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Weekend hijinks.

Tuesday, June 20th, 2006

Friday, I got to hang with Sarah and Texy. They both came up to the studio for a bit and much goofiness ensued.

There was hula-hooping…

There was posing…

More posing…

And there was this. Don’t ask.

Saturday morning, I was supposed to meet Chelsea for coffee, but instead, I woke up to this:

Meet Winky.
previously known as Hayley

Her left eye just wouldn’t stay open. At first, when it started on Friday, I thought she was just winking at me. By Saturday morning though, I figured maybe Winky needed a trip to the vet.

Therefore, no Chelsea coffee-date for meeeeee :(

(Winky has nearly mastered the art of SQUINTING, a cunning technique used to avoid allowing eyedrops IN the eye.)

(Also? I don’t think she appreciates being called Winky.)

(Also Also? Today is her birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY WINKY, I mean, HAYLEY!!!)

Saturday night, I went to my cousin’s 40th Birthday Casino party! Those people are NUTS! Naturally, that’s why I {{heart}} them!

Let’s just say there was massive quantities of alcohol, a bikini-clad stripper, bhangra music and a can of whipped cream. We’ll just leave it at that, k?

Good times.

Adam is possibly a little sad he missed it.

Sunday, I just layed low. Talked to my mom and my bf. Took some naps. Watched some TV. Knitted a swatch.

Here’s something goofy though…

I was sitting, knitting away on my swatch, right? knittin’ knittin’ knittin’… more good times…when I got to a KNOT!

It happens.

Knots suck, but they happen, right?

Right. Check THIS out though:

See something WIERD with this?

The ball I BOUGHT was green. After the knot? It’s BLUE.

So wierd!

Check Your Mail.

Thursday, June 15th, 2006

You would think, by now, I would know the importance of checking one’s mail.

I’ve even written a POST about the importance of opening mail.

(ok, it’s a movie recap, but I FELT THE POWER OF THE MESSAGE, YO)

Apparently, the lesson just hasn’t stuck.

I went almost a week without checking the goddamned mail.

This prompted Betsy to send me a somewhat anxious email.

Why, you ask?

Because she was expecting me to have at least mentioned something to her about this:

Birthday Love from Betsy!

Now, I haven’t known Betsy long, but I DO know that she is a little slice of crazy (in a good way).



Look at what was in that box:

*9* hanks of Noro Cash Iroha!

Which, coincidentally, is exactly how many I need, plus one for safety, to make an hourglass sweater. YAY!


That’s not it.

There was also this:

400-someodd yards of Cherry Tree Hill Superworsted!

and this:

1 hank of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock!

Lest you think that is all, I give you this:

A grow-my-own Lavendar plant! :)
Hopefully, Hayley won’t eat it or maim it.

Lovely, no? Ridiculously generous, yes? BUT WAIT! THAT’S NOT ALL!!!

Peruvian Collection Pure Alpaca.

Sugalove, that’s not ONE bag in that box. There are TWO. TWO BAGS.


INSANE. and sweet. and incredibly generous.


Now, of course, you are wondering why I wasn’t checking my mail, huh?

Did you really have to ask?*

PS – there is a store in Harlem that is called “Grandma’s Done Gone Totally Nuts Candy Store.” I just thought you needed to know that, lest your life be otherwise incomplete.

* well, *part* of the reason, anyway.

Ya Learn Something New EVERY DAY!

Friday, June 9th, 2006

Birds DO it!

Don’t ask me why I didn’t know!

But they DO!


I was walking to work today and I TOTALLY saw two little birds DOING IT!

And uh, I stopped.

And watched.



This bigger bird kept hopping on top of this littler bird, trying to thrust his bird-pelvis closer to hers while she flapped her little wings furiously.

Jump, Thrust, Off. Jump, Thrust, Off.

It was like a little wierdo bird dance…

…the bird dance of LOVE!


Being the devout blogger I am, I tried to take a picture to SHOW YOU the bird sex, but they didn’t appreciate the voyeurism and kinda sorta flew away. :-\

I know, I’m 12. Seriously. Issues.

Speaking of though, just so NO ONE is alarmed, chocolate cake and pickles are JUST a wierd food preference. NOTHING ELSE. Okay? Thanks though, for putting wierd little paranoid-driven thoughts into my head resulting in Holly and I spending an entire afternoon at the shop naming my imaginary baby!

Thankfully, the world will never meet Lincoln Noel R.P. [lastname]-[lastname]*.


* no, I will not tell you what the R.P. is for. Trust me, it’s TOTALLY T.M.I.

Fiber Keeps You Regular.

Tuesday, June 6th, 2006

I was standing in line at Panda Express in the food court, TOTALLY eavesdropping on the women behind me who were having some INSANE conversation about this woman and her convict husband. The one was going ON about how everyone KNEW the guy was in jail, and yet his wife kept making up stories of weekend trips to cover it up. Fascinating, really. Or not.

THEN, they started talking about some guy who is a big honcho at the company they work for. Apparently, even AFTER he got diagnosed with cancer, he continued to chain smoke like a motherfucker. Thus, as this woman put it, he is now in hospice care, “about to die any day.” According to HER, if he DIES, everyone is going to have to go to his funeral, since he is such a big deal at work. Why am I telling you this? Because the following line was then overheard… (not quoted verbatim, but nearly so, and totally conveying the gist)

“If he up and dies and screws up my son’s bar mitzvah because all these people have to go to HIS funeral, I’m going to be PISSED!”

huhWHAT? for reals?

Annywway. So. What ELSE did I do today besides troll the mall?


um, from my current level of ice skating lessons. BUT HEY! I GOT A RIBBON!


Yes, I put it on the fridge. Yes, I am a dork. Any questions?

I also wound yarn today. WOO. HOO.


Yeah, more secret knitting. Although, I don’t know why, as I will likely abandon this endeavor. We’ll see. Koigu sure is pretty though :)

As for friday’s post, he *MIGHT* not be cuter than yours (says YOU!), but he’s the cutest to ME, ’cause he’s mine! Don’t all go gangin’ up on me now, ‘aight? Yours is cute too!!!

totally NON cute pic of me. totally cute pic of him.


PPS – it’s 06.06.06! CREEPY!

PPPS – I just ate chocolate cake and pickles.