T-MINUS 2!!!!

MDS$W is soooooo close now, I can almost *taste* it!!!

I have been frantically knitting all week on my secret project in hopes that it will be done in time AND…

It sooooo will be!!! YAY!!!!

All I have left to do is weave in the ends and attach a button!!!

Can you guess what it is?!?!

Glampyre’s MiniSweater!!!
(without the pointy things.)

I’m making it in Blue Sky Dyed Cotton with size 9 Addis that I bought from Woolwinders!!!

The pattern called for 400 yards of worsted weight, but I used waaay less than 2 hanks (at 150yds/hank) and it’s a SUPER speedy knit!!!

The M1s on the sleeves are a little sloppy as are a couple of the k2togs :( AND the the armbands are a little tigher than I’d like (I did extra decreases I probably shouldn’t have done…) BUT HEY, I was pressed for time AND all-in-all, I think it’s gonna be super cute :)

Now all I have to do (besides the weaving and the button and the BLOCKING, of course) is find a cute tank top to wear UNDER it — I’m not not trying to be scandalous AT S$W (afterwards is a WHOLE different story!!)!!

I’ve also purchased these:

For my VIBEKNITS tote!!! WOO!

I’m hoping to make an iron transfer of my blog button so I can put it on the tote!!! THAT WAY, it’ll be easypeasy to spot me at the festival AND I’ll have a handy bag to carry all my purchases and knitting!!

WHEEEEE!!!! 2 DAYS!!!!!

(Some people are already gettin’ their party on!!)


Maybe even MORE excited than this chick!! (maybe not though, do you SEE how excited she is?!?!?!)

I may or may not post before the weekend, but if I don’t, be sure to check back next week for a full report!!!!


15 Responses to “T-MINUS 2!!!!”

  1. frecklegirl Says:

    That is going to be adorable! Please post a pic with you wearing it.

    That bag transfer idea is AWESOME. I am SO going to do that with mine for the next bloggy gathering! I love it!

    You are going to have the best time!!!

  2. claudia Says:

    Hey babe, are you excited? Gosh, I could not tell from reading this post.


  3. Jill Says:

    I am so jealous about MSW!!! Post lots and lots about it when you get back so I can live vicariously. While it is only 200+ miles away – as a recent knitting addict I just heard about this a week ago so I am too unprepared to go last minute :( Wuss = Me! P.S. Very cute little sweater – and yes, U R right – the end of Savol restored order in the world :) I have snapped back to reality.

  4. Rossana Says:

    Cute Glam Mini Sweater! And you are so crafty to create your own tote! OK, back to my knitting. =)

  5. sarah b. Says:

    I’m getting SO excited, too! I am also frantically knitting on something in hopes it will be finished, but if not, I might just be wearing a mini-sweater of my own. Yay! I hope to see you! I should be with Carrie and that crew.

  6. silvia Says:

    Hokayyyy…that bag idea is great! I also read on Melissa Action Hero’s blog (http://www.action-hero.net/blog/knitblog.html) that there’s a thread on Craftster about fabric that you can send through your printer and then there’s iron on vinyl to make like cosmetic bags. If you get an image you like you may want a Vibegrrl cosmetic bag, no?!

  7. Vicki Says:

    It looks great! I just want to know, who wouldn’t recognize you? Have fun!!! :)

  8. Sarah Says:


    Sorry, I need to remember to breathe sometimes…


  9. Jenny Says:

    I knew you could get it done!!!!!! yayayayay!

  10. Lolly Says:

    I hope to see you there, Lara… but if I miss you, we need to meet up soon!

    Take care :)

  11. Jenna Says:

    I was also worried about the armhole size of my boobholder but a good steam blocking made it the perfect size. I’m excited to meet you tomorrow!

  12. tina Says:

    We both had purple minisweaters as secret projects! Yours came out so nice! My armholes are soo tight…actually my entire minisweater is really tight in general, but I’m hoping blocking will help. Thanks for leaving me a comment! and have fun at Sheep n Wool!!

  13. isel Says:

    I saw you there! I’d been to your blog a while ago and when I saw you there I thought it was you from the pictures. And it was you! Your tote and minisweater looked great.

  14. Holli Says:

    I think I saw you at MS&W! I remember spotting someone with a purple minisweater, and thinking it must be the Glampyre pattern.

    If you saw someone wearing this shawl, that was me.

  15. Kelly Sue Says:

    I would love to see a pic of the finished sweater if you’ve got one.

    I saw the bag (and the sweater sleeve, I think) in someone’s pictures from MS&W — that turned out beautifully. What a fabulous idea!