laura, Chelsea, Sarah and Me!

AND, because we can’t get ENOUGH of one another, TONIGHT is Mid-Meetup! WOO!

*Thanks to the vacuum pump that had to be used on her to get her lazy baby butt OUT, Dani was born with the cutest little banana-shaped head. Even though it corrected itself by the next day, I will FOREVER call her Bananahead :)