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Return to the Land of the Knitting.

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

After 4 weeks in a cast and two weeks in a brace, I am BACK, baby!!!

I, once again, live in the land of people who can write legibly, eat efficiently, distribute shampoo economically, bathe effectively, cook properly, drive safely, wash dishes promptly, and most importantly, I have returned to the Land of People Who Can Knit.

Vibegrrl is gimpy no longer!

I *will* say, however, that there are perks to being a gimp. When you are a gimp, people might do nice things for you. They’ll wash the arm you can’t reach with the shower pouf anymore. They’ll put the pillow cases back on your pillows for you after you’ve washed them, because they know you need two hands to manage it and you only have one. They’ll offer to clean your bathroom and they’ll drive your stick shift for you AND, knowing that you’ve taken to eating Cup o’ Noodles Instant Lunch because *any* sort of food preparation is a bit of a trial, they ‘ll even cook for you!

If they really really love you, then maaybe, just maybe, they’ll do your pigtails for you, to spare you from another bad, one-hand-styled hair day.

I {{heart}} that boy.

Speaking of which, you wanna hear something crazy?!?!?

I mean, CA-RAZY crazy?!!?!?!

As of the 15th of this month, Adam and I have been dating for ONE. WHOLE. YEAR.

Last year, on tax day, Adam went on a semi-blind date with a girl his SISTER met on the internet.

365+ days later, we’re still the kind of couple I dreamt of being a part of, but didn’t really *truly* believe existed.

One Year Down…

…Hopefully a Lifetime to Go. :)

Happy Anniversary, Love.