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It only took me 7 years.

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

7 years ago, I was a single girl living in Maryland. I worked middays at HOT 99.5 in DC, I had a long-distance boyfriend who lived in New York, I was moonlighting at Knit Happens (R.I.P.) and I’d just come out of another (much shorter) knitting drought.

It was around this time, that I cast on for a little cabled sweater known as the Central Park Hoodie. Maybe you’ve heard of it? (Oh, you knitted one already? 7 years ago? You and *everyone* else. There are 5038 Central Park Hoodies in Ravelry.)

Central Park Hoodie was there with me later the next year when I got laid off and replaced by Ryan Seacrest. She went with me on a trip around the Greek Islands. She moved with me to NYC. And then, I can’t remember exactly when, she got thrown into a closet and forgotten. It was somewhere around the part where all the pieces had been knit, but they all needed to be blocked. After that, I needed to sew the shoulders together, knit the hood and button band, and sew the rest of the sweater together.

I’m pretty sure this is why she was shoved into a closet. While I consider myself a pretty good knitter, finishing has always scared me a little. I have attempted mattress stitch on a few occasions (baby sweaters) and while the results weren’t horrible, they weren’t great either. CPH has sewn shoulders. It has SET-IN SLEEVES. I think I abandoned her because I was terrified of her.

And yet, occasionally, I would be cleaning out the closet and come across my sweater and think, “Maybe I should finish this.”

Last September, it almost happened. I pulled her out, I sewed up the shoulders, and I knit the hood! It was happening! I even thought I *might* finish it in time to make it to Rhinebeck (my first wool festival since I moved to NY in 2008!)! However, when I didn’t finish in time for the festival, she went back into the closet to make time for Halloween sewing (a post for another day). My knitting renaissance faded as quickly as it had begun.

I have never given knitting proper credit for its therapeutic abilities, but the truth is, I need it in my life. Over the last spring and summer, I have really been feeling the stress of being a stay-at-home mom in a house with three kids. I’d been laid off from my DJ job and somehow, as often happens, I’d sorta lost touch with all the things I used to like to do for myself. So, struggling to find some sort of outlet that would allow me to find ME, I poked around in my bags of unfinished knits.

I pulled out my Central Park Hoodie.

I finished her.

7. Years. Later.

And you know what? It turns out finishing isn’t that scary. It’s actually kind of easy.

Who knew!?

yarn: 11? balls of Debbie Bliss Donegal Aran Tweed
needles: size 8 and 6 addi turbos

Hi. We’re the Vibefam!

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

My dead cat killed my blog.

No, seriously.

Apparently, I was so overcome by the loss of my cat, I completely abandoned this blog for nearly FIVE YEARS. 4.5 if you want to get technical.

Ok, so that’s not really what happened, but by the looks of this blog, it was totally the cat. I loved Hayley, but LORD what a depressing note to close on, no?!

So much has happened since I up and deserted this place!

First, this:

His name *was* Isabella until we figured out HE wasn’t a SHE (took about 4 days and the help of Google Images). Now his name is Béla Lugosi. No one actually calls him that though. He most commonly goes by Chumpy. He’s a Tonkinese, like Hayley, and is actually her Grand-Nephew!

Then, this happened:

Which led to this:

Which DIRECTLY led to this:

Ms. Zuzu Anne-Marie, named after the aunt without whom she never would have existed. After all, if there was no Anne-Marie, there would never have been an Adam & Lara. <3

What can I say? We move fast. Also, I think we were in denial.

It was our HONEYMOON!

What are the chances?!

(Pretty good, apparently.)

Anyway, fast-forward 2 and a half years:

And here we are. All caught up.





How have you been?

(I’ve missed you.)