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I’ve been *wanting* to knit…

Thursday, March 8th, 2007

…but now I caaaaan’t!

I didn’t when I had the ability, and now I am thoroughly SCA-REWED.

Why, you ask?

Oh…just this:

vibegrrl’s bad luck streak continues…

My attempts to become an ice skating supastah landed me with a broken wrist and a SUPER FUN NEW ACCESSORY for the next 6-12 weeks.


I did TRY to knit though…

…to no avail.

best part?




Sad Gimpy Vibegrrl.

(btw? you are so totally *NOT* allowed to make fun of my hair. It’s is really hard to blow dry hair with one hand!)

So, no more knitting, ice skating, typing/writing legibly, dish washing, smelling pretty, hair cutening, sewing, sheet changing, food chopping, or pretty much ANYTHING involving the use of two hands and/or water.

For a full gallery on what it’s like to be gimpy vibegrrl, clicky here.

Will still be blogging though.

Hopefully more than I have been.

Hopefully ;)

A Letter.

Thursday, March 1st, 2007

Dear Apartment Complex Where I Live,

In the four months we have been together, I have really tried to like you.

I forgave you for tricking me into thinking my apartment was going to be ABOVE ground level. 203 means SECOND floor, right? And SECOND floor isn’t usually ground level!!! Not USUALLY… But hey, it’s cool. Honestly. It’s ok.

Also? I’ve never said a WORD to you about the crazy high-heel wearing woman who lives upstairs and the very, very powerful subwoofer she got for Christmas. It’s all part of apartment living, right? Even at 2am! No problem.

I think it’s an interesting challenge how, now matter HOW HIGH I set the thermostat, the apartment stays at a constant 65°…FASCINATING really…The mental energy it takes for me to wrap my little head around that one is enough to keep me warm through the cold, cold winter nights. Besides, I LIKE writing $200 checks to the gas company. It’s refreshingly CLEANSING to shed myself of money like that.

I don’t even really complain about how my showers are always a 5 minute race between myself and the hot water! CONSERVATION! Doin’ the environment good. Al Gore would be proud!

And for the record, I think sunlight is highly overrated. I personally prefer the dark, gloomy cave-like ambience my apartment tends to take on. It’s like I’m wrapped up in an ice-cold WOMB of darkness. It’s beautiful. Really. Wow.

But yesterday?

YESTERDAY, when you TOWED MY CAR because the tags had expired, causing me to THINK MY CAR HAD BEEN STOLEN?!?!?!?! CAUSING ME TO SIT IN A LITTLE BALL on your doorstep, BAWLING like a 5 year old?!!?!?!?!


I don’t think we can be friends anymore.

ps – you owe me $250.