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Catching up with viiibegrrrl.

Friday, June 27th, 2008

See? What did I tell you? Three posts in one week and then?


I’m nothing if not predictable ;)

So, let’s catch up, yeah? First things first. Laura left the following comment:

so who won the jug shot contest anyway! :-P

Yeah, about that.

I’m disappointed in you guys!


You all are sitting here, rubberneckin’ for racks, and NONE of you ponied up your own.

NO ONE POSTED THEIR RACKS!!! (at least, not that I know of, because if you did, you didnt tell me about it)

No one, except one lone, brave lady.

I refuse to believe, however, that you are not up for the challenge!!! YOU CAN DO IT! So, I’mma try again. THE BOOBIE MEME! The details are here. You have until July 18th. Get to it!

So what’s new with me?


Nothing much.



I turned 32 yesterday!

It turned out to be a pretty nice day, including lots of birthday wishes, a cookie cake, chicken n’ waffles, good friends, and a rapper named Juicy J offering to fly me to Amsterdam. LOL! It was pretty funny, actually. He kept saying, “What would it take to get you to leave your boyfriend? I’ve got an Oscar [for best song], I’m filthy rich…” Juicy? Nothing could get me to leave my boyfriend. I’m keeping him, but thanks :)

One of the highlights of the day? Getting this in the mail from my Momma:

pressie for me
I’ll let you guess what it is :)

There HAS been knitting, but not a whole lot, and includes a sob story of sorts I will save for another day…

In the meantime, HAPPY WEEKEND! :)