Things that piss me off to no end today.

  1. People who call me at 9am in the morning. – DUDE! YOU SO know I don’t go to sleep until at LEAST 3am! WTF?!
  2. Ankle biting kitties who think it’s playtime because you answered the phone and must therefore be UP now. – Face + pillow = asleep.
  3. Having to actually WORK. – what can I say, I’m lazy ;)
  4. Guys who went out with you once, who email you *every* night and YET, STILL haven’t asked you to hang out this weekend!! – (hello? It’s FRIDAY! If you call me TOMORROW, I’m sooo saying no!)
  5. OTHER guys who have to look all cute and be all friendly but REFUSE to go out with you for god knows WHAT reason! – My theory is that he’s gay. In this particular instance, with this particular guy, I see it as the only possible explanation. STILL. Could he please STOP being so cute then? It’s distracting.
  6. People who insist they have no other choice but to declaw the kitten they don’t even OWN yet even after you’ve explained their options and shown them THIS, all in the name of some cheap ass $500 couch from a discount furniture store. – I swear, if you look at those pics and STILL wanna do it, YOU HAVE NO SOUL.
  7. Wasting almost your entire workday arguing about cat declawing, therefore ensuring that you WILL be working extra hours this weekend. – grr. (and yet, I’m blogging at work. Time management was never my forté)


PS – Check on over and visit Angela at Fluid Pudding this weekend!!! She just gave birth to her new little baby daughter Harper Rose yesterday and is sure to post pics!!! YAAY! WELCOME TO THE WORLD, HARPER ROSE!!! edit: the pics are up!!! go see!!!

7 Responses to “Things that piss me off to no end today.”

  1. Vicki Says:

    OMG my childhood kitty was declawed and now I’m sickened by it. I always figured it just made stuf easier, but now I know why she always got upset when we touched her paws. Poor thing was scarred literally and emotionally. Thanks for the link, my eyes have been opened. Harper Rose is a cute name.

  2. Rossana Says:

    Both Pocky and Muffin have their claws. Alas, Pocky used his to catch a baby rabbit and has eaten everything but the head. Ugh. Trust me, it’s NOT a pretty sight.

  3. Sdrec Says:

    WOW I dont know who did not invited you to go out on friday , but this guy seems ” really interested” in you. I think the kitty part is really sad even worse than u not going out tonight… I would not go out for a month if I can save a cat from this F&^%$#in TORTURE and ouuu how do like Chemical’s ” Push the Button ” I loved “Galvanize” but I dont have “Push the button ”
    Hope u go out after all ….

  4. melanie Says:

    You must be magic. Claudia was just telling me to check out your blog (when I finally met her last night at Harlotapolooza) and here you are commenting on my blog!

    Can I just say, I’m very jealous you got to see Erasure – it looked like a great show. It makes me happy that he’s still dancing around naked. When I saw them in oh, let’s say 1990, they were wearing tutus!

    Hey – it’s Saturday! You can be happy now!

  5. Silvia Says:

    Maybe you can declaw the guy who looks good but won’t step up to the Vibegrl plate…leave the kitties alone.

  6. Jennifer H. Says:

    OMG – those declawing pics…made me cry. How sad!

  7. Shaz Says:

    Tell that guy he should have himself declawed before declawing a cat! That is really mean to do that to a cat especially for a couch. :( Meow Ouch.
    Your sis.