I have ISSUES.

Welcome to the land of the thoroughly contradictory and emotionaly retarded! I wouldn’t recommend STAYING, as it will surely lead to a proper mind-f#$k…

What IS a girl to do when three perfectly good boys are either in love or at least in substantial like with her and she can’t get herself to invest in ANY ONE OF THEM!?!? Granted, with one she shares much heartbreak, and another is known to break the hearts of many, but that still leaves ONE good one, no? And yet, she still doesn’t want him. er….wait! YES SHE DOES! no…actualy, scrap that, she DID, now she doesn’t. or…well…but he kinda looks cute in that blue shirt he was wearing…and he IS really nice and …


emotionally retarded.

Not to mention that whenever I listen to THIS, I start thinking fuzzy thoughts about the one I share heartbreak with and that the one that causes much heartbreak makes a good couch-and-blanket-snuggle buddy.

Three boys and no Valentine.


ps- I just re-read my LAST entry and realized all THREE of them are in it. {{{sigh}}} neverendingDRAMA!

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