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The Art of Knitting.

Friday, October 26th, 2007

I’m not about to start getting all philisophical about knitting as art, I just didn’t know how else to wrap up this post in one catchy title. :)

This week has been a very knitty week!! Wednesday night I trekked out to Knit Happens for the launch of Neighborhood Fiber Co’s new line of yarn, Watershed. It’s a Merino/SeaCell © blend in UBERTASTY colors and $1 of the proceeds goes to help clean up the Anacostia River!!! HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!?! Think globally, act locally, right?

Here is the fabulous Karida and the crack she brought to peddle:

And this is the hank of Logan Circle that made it home with me:


Maeve was there, with her TOTALLY ENVIABLE Tangled Yoke Cardigan!!!

Must. Knit. That. Sweater!

I was about to ask her where she got that gorgeous yarn from, when Holly told me that the newlywed dyed it herself!!! NICE JOB, girlie!!!

It was great to hang out with the girls at KH *AND* I got some quality time to plug away at my CPH!

The Back.

I’ve finished the left front and now I’m up to the armholes on the back! Progress! Maybe I’ll be finished by Christmas? :-D HEY! Maybe I’ll be finished by Thanksgiving!!!!!! hee! A girl can dream…

Meanwhile, at the vibepad, I’ve *finally* (a year after the move?) started doing some decorating!!! Here is the new addition to my living room:

my new painting.

a closer look.

I really like the painting, but I’m not in LOVE with the wall I put it on. I might re-hang it in the bedroom. IIII don’t know. We’ll see. But YAY! ART!

Have a good weekend, lovelies!

Here comes the Bride.

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

This is how it went, and I’m SO not kidding you…

“I now pronounce you Husband and Wife.

You may now kiss your Schmoo”

The moment I saw her, she totally took my breath away. She cried all the way down the aisle and she was absolutely one of the most beautiful brides I’ve ever seen.

Carrie down the aisle




Carrie and Jacob are now officially Mr. And Mrs. Pants!!!!

Adam and I had an *amazing* time in Georgia this weekend. I don’t even know where to start. It would have been special enough just to be at the wedding, but it was all the more special because of the time we got to spend with AM, Drew and Joanna.



Rarely do you see three siblings (and a sister-in-law) who have so much love and respect and affection for each other. It was so good to see them all together and to share that time with them :)

Speaking of siblings, I finally got to meet Cathy!!!!




We sat next to John during the Ceremony and as he extended his hand and introduced himself, I excitedly busted out with, “Oh!!! You’re JENNY’S Husband!!!”

With a slightly baffled look on his face, the poor man replied, “Oh. It’s been a while since we’ve met. Nice to see you!” (or soemthing like that) and I said, “No, we’ve never actually met, I’ve just seen you on the INTERNET!”

I don’t think I freaked him out TOO much. Especially since he came back with, “Yes, I am one of the High Energies!”


So, a few things that *might* have happened at said wedding:

  • Adam and I *may* have almost missed the ceremony entirely. If someone gives you directions to a place you have no idea how to get to, and then said person later leaves you a voicemail shortly before the event you are trying to get to, we have learned that it is in your best interest to CHECK THE MESSAGE.
  • I uh, *may* have gotten a bit drunky-drunk. This caused me to 1) yell across tables (“HIGH ENERGY JOHN, IS THAT *SUSHI*?!!?!?!?!?!”), 2) nearly assault the groom in an attempt to congratulate him and 3) tell the Bride repeatedly that their first dance was FAN-FUCKIN-TASTIC! (which is totally, totally was. DISCO-FABULOUS!) Whatever. It was open Bar. What else are weddings and open bars FOR?!!?!?
  • It is entirely possible that I experienced a wardrobe malfunction. Or two. I’m not sure. We’d have to consult the videotape. This photo, however, is a strong indication that it was entirely possible:


    Strapless dresses may be cute, but watch the F out!

  • I may have ditched the cocktail hour to seam my Ribbed Lace Bolero in the car.



  • Three martini glasses worth of Shrimp an’ Grits may have ended up in my tummy-tum. SOOOOOO GOOOD! Just sayin’

It was a great weekend :)

Here are more pics of the bolero:




The pattern is the Ribbed Lace Bolero by Kelly Maher. It was knit with two balls of Nashua Handknits Ivy, a wool/alpaca blend with a hint of silvery tinsel. It’s sooooo nice! The yarn has a beautifully soft hand and a subtle sparkle, perfect for warm holiday knits! It should have only taken me a few days (I started last Sunday), but I messed up the (STUPIDLY EASY) lace pattern a couple times and had to rip back. In the end though, with HEAPS of sheer determination, I finished (almost) in time to wear it to the wedding (see above seaming pic). The seaming is shit, but whatever. It’s DONE! :)

Oh, and who’s that in the pic with me up there?

Why, it’s PETEY!!!!


Adam insisted I put his pic up because he thought some of you guys might be missing crazy Petey a little :) (and as loveable as he is, he IS certifiable!!! The dog busted out one of AM’s second story windows while we were at the wedding, jumped off the roof and had a grand ol’ time wandering around the neighborhood. We think he was looking for his momma, who abandoned him to go to a stupid wedding.)

dang, is this post long enough? :-P

Catch y’all later :)

I’m IT!

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

Ms. Sarah, One-Stitch-Short Sarah TAGGED me!

Once tagged, you must link to the person who tagged you. Then post the rules before your list, and list 8 random things about yourself. At the end of the post, you must tag and link to 8 other people, visit their sites, and leave a comment letting them know they’ve been tagged.

Alright then, LET’S GO!:

  1. Joe Vs. The Volcano is one of my favorite movies. I actually think it’s a very deep movie that gets totally overlooked because on the surface it’s such a goofy, silly film.
  2. I was a very good flautist flutist (thanks, Laura! I had no idea!) as a pre-teen. I gave it up in high school for two reasons. 1. I wanted to make time to take art classes and 2. There was no way in hell I was joining the marching band.
  3. If my second boyfriend hadn’t boken up with me, I might be married to him right now, living a completely miserable and stifled existance. I’m so grateful he broke up with me and I’m so proud that I’m not that girl anymore.
  4. I CANNOT resist salt n’ vinegar potato chips. Give me chips of any other variety and I’ll eat a few and be happy. Give me Sn’V, and the bag is GONE.
  5. I think coming up with 8 random things to declare to the internet is a really hard thing to do. Hence the filler ;)
  6. I sometimes get into fist/paw fights with my cat. I usually win.
  7. I got slightly misty-eyed when I heard that Al Gore won a Nobel Peace Prize last week. It wasn’t because I was happy for him or proud of him, but because he could have been our president and we got got GW instead :(
  8. I have a lipgloss addiction. At any given time, I am probably carrying 4 or 5 tubes of the stuff with me.

Lesseeee…whooo to tag? How about Sarah, Chelsea, Paula, Mai, Carolyn, Holly, Stacey, and Angela :)

This weekend I won’t be going to Rhinebeck and part of me is super waaay sad about it. But the reason I’m not going is super special and I know I’m going to have an amazing weekend on so many different levels, so I guess in the end I don’t mind :) I promise to take tons of pics…

HAVE A SUPER FANTASTIC WEEKEND, whatever you end up doing :)

vibe and carrieoke
This lady is getting married on Saturday!!!!

He Seriously Rocks.

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

Back in June, I turned 31 years old.

My birthday was pretty low-key…just a few birthday dinners with different groups of friends and family.

The weekend before my brithday, Adam came to visit and celebrate with me. At the time, he presented me with a wrapped gift and called it my “proxy present”. He said there was something else he was working on, but that he wasn’t sure when he would be able to give it to me. In the meantime, he presented me with Season 1 of LOST. Because he rocks.

Three months passed.

Three months of, “When do I get my present!?!?!,” and, “What IIIIISSSS it?,” and, “You give it to me!”


Finally, he said it was ready. YAY PRESENT!!!

Coincidentally, this was *right* before Sept. 26. My birthday is June 26. I don’t normally keep track of these things, but a little bit of on-the-spot math and I realized, “Hey! That’s just in time for my 31 and 1/4 birthday!”

(yes, he realizes I’m wierd and loves me BECAUSE of it. LOL!)

So, I joked with him.

“Do I get a cake?”

“And a Balloon!!?”

“AND PARTY HATS!?!?!?!?!”

Well, in the end, the hats and the balloons fell by the wayside, but the cake?

There was definately cake. CUPCAKES!

Not only did he get me cupcakes from my favorite bakery, but he rode them home on his MOTORCYCLE and manged to keep them TOTALLY intact and unsmooshed!

I also arrived to a feast of Thai take out!! YUMM!!!

The highlight of my fake birthday party was this:

My long-awaited pressie!

What was it you ask?

What did my loving boyfriend spend months working on and pulling all-nighters for?


That, my friends, is my entire blog in book form.

Starting from it’s rebirth after a bad breakup, through 4 years of neice births and more breakups and new friends found and old friends getting married and having babies. 4 years of knitting failures and glories! 4 years of life and love and adventure! All the way though to my blog’s latest re-birth.

Dude, it’s pretty awesome.

It might even be the best present I’ve ever gotten.

From the best boyfriend I’ve ever known.

Who had the help of one of the coolest girls I’ve ever known. A girl, who, despite being mere months away from a wedding and buried under work and home renovations and a life of her own, took the time to help my technologically-challenged boyfriend create something incredibly sweet and thoughtful for my birthday :)

You guys are amazing :) Thank you!!!

It was definately worth waiting for.

ps – in knitting news, I’m up to the armhole of the left front of my CPH!!! Granted, that means I’m only about 10% done, but YAY! PROGRESS!!! WOOT!