Christmas Break

So, it’s been exactly two weeks.

I didn’t mean to abandon you. Really. I love you! I thought of you every day, I swear it.

Do you believe me?

Will you forgive me?

Did I mention I love you?

The holidays just got so crazy for me that I *never* seemed to have time to blog!!!! We have *so much* to catch up on!!!

How ’bout i hook you up with a picture show of my holiday fun?

As a new holiday tradition (in its second year), I host a holiday dinner for my two best college girlfriends and their boys and I MADE A TURKEY! It’s actually the third one I’ve made, but DAMN, it looks perty!

I GOT TO SEE OLD FRIENDS!!! I took a long overdue train ride into NYC to have dinner with two friends I *never* see.

This is totally my favorite picture.

Apparently, at 12:31am on Christmas Eve, in the City That Never Sleeps, THIS IS WHAT THE TREE IN ROCKAFELLAR CENTER LOOKS LIKE! wtf?

The caption for this picture is “DADDY ASSEMBLY REQUIRED” If you could have seen how much assembly he’d done in the days leading up to this, you’d SO feel his pain.

This is the hat I made my Momma for Christmas. (She would HATE that this picture is on the internet, so pleaaase don’t tell her :) ) I was supposed to give her a matching scarf for her birthday (the day AFTER xmas), but sadly, I actually wrapped up 5 inches of scarf and gave it to her on the needles

This one didn’t get finished on-time either. I knit this kitty toy AT my brother’s house for my sis-in-law’s cat the day AFTER Christmas. But hey, at least I *finished* it. Right?

This has to be my favorite part of the trip…TONS of baby niece bonding!!! She’s in a ‘cuddling’ phase which has to be the cutest. thing. ever.

I hope you had a very happy holiday (or non-holiday, as the case may be), and I hope that everyone in blog-land is healthy and well :)


Right now, as I’m writing this, I am flirting with a cute boy over email. Knowing my luck though, he probably totally can’t tell it’s flirting…Still, I’m staying up waaaayyy too late for someone that has to be up at 7am, waiting to read into every word ;)


…you still love me, right? :) :)

16 Responses to “Christmas Break”

  1. Rossana Says:

    MWAH! Yep, we still love you…just a little. ;-p

  2. Christina Says:

    Glad you got to spend so much time with familly and friends over the holiday. I wish at least one of my nieces would get into a cuddly phase, they are running around to bother! :)

  3. Erika Says:

    *sniff* Yeah, I guess we do. :)

  4. Lolly Says:

    Great Christmas pics! Thanks for sharing :)

    Have a great New Years!

  5. Anne Marie Says:

    I can’t believe you wrapped something up ON THE NEEDLES! You are getting my daily “H” award (that’s not an actual award, I just made that up) because you are Hilarious and my new Hero! Ha!

  6. frecklegirl Says:

    Of course we still love you but we did miss you.

    Turkey looks fabulous! Happy Holidays!!

  7. Joanne Says:

    Your Christmas looks like it was awesome…and sans the disasterous airline debacles too…it’s great that you can drive to NYC, I should totally visit there now that I’m so close!

  8. Carrie Says:

    I was feeling rejected … I must say … but I’m so glad you’re back! Thanks again for the book and the totally adorable stitch markers (boy opened first and he didn’t pull them out with the book!!) :)

  9. Angela Says:

    Excellent pictures. And what the hell WAS up with the tree in Rockefeller Center?! Glad you’re back!

  10. mat Says:

    yay post!

  11. Stacey Says:

    Glad you’re back, I missed you! :p What the hell is up with the tree?! Why isn’t it lit up?! Whatever. Congrats on making a turkey.

  12. Silvia Says:

    Yeah! Looks like good times and yummy turkey (you’re my hero with the cooking thing…).

  13. Shaz Says:

    Don’t worry, I won’t tell mom you posted that pic of her! She wouldn’t like it! I love the cuddling phase too! How can you not!!!! Love, the other Auntie!!!

  14. Jennifer H. Says:

    Glad to see you back…the bj picture is pretty funny…Happy New Year to you!

  15. levi Says:

    is that … did you wrap bacon around the turkey …? kudos on cooking the turkey ^_^

    as for the kitty toys, do you never have problems with the kitty cat pulling stray yarn off of the toys and swallowing them? i’m waiting to get some wool yarn so i can felt the heck out of it and eliminate any possibility that that happens.

  16. Julia Says:

    Of course! That turkey looks amazing.