Sympathetic Vibration

On November 7th, 1940, at approximately 11am, the first Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapsed after only being open for 4 months.

*Some* engineers attribute this disaster to Sympathetic Vibration.

What is Sympathetic Vibration? Well, basically, every object has a natural frequency of vibration. When a periodic force occurring at the same frequency comes into contact with that object, it can cause it to VIBRATE.

Supposedly, this is what happened to the bridge. (Check out that thing waving like a little school girl’s hair ribbon!!!)

On April 24th, 2005, at approximately 11pm, yours truly found herself barfing in a trash can in the hallway of Irving Plaza.

My theory on why?

Sympathetic Vibration.

The pumping bass at the Erasure show met the natural frequency of the sketchy Indian food I’d eaten earlier, causing it vibrate its way OUT of my stomach!!!

(dude! That’s two weekends in a ROW!!! AND I WASN’T EVEN DRINKING THIS TIME!!! I sooooo did NOT deserve to yarf!!!)

To make it worse, um… dude? I’m pretty sure there was a HOLE in the bottom of that trash can!!!

(to the janitorial staff of Irving Plaza, I’m *sooo* so VERY sorry, really…)

Aside from that :(, I had a FABULOUS TIME this weekend!!!! TONS of chatting it up with the fam, playing with the niece, hangin’ with Julie PLUS I got to go to NYC and see ERASURE!! WOOO!!!

Here, of course, is the requisite slide show:

We were totally BFF this weekend!! It was soooooooooo FUN! I can’t believe how much I love that kid, but I really, really, REALLY do!

Did I mention she’s brilliant?!?!! She’s not even TWO yet, and she knows the green crayon from the purple crayon AND she knows that W says “wuh” and R says “rrrr” AND AND when you ask how old she’s going to be, she TOTALLY says “TWO!” and tries to hold up two fingers!!!

This is a restaurant in what Julie and I call INDIALAND!!!!

INDIALAND is this ridiculous block of super cheap Indian restaurants on 5th Ave and 1st St.? in NYC. They all look like someone threw up christmas lights and garland all OVER the place (fitting, in retrospect). It’s AWESOME! AND! The owners stand on the sidewalk and yell out at you, trying to seduce you into coming to THEIR spot. It got kinda ugly at one point…

This is Julie. We’ve been friends since we were five. She always makes me take silly pictures where I do stupid things like pose with my food.



Here’s a zoom-in of Andy (the white, washed out, ghostly angel)…

…and one of Vince (check out that get-up)!

The show was sooooo FUN!!! The only thing that sucked about it (besides the puking) was that they DID NOT play my favorite song from their new album. :( This makes no sense to me, as they released it as a second single (in whatever land that actually PLAYS Erasure on the radio). OH! AND! This cute couple got ENGAGED during the show!!!! Awwwww. He asked her during a slow song and all their friends started squealing and congratulating them!! For like 20 minutes afterwards, they were in their own lovey-lovey world. She was TOTALLY crying. It was sweet.

The highlight HAD to be this though:

Looks like he’s naked right?!!?! Oooohhhh Noooo (and thank god)!!!!


OOH! AND I ALMOST FORGOT TO MENTION!!! BEFORE the show, Irving Plaza played THE NEVERENDING STORY on the stage screen!!! Of course, being the dork I am, I took a pic:


To close out the story, I give you Leroy:

Never know WHAT new friends you’re gonna find on the L-I-double-R!!

Now I’m home and veryvery sad…no more coloring or Blue’s Clues or sitting in the tunnel with Chicken Dance Elmo!!! No more Indialand (maybe that’s a good thing?) or Julie or Golden Manties!!! No more catching up with sisters and brothers and mommies. No more fun weekend on Long Island :(

Next time, I guess :)

I bet you’re wondering if I knit at all?! INDEED! But I’m sooo slow, the picture would put you to sleep. Soon though, I promise!!!!!! At the LEAST, I’ll find some yarn prOn to keep you comin’ back!!!

* Man + Panties = MANTIES!!!!!

coming next time : Pressies from my Secret Pal!! WOOT!

14 Responses to “Sympathetic Vibration”

  1. Stacey Says:

    Ooh…what did you get from your Secret Pal?! The suspense is killing me! ;)

    I almost laughed out loud here in the library when I saw the gold manties!

  2. Rossana Says:

    Even though you barfed (again), I’m still jealous of the fact you went to the Erasure concert! What a fun weekend in total! Yay! And your niece is soooooo cute! What’d she say about your new schnoz jewelry? =) Welcome home!

  3. Anne Marie Says:

    I’m with Rossana…sorry you barfed and all, but Erasure! KEWL! And I, too, love “Indialand”. I usualy end up going in the one where they have a guy playing the sitar in the front window. He’s in there like a weird display. Mmmm. Indian food.

    PS I am down with your sympathetic vibration theory. Iread this book ‘why building stand up’ and I got all freaked out about that stuff. It’s a wonder everything just doesn’t collapse!

  4. Lolly Says:

    What a great weekend… love the pics. Your niece is so pretty :) Must be in the genes!

    The show looks like it was great–sorry about the pukage… yeah, throwing up totally sucks, and that whole vibration thing is right on, I fear.

    Take care, Lara :)

  5. Vicki Says:

    You and your neice look so cute together! That sympathetic vibration thing is nutty, I vaguely remember learning about it in physics ages ago. What a crazy fun concert! :)

  6. joy Says:

    sorry to hear about the puking… but all in all it sounded and looked like a fabulous time! MANTIES! *snicker* (^_^)

  7. Carrie Says:

    Okay, your niece is so freakin’ adorable. And so is Julie. thanks for the Erasure pictures!

    Manties…hahahahahahahahahaha. oh my.

  8. Joanne Says:

    I can’t believe I missed a psychedelic Neverending Story! >:P

  9. mat Says:

    sympathetic vibration is quite possibly the neatest phenomenon in psychoacoustics…

  10. Silvia Says:

    Aw, I love Indialand! I used to live a few blocks away and ate there quite a bit (no puking though). I believe I sat in that very seat in that very restaurant…kismet.

    Erasure certainly brings back some memories from the 80s, glad they’re still alive. Were they reunited on VH1 Bands Reunited?

  11. Christina Says:

    Glad you had such a great weekend! I love the pictures of you and your niece. She’s adorable.

  12. frecklegirl Says:

    You have been putting so much in your posts that I don’t know where to start commenting! ;)

    Your niece is so ridiculously beautiful!! Those big brown eyes- awww…

    That indian place looks awesome.. indian food AND that decor? I gotta go!

  13. Lorette Says:

    I live near Tacoma. I may never drive across that bridge again after seeing the video. They called it “Galloping Gertie”, by the way.

  14. Jenny Says:

    What a great time!!! How fun. Your niece is super cute!