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Two Thousand Five

Monday, January 9th, 2006

What went down in vibeland in 2005?


    It ain’t that GOOD, but hey, FIRST SWEATER!
  • My momma started shrinking! GO MOMMA! GO MOMMA!
  • I stopped working a job I’d done for the last 4 years.
  • I replaced it with a kick-ass job working here.
  • I went to my first Sheep & Wool festival and had THE BEST WEEKED EVER
  • I met sooooo many knit bloggers, my head is still spinning! I have a feeling some of them may become life-long friends and I can’t beging to tell you how amazing that is to me…
  • I GOT A NEW NIECE! She is a perfect, smiley, huggable, lovable addition to our family!!!

  • I STARTED WORKING OUT! Um, and then I sorta stopped. NOT ENTIRELY, but yeah, gotta get back in the 3xaweek swing…
  • I got paid to write articles about KNITTING! How cool is THAT?!?!
  • I came to an odd realization about myself that I need to re-repress. At least for now, but possibly forever.
  • I moved and got my first roomate in at least 5 years! So far, so good :)

So what’s on the agenda for 2006? They’re not exactly RESOLUTIONS, but here’s some of the stuff I wanna do in ’06:

  • Buy a new Digital Camera, hopefully one that comes with cab repellent.
  • Figure out what I want to be when I grow up and get workin’ on it.
  • Go out more and stay in less.
  • Save more and spend less. This one totally conflicts with the previous one, I know. We’ll see how that works out.
  • START THE FUCKING 401K. Seriously, I know I said that LAST year, but THIS year, I MEAN it.
  • End my twenties with a BIG ‘OL MOTHERF’N’ BANG!Lara’s Birthday EXTRAVAGANZA 2006! I’m turning 30, baby, and I’m not takin’ it lyin’ down!
  • Get back to working on a new, healthier lifestyle. I got a good start in 2005, but liiiike, I need to learn how to kick my OWN ass into shape instead of relying on Laurent to do it for me. Besides, as I only see him about once every two weeks these days… and well…you can’t work off 2 weeks of junk in one hour, you know? ;) Just sayin’.
  • Send birthday cards and thank you notes. Grown-up Girls do these things. I’m pushing 30. I need to get with it.
  • FINISH MY ROGUE. I’ve been working on that thing or at least THINKING about it since 2004. Seriously.
  • Today is where my book begins, yo. I gotta get writing!!!

    “Today is where your book begins…

    Friday, January 6th, 2006

    …the rest is still unwritten.”

    -Natasha Bedingfield, Unwritten

    I’d like to do a little ‘welcome to 2006′ year-in-review dealie, but liiiike, I’ve totally neglected to fill you in on ANYTHING that’s happened in the last month or so of 2005!!


    THEREFORE, I think we should catch up a bit, yeah?

    Schtuff I Learned During the Month of December 2005:

    • The kids might not know who they are, and some of the fans might need walkers in 10 years, but Depeche Mode has STILL GOT IT GOIN’ ON…

      I {{heart}} DM
    • If you neglect your blog, the comment spammers will launch an all-out, no-holes-barred, shock-and-awe ATTACK on your ass. Be prepared.
    • If a boy starts making out with you in the back of a cab while you’re mildly intoxicated, chances are more than likely that you will leave something behind when you get out. Hopefully, when it happens to YOU, it will not be your digital camera. :(
    • If, the morning after the Company Christmas Party, you ask a co-worker, “So, was I just DRUNK or EMBARASSINGLY Drunk?” and HE replies, “Well, you fell DOWN, so I’d say EMBARASSINGLY Drunk,” it is not a good sign. (Despite what you heard, however, Raven and I did NOT make out in the ladies’ room.)
    • Just because the turkey is labeled “FRESH,” doesn’t mean it’s not FROZEN. Following that, if some parts of said turkey are still frozen when you decide to cook it because it cost $22 and you’re not ABOUT to NOT cook it, it will come out F.I.N.E.

      Maybe a little flaky, but still tasty.
    • Christmas ain’t Christmas without no goddamned Christmas Tree! If I have to spend Christmas at your house, and you aint got no tree, I’mma put one UP.

      This was the tree at my apt.
    • Lastly, if your two-year-old niece asks for a handknit sweater from the man in red a MONTH before Christmas and you don’t manage to finish it in time, she likely will NOT lose her faith in Santa. Why, you ask? Because she won’t have ANY idea that she ever asked for the thing in the first place, naturally.

      HOWEVER, if you DO manage to finish it in time, she WILL like it and will look cute as HELL wearing it on the sit-n-spin you bought her. :)