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Tuesday, November 8th, 2005

The funny thing about my job is that one might THINK, being a radio DJ, I get to see a lot of live shows(and for free!).

One might think that, and one might normally be CORRECT.


I work late nights — 10p to 2am, Monday through Friday.

Wanna guess how many shows are ACTUALLY on a Saturday or Sunday night?


Almost none.

SO IMAGINE MY EXCITEMENT when I got to go to NOT ONE, but TWO shows this weekend!


I’ll be straight up. I LOVE Gwen Stefani. Like, I {{heart}} her. If I could BE any pop celeb, I’d be her. She’s HOT, she’s smart (or so she seems), she’s got a great band, a fab solo career, a hottie husband, two clothing lines, and a possibly budding film career. She’s also got a completely independent fashion sense — a style all her own. I LOVE HER! Plus, have you listened to that solo album? SOOOOO FUN!!!!! I LOVE IT! YAY GWEN!

It was a sold-out show and tickets were really tight at the station. It was one of those instances where it was entirely likely I wouldn’t get a pair. Still, I sent an email to my boss whining about how I NEVER get to go to shows and how THIS one was on a Saturday and blah blah blah pleeaaaaaaaaaase?

Not only did that man come through for me, but he gave me 2nd ROW TICKETS!!!! :)

I love him.

Almost as much as I love Gwen.

I’d show you pictures, but all I was able to get in was my crappy cameraphone AND apparently, I don’t PAY for the service that will allow me to mail those pics to myself so I can post them here. The $15 extra I pay a month is apparently just for ringtones. DAMN YOU SPRINT!

The best I can do is this pic OF a pic on my stupid cell phone:


However, en lieu of pics, I can tell you some of the perks of 2nd row seating!

From the second row, you can:

  • See that Gwen is wearing red panties with white polkadots under her first costume. CUTE! (actually, it was her NEXT costume under the FIRST – a retro swimsuit)
  • Figure out which Harajuku Girl is which. Music is the cutest, but Angel can DANCE!
  • Get a good close look at the hottie b-boys Gwen was kind enough to bring with her. DAMN THOSE BOYS CAN DANCE!
  • Be close enough to smile at said hottie b-boys and be noticed :-P Just sayin’.
  • See through the stage setup enough that you can see Gwen and Co. hustling backstage during costume changes. Kinda neat!

It was a pretty cool show and my roomie and I, dressed in our best “we’re going to GWEN!” outfits, had a kick-ass time :)

Sunday night ,Chelsea invited me to come out and see Jem with her at the 9:30 club. Kristine intially turned me onto Jem, and the CD has been in high rotation since I got it, so I was way excited when Chelsea called :)

The highlight of THAT show was when the band TOTALLY RANDOMLY busted out with “Sweet Home Alabama”. Jem was jsut telling some story and Alabama came up and before you know it, the whole place was rockin’ out! Organic craziness!

I DID manage to get my camera in to the Jem show, but since FLASH photography wasn’t allowed (and because I’m nooo photographer), ALL my pics are totally blurry. Still though:


Here Jem is crazy blurry, but it’s a good shot of the bassist Chelsea was crushing on, so this pic is for her ;)!

The only real downside to this funfun show was that I added further proof to my Sympathetic Vibration theory. Ugh.*


I would have just gone to see them at the Patriot Center in DC, but uh…


Not one to EVER miss a DM tour, I made arrangements. Gotta do whatchu gotta do, know what I mean?

Anyway, the show at the Borgata is going to be waaaay better because the venue only holds 3,700 people(tiny for DM!) AND the front area is general admission!!! Plus, my brother and sister-in-law are meeting me there from Long Island, so YAAAYYYY!!!!!

If you haven’t checked out their new album, well, lemme just say I LOVE IT. Not everyone does, but I think it’s pretty strong for Depeche Mode. It’s definately better than the last two, and it’s kind of a mix of what they used to be when they were on top and where they’re headed in the future. It’s also more analog, less digital and very GRUNGY DIRTY DANCY! LOVE! Also, Dave Gahan wrote three of the tracks on this one and they’re three of the best ones! GO DAVE!

“Oh Lillian, I should have run. I should have known each dress you own is a loaded gun…”

On the knitting front, well, still plugging away at the thing I’ve been plugging away at since the beginning of October.


Soon it will be finished though (I hope.) and I will move on the NEW PROJECTS! WOO!!!

Till then, I can only dream of knittier pastures…speaking of which, it’s time for me to go to sleeeeep.


lata. :)

* no actual yarfing occurred, HOWEVER, I wasn’t feeling too pretty on the way out…NO MORE EATING BIG DINNERS BEFORE SHOWS IN SMALL VENUES!


Thursday, November 3rd, 2005

Ok, so like MONDAY, I was gonna post this post but the computer ate it.

TUESDAY I was gonna post this post, but I had to help Julian over the phone so he wouldn’t get killed.

WEDNESDAY I was gonna post this post, but I got alll caught up researching, because after TUESDAY’s activities, I TOTALLY WANNA CHECK THIS OUT!

So now it’s Thursday (actually, Friday) and uh, this post is totally irrelevant, but HEY! SOMEONE’S GOTTA STILL BE INTERESTED, no?

SOMEONE kinda made it out like there was a run on Socks That Rock, so OF COURSE, I had to bust out and get some before there was none to get, right?
My colorways are Ruby Slippers and Pebble Beach. I also got a hank of this super thick 100% wool yarn I bought in autumny colors to make a chunky scarf. I think it’s from Ellen’s Half-Pint Farm? Som’n like that…

Two Kissing Fish Mitt Kits for my wee nieces!
The Weee-est wee is too wee for mittens though, so I’ll likely wait till next year to make them

Apparently, I’m into SHEEP stuff.
I got two sheepy keychains, a sheep mug (not pictured), a Elizabeth Austen needle case (with sheep on it!), a sheep ornament, and Stephanie’s new book (which has a sheep on the cover!) BAAA!

Yeah. I don’t know how this happened.
And what’s that? You see YARN on that spindle?

It’s kinda saaaad yarn.
But hey! It’s my first try!

The funny thing is, I NEVER WANTED TO LEARN HOW TO SPIN! I blame THIS chick. And THIS one for mesmerizing her with that evil glint in her eye. AND THIS ONE for knowing where to find the good stuff.

As for knitting, I’ve been gettin’ in some time when I can.

What am I working on, you ask?

and the sad truth will be revealed ;)