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I got nothing.

Friday, October 7th, 2005


Before the blog starts talking to Hayley-cat and the two of them team up against me in a quest for World Domination (the world, in this case, being the apartment), I figured I’d check in.

It’s a totally lo-tech check in though, because I’m operating on 4 hours of sleep and I’ve been up since 9 and it is totally 2am. Thus, I am entirely too tired to resize and upload pictures. I apologize for this. Perhaps if I could train the cat so that SHE could do it, she could actually earn money to pay her $35 catrent AND we could put pictures on the blog! WOO! {{sigh}} if only.

Instead, you get me, babbling incoherently about nothing in a sleep-deprived delerium.

I guess, in lieu of actual blog CONTENT, I will leave you with these eternal questions:

  • If the toilet was fixed today, why is there still a PUDDLE growing on the floor?
  • Why is this the third seperate day I am asking this question?
  • How did *MY* brother get to be 36 (37?) without knowing that “General Admission” means there are no seats?
  • Who decided this was a good idea?
  • Is my roomate the only person who puts the sponge in the dishwasher to clean it? Because I’m TOTALLY convinced she can’t be.

Deep, I know. Take some time to ponder these issues. We’ll talk Monday.


Tuesday, October 4th, 2005



Vibegrrl’s blog here.

I’m sick and f’in tired of waiting for her sorry ass to update you all on the happenings around here, so I’m takin’ OVER. I mean, WHAT THE HELL? TWO WEEKS?!?!

CLEARLY, she doesn’t give a crap about YOU!

What. Ever.

I care though.

I care a LOT.

*I* love you.

Remember that.

Anyway. While lazy-ass was sitting on the couch, eating Ben & Jerry’s and watching “The Karate Kid” for the fourth time on one of those extra Encore channels, I stole some pics off the computer and uploaded them for you.

(see how much I love you? SEE?!?!!?)

Here are the baby booties that she made for that new niece of hers… (Beanhead? Berryhead? whatever.)

The wee one wore them for her Baptism,
even though SOMEONE bound off a little too tight and had to JAM the booties onto her poor little feet. *sigh*


Here is another pair of the SAME booties, made for some friend of hers…This time she at LEAST bound off with bigger needles. I mean, DUH!?!

The baby that gets these is only a week old, so HOPEFULLY, no jamming will be required.

I also found some pics of old knits that are apparently getting some love in their new home:

I heard vibs went to put the Baptism dress in the baby’s closet and found Anouk hung lovingly up front! Nice!

God, do you REMEMBER this blanket?
Vibe gave it to her niece on her FIRST birthday. Apparently her kick-ass sis-in-law FINALLY took it out of the closet and gave it to the Bean.

The best part of THAT story is that when that cutie neice of hers goes to sleep at night and sees the blanket, she says, “Aunty Lara made it for me!” I tell you, I was with her when her sis-in-law told her that one, and I SWEAR, I think it brought a little tear to her eye!

Of course, you KNOW that means she has to knit ANOTHER endless blanket for Bananahead, right? Yeeeaaah…

In FO news, Baby Project #2 is done:

I think this might only be vibs’ second sweater EVER! AND FIRST RAGLAN SEAMS! (Although, SOMEone did half of them FOR her…)

It has the *cutest* buttons, don’tcha think?
(dude, she didn’t screw up the buttons, the pattern’s totally written that way.)

Rumor round the stash is that she’s actually going to go back to knitting for normal sized people!!!! Like, FULL-SIZED people! That’s f’in awesome, because I’m soooo sick of looking at pictures of f’in fuzzy angora booties! How many pairs of those can one girl knit!?!?! MAYBE (and this is a CRAZY thought…), MAYBE this winter she’ll actually finish that ROGUE of hers (feel free to start laughing, I know I am)!!!!

I *did* see her screwing around with her swift, so I *know* she’s up to something…Guess we’ll just have to see.

Anyway, I best get outta here. I knew it’d be a while before she dug her way out of boxes and random assorted CRAP and figured I’d throw you a bone. HOWEVER, I’ve seen her running around this place with a drill and god KNOWS she has no idea how to use that thing, so uh…to be safe, I’mma go hide.

peace out.