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With 30 Left to Spare.

Friday, June 2nd, 2006


(you’re impressed, aren’t you?)

Possibly if I hadn’t gotten off my tush to post, Betsy would have come to my house and kicked my ass :-P

Well, or she would have flown up to NY and kicked Adam’s ass. Not sure.

I guess you could say I’ve been up to stuff. Some of it exciting and fun, some of it not so much.

You know…


Since two weeks is a lot of time to recap in FULL EFFECT, we’ll all have to settle for a little sum-up, k?

(in no particular order)

  1. MY CAT is certifiably INSANE. I’ve always known she was crazy, but any 7lb animal who darts out of an apartment to launch a full-on SHOCK AND AWE attack on a German Shepherd 80 THOUSAND times her size deserves to be bumped up to “INSANE”.
  2. Guys don’t like it when you refer to their underwears as “MANTIES”. {{shrug}} I don’t know why. It’s a fun word! MAN PANTIES! MANTIES!
  3. There is a tiny museum UNDER the Lincoln Memorial. Don’t even FRONT like you knew that, because you TOTALLY didn’t, yo.

    The monuments are so much prettier at night.

  4. Shonda Rhimes is a GENIUS when it comes to writing drama for television. Three of the best hours of season finale I have ever seen!
  5. Cupcakes are, quite possibly, the key to my heart.

    And you thought the YARN was good!

  6. If you happen to be in The National Gallery on a Saturday, looking closely at the paint strokes of a Seurat, the security guard will ask you to step back. He will more than insinuate that you are *this* close to falling into the painting and popping a hole in it with your big ‘ol pointy nose.
  7. My boyfriend is cuter than yours.


    Speaking of which…

  8. I suck at hosting BLOG CONTESTS! I held one a MONTH ago, and NEVER ANNOUNCED THE WINNER!!!!!
  9. So, the winner of the “Guess Who My Boyfriend Is” contest is…

    (drumroll, anyone?)


    She was the first to email me or comment with the correct answer! WOOT! GO NATALIE! Email me with your info and I will send you THIS:

    It’s sock yarn from Three Waters Farm that I bought at MDS$W!!

    However, since I have a big-ass mouth, I actually only got 3 entries to that contest! Everyone else apparently already knew ;) heh. THEREFORE, EVERYONE WHO GUESSED RIGHT WINS!!!!!!

    Kelly & Allison, send me your info and I will send you a tiny knitty treat too!

That’s mostly it.

24 days till my birthday!! Start buying pressies now!!!! ;) (kidding!)

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