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Houston, we have employment!

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

Things are going well here in vibeland!

Firstly, (and obviously, from the title), I got a job! I should tell you — since the economy is shit and since I’m not willing to move away from my honey, I’ve been searching for jobs that are in no way related to radio. I DO have a part-time gig as a DJ on Long Island on 106.1 BLI, so if you’re ever online on a Sunday from 2-6/2-7 in the afternoon, or you live on Long Island, check me out :) However, full-time, I am now back to being a Web Designer. I’ve been hired as the web designer for Integrated Medical Professionals. I know, I know. Big transition. A 9-5er in an officey-type office with a dress code and cubicles and post-its and whatnot. It’s wierd. It’s going decently well though. My first job was to redesign their foundation website, which, frankly, needed some help. Here is the newly finished product:

I wish you could have seen what it looked like before. It would make the whole thing much more dramatic. :)

So YAY! Employment! Employment is good! Paychecks are GOOD!

The only problem with the new jobby job is that it’s on LONG ISLAND! Long Island is farrrrrr. The office is an hour away :( Mostly, this is not a problem, as it is a reverse commute. However, this commute involves the Cross-Bronx Expressway, which, if you live and drive in New York, you know translates into TRAFFIC HELL. Have you ever had a moment when you become acutely aware of yourself and what you look like at the time? I had one of those yesterday. I decided to take a picture.

I call this “Traffic Face”

My face had been permanently twisted up into that position for a good while before I noticed.

By the way, I dedicate that photo to Stacey, as a throwback to her appreciation of this photo. Also, I would like to point out that posting that picture is such a clear sign of how much I love you, since that photo of me is so. ugly. that I would HAVE to love you to share it with you.

Secondly, although it is the longestmoveeverinthehistoryofmoves, Adam and I are in the midst of moving into our new apartment! We’ve moved my stuff in and we’ve been cleaning and unpacking, but we all don’t MOVE IN move in until later this week. THEN, in about a week/week and a half, the cat moves in with us and then all hell breaks loose. :)

Thirdly, today was a beaaauuuutiful day! Sunny and 75! The perfect “top down” day. The New York Swartz Boys agree:

They wanted to “transform” the car.

OH OH! I almost FORGOT! I became a Quasi-Aunty! Adam’s (and Anne Marie’s) brother and sis-in-law (Drew and Joanna!) had a baby!!!!! :) Little Hayes!

Tell me he isn’t the cutest thing!*

I say Quasi-Aunty because I suppose I’m not really Hayes’ Aunt until Adam makes an honest woman out of me, but I still kinda think of myself that way anyway :) It’s not like these Swartz’s are getting rid of me anytime soon anyway… ;)

That’s all for now… Hopefully I’ll catch you sooner than later.

* pic stolen from Joanna’s Flickr.