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All Is Snot Well.

Friday, March 31st, 2006


Actually, all is (mostly} just fine, but I just wanted to use that goofy title :)

Snot IS, however, currently dripping down the back of my throat AND I discovered today that my boobs have SHRUNK 2 inches in the last year or so!!

I blame this on Laurent.

Boob shrinkage is bad.

The silver lining to THAT story is that, as a result, I get to spend less per project as one needs less yarn to make a 32″ busted whatever vs. a 32″ busted whatever! I’m SAVING MONEY!

I think I’d rather have my boobs back though.

Anyone have some HoHos? Seriously! Anyone?

mmmmm. HoHos…

Speaking of knitting, I totally have nothing to knit.

I mean, I have a STASH an’ all, but like…I HAVE NOTHING TO KNIT! WAH!

I spent HOURS at the shop today just STARING at the yarn. whattoknitwhattoknit. I wasn’t even EXCITED about it… it was wierd. I was all, “Hoooollllllyyyyy!!! What do I KNIT?!?!?!?!?!!?!?”. She tried to pawn her knitting off on me, but I’m too quick on my feet, yo. GIRL, YOU’RE ON YOUR OWN WITH THAT THING!

I have ideas, sorta…I just have to wait till the check clears, you know what I’m sayin? In the meantime, I stash busted and made a couple little som’n som’ns I can’t show you right now. What I CAN show you is the reason why I currently have nothing (weather-appropriate) to knit:


They’re in STR, colorway: Pebble Beach!

YAY! (They’re only a month and a half late for the knitalong, but WHATEVER!)

This weekend includes a live broadcast from the Platinum Club, cleaning the apt., NOT going on a date with a boy that, turns out, is not for me*, and GAME NIGHT! WOOT! Hope you have a good one :)

* I know, I know, ‘dumping’ one of my options is NOT a good way to meet my goal. I realize this. But you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

How did I spend my Saturday night?

Monday, March 27th, 2006

Answering the door for the pizza guy in my jammies and ice skates.

No. For reals.


WOOT! We get ca-razy over here in vibeland!

This, along with other things, led me to some startling realizations:

  1. It, as of yesterday, is exactly THREE MONTHS to my 30th birthday.
  2. My 30th birthday is 23 days shy of the 2nd anniversary of the LAST TIME I had sex. (NOT That I haven’t had opportunities*, mind you, they just weren’t the right sort.)
  3. HOLY SHIT, if all that’s true, then I need to get laid before my 30th birthday!!!!!! (don’t submit an application, dude, I do NOT mean you!)

Thus, I now have a 90-day plan. By plan, really, I mean goal, as I have no thought on HOW to get it done, just that it needs to GET DONE (or *I* need to get done ;) ) within the next 90 days :-P

TMI for the internets? Possibly, but whatever. We’re all girlfriends, right?

As of today, both Amy and Chelsea have moved away :(

This makes me saaaaad. :(

I do have this though:

Meet Austin Scarlett

This was Chelsea’s Bonsai that she was going to leave behind. I stole it and brought him home and held him and squeezed him and loved him (I did not, however, call him George). I wanted to name it after Chelsea somehow, so I named him Austin. That plant does NOT in any way look like an Austin though… thus, he became Austin Scarlett. :)

Even though the crew is one-by-one ditching us, the knitting must go on!!!

This is sock 1 of a pair of Jaywalkers.

That picture as taken at the beginning of February. I am now 13 rows of 2×2 rib away from having a semi-matching pair!!!! I’m lazy though, so I have no progress pics of said second sock. Next post though, WATCH OUT! :)

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I am going to go scope out boys at the gym. After all, THERE ARE ONLY 89 DAYS LEFT!!!!!

* by opportunitieS (plural), I mean all of 2. AND they were of the “hey baby, let’s get it ON !”variety. I, much to my dismay, am wired in such a way that I need more of a commitment to give it up. {{sigh}} I’m still sorta kicking myself for this one though.

I’m Not Dead.

Friday, March 17th, 2006

James Blunt played the 9:30 Club Monday night.

I work late nights.

I couldn’t go.


Before you feel too badly for me though, I have to say that for every disadvantage my job affords me…

…there is this.

Really, my job kicks some kind of crazy ass some days.

I had to get up at the butt-crack of dawn to snap that pic and hear him sing one song, but it was WORTH it. You can watch the whole thing in its entirety right here. (you can also download a podcast version there as well.)

I’m pretty sure I acted like a complete dork, babbling something about how “Goodbye My Lover” makes all my friends cry. You’d think after years of this kind of thing, I’d get my shit together…

oh well. heh ;)

The best part?

Whenever an artist comes to the studio, they record ‘liners’ for the station and each of the djs. You know, something like ” Hey, this is Joe Blow, and you’re listening to Julian on HOT 99.5!” That kinda thing.


OMG I {{HEART}} THAT SOOO MUCH!!!! It cracks me up!!!!!!!

You know what else I {{heart}}??


First up, we have the first two FOs from my MOMMA!!!!

I just recently got my mom back into knitting and these are her first two FOs!!!
GO MOM!!!!!

Mom is HOPELESSLY addicted to Noro Transitions. I feel very guilty about this, as it was I who introduced her to it. WHO KNEW I’D BECOME MY MOTHER’S CRACK DEALER?!?!?!!


The scarves though…they are pretty, no? :)

Next, we have the Beanie I made for my brother for his birthday (just like the Roche beanie, only this one is the Paul beanie). Sadly, it was too small for his unusually large head ;)

It looks cute on Bananahead though, even if it is a little big on her…

Lastly, and most recently (like TODAY!), I bring you…


Elle est Fini!

Knit in Brooks Farm Duet, she is super soft and fuzzilicious!!! There IS one major not-so-fab side-effect though…

shed much?!!?

oh well.

I’m sorry I abandoned you for so long. I will try not to let it happen again anytime soon.