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So. Do you want the GOOD news or the BAD news?

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

Bad news is always easier if it’s followed by GOOD news, so we’ll start there, yeah?

I’m unemployed.

After 7 years as vibegrrl on HOT 99.5, I have been let go. Ryan Seacrest’s new syndicated show is going to replace me.


It’s wierd. I don’t really know what to say about it.

Which brings us to the happy news, right?

It looks like I’m finally moving back to New York!

Over the next month I’m gonna go through all my stuff and pack it all up and by Sept, I should be up there, looking for my next gig. The best part about that, of course, is that after two+ years of keeping up a long distance relationship, Adam and I are finally going to get to live in the same city :)

No more being apart.

No more 4:40am Monday morning trains from NY to DC.

No more Long Distance.

Everything happens for a reason, right?

Now, you may be wondering why it’s gonna take me until September to get my stuff together. This would be the reason:

the boat.

I am going to be on this boat, cruising around the Greek Islands.

The timing ended up being a little wierd, considering the unemployment factor, but if you’re going to get canned and feel the need to reflect on the meaning of life, you might as well be doing it on a yacht.

I guess everything *does* happen for a reason.

Hey, maybe this will mean I end up blogging more! you know, since I have all this new free time an’ shit. HA!

Anyway, I’ll be back August 4th with tons of pics, a new zen attitude, and a word or two about boobies (I didn’t forget about the contest ;) )

‘Till then, ok?

Princess Vibegrrl and the PrettyPretty Bag.

Monday, July 14th, 2008

Once upon a time, there was a PrettyPretty Princess named Vibegrrl.

One sunny day in June, Princess Vibegrrl got the best present ever – a prettypretty bag named Malibu.

so pretty!

Vibegrrl loved her prettypretty Malibu more than anything. Sadly, two weeks after Vibegrrl and her bag were united, tragedy struck! The bag broke!!

my bag broke!
oh no!

Vibegrrl was so very brokenhearted. She and her lovely bag had just begun their journey! They’d barely had any time together! Sure, the bag was usuable, but still, Vibey was sad.

so sad
so sad!

As discouraged as she was, Vibegrrl knew that all hope was not lost! You see, Malibu was a magical bag!!! Malibu has a secret identity! On the outside, she looks like a regular hot bag! But really, she was designed to be a KNITTING BAG! Therefore, she is protected by the kindness of the knitters who made her!

Vibegrrl quickly crafted an email to the bag’s creators, telling them how much she loved her bag and how sad she was. Within HOURS, just as she had hoped she would, she got the following reply:

Hi Vibegrrl,

Thanks so much for your email. We’re so happy to hear you love your Namaste Bag, but are so bummed to hear it has broken!! That definitely shouldn’t happen…those darn rivets! When you have a chance, please send me your shipping address and I will email you an electronic return label. Once we receive your bag, we will repair or replace it if it is unable to be repaired. Again, I’m so sorry this has happened with your bag and thank you so much again for your super sweet email!

Namaste Inc.

Seriously, how many companies out there are like that?

YAY! :)