My Beaverslide is Mean to Me!

EEeeever since I saw Claudia’s perfectly grafted, perfectly speckled hood almost a year ago, I have wanted me my very own Rogue Cardie.

Back then, I even bought yarn and needles for it (after MUCH color/yarn deliberation/envy and muchmuchmuch swatching — every time I swatched, it came out different, even if it was the same needle size — I think I maybe made about 80 swatches?!!? Ok, not really, but STILL. ) At that time, despite the rought start, I thought I was all set. Of course, I was late on the Rogue gravy-train and by the time I had committed to actually casting on, it was Spring.

Too late.

But NOW, it’s January!!! And Snowy!!! Perfect time for Roguey goodness, no?

So, I pulled out the stuff…my pattern and my addi-turbos-bought-specifically-for-Rogue-based-on-my-80-swatches and my cotton-candy speckly pink yarn..and got ta swatchin’ one. last. time. just to make sure everything was on the level.

Then I measured.

4 st/in.



(it’s supposed to be 4.5)

(While we’re at it, it’s also supposed to be *6* rows/in, and I was only *ever* able to get 7. No matter what the needles size. 7.)

Here is my sad little swatch.


If we zoom out, you’ll see my pile of swatches from last year, laughing at New Swatch…

I think that’s all of them…minus the one Hayley stole for a cat toy and the one I turned into a wrist band (crafty, eh?)

So NOW, I have to haul my ass to my LYS to get size *6* addis (dangerous, considering my pledge not to buy any yarn till at least March!)

I’m so mad at my yarn!!! It even taunts me!!! The same *exact* yarn in the same *exact* color knitted up perfectly to gauge for Lorette*, WHY NOT ME!?!?!?


I guess this is punishment for even considering Rogue while GGSE™ lies one-armed and neckless. GGSE™, I haven’t forgotten you!!! I was just SWATCHING!!! It was just a SWATCH! I still love you!!!! Sorta.

As some consolation, my Momma’s Belated Birthday Scarf is COMPLETE! The first FO of 2005!!!

I wish it was a ball longer, but when ya run out of yarn, ya run out of yarn…

Here is a closeup.

I was a stinkin’ two rows from finishing it the other night at Meetup when they kicked us out!!! That’s ok though :) It’s FINISHED NOW!!! Ends woven in, blocked and EVERYTHING!!! WHEEEE! I hope Momma likes it. From what I hear, the hat I made that goes with it is still sitting in the box :-\

Both the hat and scarf are made from Debbie Bliss’ Alpaca Silk, using this pattern. Not the best choice for the pattern, as the alpaca silk is too soft and drapey to show the cables all that well, but I just really wanted my mom to have a pretty, soft hat/scarf set using a nice, posh yarn. It’s soooo soooooft :) The only thing I don’t like about the yarn is that it got all halo-y and fuzzy looking as I was knitting with it, making it look a little ratty (in my opinion). Oh well.

This weekend, besides buying new addis and swatching for a sweater that does not seem to be in my future, I’m hoping to make crazy progress on GGSE™, clean the half of the apt I *didn’t* clean last weekend, bust out with a “My So-Called Life” Marathon and enjoy the mad snow we’re about to get from the comforts of my warm couch.

I’ve also added a new victim to my drunk-dial-and-email-flirt list, so we’ll see how *that* affects my weekend plans as well ;)

PS — To my fellow DC wanna-be-Roguers (you know who you are!!), I say we commit and set a DATE! Feb 1, anyone?

* Lorette had gauge issues of her own, but she’s over it and actually KNITTING her Rogue and I’m jealous, so I still get to whine about mine :)

12 Responses to “My Beaverslide is Mean to Me!”

  1. Erika Says:

    Aaagh! I think I may have to knit Rogue vicariously through you. I know, I know, we said we would knit-along, but there is no way I will be able to fit into it in the near future.

  2. mat Says:

    YES! Angela Chase rules!

  3. Rossana Says:

    I really like the color of the yarn you are using for Rogue! And congrats on your first FO of 2005! Woo hoo!

  4. claudia Says:

    Get the smaller needles and start knitting the damn sleeve. Its just a big swatch.

  5. Stacey Says:

    What was Rayanne’s friend’s name that you never saw? Was it Tino? I always thought that was funny. Kind of like Stan on Will and Grace or Vera, Norms wife on Cheers. Shit. I need to stop watching so much tv.

  6. paula Says:

    ohhhh… you totally make me want to knit rogue! looks so fun!! (way better than ugly orange pullover…) hmmmmmmm….

  7. Silvia Says:

    Yeah! You’re gonna make a pretty little speckled pink rogue! So pretty–kind of like the frosting on a pop tart.

  8. Joanne Says:

    I know absolutely zero about knitting, so my opinion is based solely on aesthetics, and I think the scarf and the sweater are tres cool. I also really dig that hat you made with the cat ears! If I had one, I would wear it every day. Seriously. :)

  9. Vicki Says:

    Guage is so fickle. Rogue seems to be making a come-back this year. You must not have been the only one who got on board too late last year. Hope you can make it work out, I love that yarn!

  10. Norma Says:

    Don’t give up on Rogue. It is so worth it in the end!

  11. froggy Says:

    ah at the mere mention of rogue, i may just have to pull out the yarn and start swatching. i’ll try to get my swatched done before you finish it. i have the worst trouble getting gauge and heard this one is a doozy. but i’m sure it’ll be worth it!

  12. frecklegirl Says:

    I love that pink yarn too! So pretty! That is going to make a beautiful Rogue.

    Your mom’s scarf is gorgeous…