Math Whiz, Part II

In case you were wondering, I HAVE actually been knitting this week. I just haven’t been posting :(

What have I been knitting, you ask?

The Sleeve That Makes Me Wanna Toss Myself Off The Side Of A Firey Mountain.

Rogue is supposed to knit up at 4.5 stitches/in. and 6 rows/in.

Try and see if you can figure out what’s wrong with this situation:

98/6 = 16.3″

114/7.5 = 15.2″

At first I thought it was the YARN. It HAD to be, right? I thought that my Beaverslide Yarn just hated me AND my Rogue sleeve.

It couldn’t have been ME!! I CALCULATED!!!!

Naturally, of course, I realized that it WAS me and MY BAD MATH!

I mean, c’mon. It’s so painfully OBVIOUS that I was on crack when I came up with my pattern adjustments. :(

So, as a result, I’m thoroughly depressed. I feel like such a failed knitter. Did I mention that I had to rip back and reknit about 20 rows of my sleeve cap because I did my decreases all wonky? Yeah, rrrrrriiiiiiiped. REKNIT. Felt Proud! That is, until my stupid, hateful sleeve came up 1 inch short!

Oh, PLUS, SOMEHOW, my perfect stitch gauge changed on me from 4.5st/in. to 5st/in., making the damn thing half an inch NARROWER than it should be!!

Meanwhile, my GGSE™ is pilling and fuzzing like a MAD GIRL after only three wears and even NON-knitters can tell that the fit of it is kinda wierd. I almost don’t want to wear it out anymore out of fear that someone else is gonna tell me the shoulders make me look all linebacker/hunchback/muscleman-like.

:( Can you tell there is a knitty-pity party going on here?

Aaaannnyway. I have a few options, I guess…

  • Rip back 100+ rows back to the end of Chart D and reknit the stupid sleeve. I’m sure the yarn will LOVE that. I’m worried about this sweater pilling as it is.
  • Forget about the sleeve for now and start the body. It might seem less depressing if I ignore the fact that I’ve stupidly wasted several hours of my life and move on as though nothing happened.
  • Make another sleeve. That way, I’ll have one finished sleeve, move on to the body, and THEN, after the body, I’ll have the short-ass sleeve to rip back, which will be 1/4 done already, making me feel like I’m almost to the finish-line, thus offsetting the depression brought on by the ripping!
  • Ditch this stupid sweater altogether. I’m not going to finish before the winter ends ANYWAY.
  • Send the Beaverslide to Yarn Stash Hell and BUY NEW YARN THAT KNITS TO GAUGE! Start over.

In other news, I got *the sweetest* package from Rossana !!!

Her Copy of Vogue Knitting, three tins of tasty Adagio Teas, a Chococat Pen, and A SHEEPY TAPE MEASURE.

She sent all this to me for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON WHATSOEVER! Just to be nice :) And it IS!! SOOOO NICE!!!

I have coveted that sheepy tape measure for as long as I can remember. I waaaaaaaannnnted it. I loooooooooooooooooooooooove it. Sheeeeeep! And. AND! I’ve TOTALLY been looking for a Chococat pen EXACTLY LIKE THAT! I’m not even remotely kidding! Not to mention I LOVE tea!

Rossana, you really do rock. Thank you :) Shit, it’s cheering me up just THINKING about my lovely package!

Ok, time to head home. Have a great weekend! I’m going to go cry now.

Edited to add:Ok, I’m a DOLT. It wasn’t my math. I just got home and checked my notes. I didn’t calculate wrong, I jsut happened to leave off 10 f’in rows on a whim, apparently! 10 straight rows after the increases! 124/7.5 = 16.5″ = THE RIGHT LENGTH! There will still be ripping, and I’m still gonna cry about it, but at least it’s 55 rows and not 100.

8 Responses to “Math Whiz, Part II”

  1. Erika Says:

    No! Do not ditch the sweater altogether! I say do all the other parts, then come back to this sleeve. Second option – buy new yarn! :)

  2. Lolly Says:

    I love those little sheepy tape measures. I use mine all of the time. The other day on the Metro someone complimented it, and then three other girls said that they thought it was so cute too :)

    Don’t ditch Rogue! Go to another part and come back… it is too pretty to ditch all together. Maybe a seperation would help.

    Have a good weekend!

  3. Rossana Says:

    I echo the sentiments above. Have some “apart” time with the sleeve.

    Oh, and I decided one day I might knit through my gazillion current WIPs and get around to the Flower Basket Bag. So I thought you might like a brand spankin’ new copy of the VK for your very own! =)

    Have a fantastic weekend! (And go work on Rogue’s body for a bit!)

  4. paula Says:

    just start the second sleeve and come back- the cable part is much more fun anyhow! and the half inch less wide isn’t gonna matter at all.. it’s a big sweater anyhow.

    I think the tricky thing will be getting the two sleeves to match! scares me a lot!

  5. Vicki Says:

    Sorry things are so rough. I’m sure you’ll get it figured out eventually. Put the sleeve to the side if you have to, sometimes I break will give you a whole new perspective. You can do it!! :)

  6. Joanne Says:

    Do finish the sweater … it’s a gorgeous colour!

    Oh and last night I caught that episode of Sex and the City where Charlotte is trying to knit while Samantha and Richard are making out on his private jet, and Charlotte says, “You know, they say knitting is the new Yoga!” ehehe

  7. frecklegirl Says:

    Sleeves can be such a nightmare! I am knitting my sweater’s sleeve together that way they are the same… seems to be working well so far!

    What a sweet package of goodies! Looks like it came right when you needed it!

  8. Carrie Says:

    I love how Claudia’s like, GET BACK TO WORK! That’s awesome. She’s right, though – don’t give up! You can dooooo it!

    I love the sheepy tape measure! So freakin’ cute!