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1,702 Spam Caught.

Monday, August 20th, 2007

Thanks for the tip on Akismet!!! So far, since I last posted, it has caught 1,702 SPAM BITCHES.

1,702 in a WEEK!
Good LORD.

{{eye roll}}


But at least now, I have Akismet to help me, so thanks :)

I’m sooo excited to be re-obsessed with knitting!!! I’ve been taking it with me *everywhere* — To see Beckham take on DC (yum!), to outdoor movies at the Strathmore, to coochie Dr. appts — EVERYWHERE! SO FUN! I even brought my knitting to the sa-lon!!! (What’s a head-bake without knitting?!?!?)

James at PR@Partners {{hearts}} me and totally fixed me up all purty!!! I love James.

(Today I’m using wordpress to upload my pics and I have no editing software on hand, so click on the teeeenytiiiiiiny thumbnails to see the full pics, ok? ROCK IT!)

Before. With Pigtails.
This is BEFORE.


Between the knitting and the hair, I feel so much better! So much more myself! It’s wierd, but also awesome! YAY!

I’ve definately made some progress on Coachella…I’ve gotten about 10 rows past where you join the back to the front. My row gauge is off, so I’mma have to re-figure where the waist shaping goes, but I think it’s coming out cute so far…

Coachella progress.
The color is off, and I’m a bit farther now, but this is the latest pic!

I’m excited!!! YAY KNITTING!!

So, that’s all from here. Not much more to report. I will leave you with this though…Reason 7,492 why he’s *definately* a keeper:

He can make a kid into a Superhero with just a bit of construction paper and tape.


Sunday, August 12th, 2007

Wanna know how I spent the last 7 hours of my day?

  • Discovered I had 10,000+ spam comments awaiting moderation. You know, since I’ve neglected this here blog for oh, say, MOST OF 2007!
  • Discovered that the server will time out trying to list 10,000+ unapproved comments. I panicked.
  • Deleted Blog. I was trying to revert to an old install. Somehow, I thought it was the only way. I told you, I panicked.
  • Realized there was, in fact, another way. Actually, it was kind of the only way to fix the comments. So, now, I had deleted 10,000+ comments from the database, but THERE WAS NO LONGER A BLOG.
  • Made coffee and toast and debated crying. I passed.
  • Managed a clean install 2+ hours later. I even managed a cute trick where I had copied the old database to a temp one, reinstalled WordPress, deleted all the info out of the new WordPress database and then copied the temp one to the new one and PRESTO! OLD BLOG ENTRIES/COMMENTS! I was proud. Except…new blog was still ugly.
  • Discovered my computer is a little bitch. Actually, I don’t think it’s HER fault, I think it’s Stuffit’s fault, but either way, I can’t use/reinstall Expander on my Mac.
  • Looked at WordPress Theme Code. Debated crying again. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE SHIT MEANS ANYMORE! (I’m an EX web designer, people. EX!)
  • Sucked it up and dug in. Hence, the cobbled together design you now see on vibeknits! I took the default theme, copied it and tweaked it. WOOT! It’s plain, but it’s cute and it will do. :)

So, now I no longer have to look at that ugly, plain, default blog theme that’s been here since May. YAY! Unfortunately, without Stuffit Expander, I can’t install Spam Karma 2 (recommended by the brilliant Casey on Ravelry)!! I will have to check this baby DAILY for comments or the ASSHATS OF SPAM will take over again and I will have to rinse and repeat the above list. Le Suck.

In other, more exciting news, it *appears* as though my knitting drought is OVER! (I had hardly knit more than a baby hat and some wristers in over a YEAR! I was starting to worry I’d *never* get back to it!)

Currently, (along with another baby hat and more wristers, I am knitting this…


…out of this:

Berroco Suede. Black-ish.

I’m pretty sure I owe my recovery all to Ravelry!! YAY Ravelry!!! (if you haven’t checked it out yet, please go NOW.)

I somehow even got Adam to let me teach him how to knit!! I have NO IDEA how this happened, but it was the Most. Fun. EVER!

Concentrating all hard…

I think he’s a natural.

I might have gotten a little excited.

I’m so PROUD!

Sadly, I don’t think it’s gonna stick. I asked him if he was gonna take it home and practice, and his response was something like, “Um…? No?”

He said he just wanted to understand the mechanics of it all. :(

So, I bound off his 4-row masterpiece for him (since there was no point in teaching him how), and VOILA! His very own FO memento! A Bookmark!

Of course, he *also* said I’d never get him hooked on LOST, which he now kinda is hooked on, so there’s hope…