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Yo voté!

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

I voted!

Did you?

If you live in MD, DC or VA, today is YOUR day to vote!

If you haven’t yet, the polls are open pretty late (8-ish? eta:8 in MD and DC, only 7 in VA. Thanks Cori!), so you can totally go after work/class…

If you need more info about where to vote, or you need to find out more about the candidates first, click here.

You might think it’s not important to vote in a primary election, but you’d be wrong. This is your chance to make sure the person that best represents YOU and your beliefs ends up on the ticket this coming November.

If you don’t vote, and the day comes to elect the next president and there isn’t anyone on that ballot you can get behind, you’ll only have yourself to blame. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO STAND UP AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD.

We’re at a crossroads and there is great potential for change. We have a chance to make America right again. VOTE. Not because you have to or even because you *should*. Vote because you care, because I know you do. :)