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Wednesday, February 1st, 2006

I {{heart}} Colin Meloy.

Sat. night at the ultra-cool Birchmere!!

He was sooo goood!


I’ve never really listened to the Decemberists and I wasn’t totally feeling the CDs when Chelsea was playing them in the car, but I LOVED Colin and his solo acoustic set!!!


Just click here and download it :)

(my fav is 23 minutes and 19 seconds into it. A sappy choice, but hey, that’s me :) Chelsea’s is at 1:03:16. That one rocks too!!!)

Thanks for inviting me, Chels!!!

(btw…there WERE tons of cute boys there…..WITH THEIR GIRLFRIENDS!!!! OMG! If you ever wanna see scads of the MOST in-love swooony huggyhuggy couples EVER swaying and cuddling to mellow, acoustic indie rock, look up Colin Meloy and see if he’s playing a show near you. Make sure to bring razor blade.)

Watching the show kinda goes hand-in-hand with something else I’ve been up to lately (which I don’t expect to last too long without proper instruction…)

Look Ma!! A C chord!

I’m attempting (again) to teach myself guitar!!!! Of course, naaaturally, there was a critical issue I totally forgot about…


Oh, my fingertips huuurrrrrrt! Like, OW. Bad. :( And I have no dexterity. I can’t pull off an F chord to save my LIFE. AND I’M A LEFTY, people!! THIS IS MY GOOD HAND!

However, there is only so much money to go around for lessons, and if you remember, I have other plans.

These plans are on their way to being foiled as well, it seems. When I came up with The Plan, I thought I had a pair of ice skates that I could use to get started, and I DO, but um…well? There might be a problem with them…

um, yeeeaaah.

Would you believe I skated around and around and around the rink for HALF AN HOUR without realizing this?!?!!? I was even attempting crossovers and stuff in the middle AND NO ONE POINTED IT OUT TO ME!!!! There were only about 10 other people there on Monday when I went, and if one of THEM had a broken skate, I think I would have noticed and likely pointed it out so they didn’t kill themselves!!! (I’m not SAYING, I’m just sayin’)

Considering a new pair of skates good enough to use for learning cool shit will cost me at LEAST $150 (but more likely $250), it’s looking like I’m gonna have to start lessons with RENTAL SKATES. Yeah…exactly! Thaaat won’t get me very far.


Tonight, I’m going to bust out with some of this:

Hayley was also licking my wet tights when I washed them. She’s so WIERD.

The studio looks really nice, so we’ll seeeeee. YAAAY!!! BALLET! My old leotard TOTALLY rides up my ass and creates TOTALLY unsightly ass-bulge, but HEY! FUN!

Still no knitting to report :( Whatthehell, right? I thought I’d break the knit-fast at the shop yesterday, but we had soooo much to do, there was no time to knit :( Maybe tomorrow, eh Holly?

Ok, time for teachmyselfGuitar lessons!!! Catch you later…