Dranks… $1.50*

I’m still TOTALLY trippin’ over how FUN this weekend was!!!

However, since it is 12:55am Monday morning and I have had ALL OF 7 HOURS SLEEP since Friday at 11am, I’mma just sum up what it was aaaalll about:

The 1.7th Generation Posse

New friends…


Baby Sheep… (16 days old!)

Heaven in a Hank…





I met soo many cool bloggers (Silvia! Claudia! Cara! Jenna! Cheryl! Norma! Nathania! Theresa! Heather! and more!!), saw sooo much cool yarn (CORMO! Brooks Farm! Tess’ Designer Yarn!), did so much girlie bonding with new friends (Carrie! Anne Marie! Jenny! Sarah Bible!) & old friends (Sarah!), and had SO MUCH DAMN FUN that my senses are completely overloaded!!!

There were one or two bloggers I saw (Carolyn!) who I really wanted to say hi to, and actually SAW at the festival, but sheepishly (heh) never managed to speak to :( , and one I never managed to spot (Lolly!), but my biggest sadness (besides the fact that it’s all OVER and that Carrie and Jenny and AM couldn’t stay forever and ever and EVER…) is that Frecklegirl Jess wasn’t able to come. She was totally there in spirit though…

Jenny made her!! ISN’T SHE THE CUTEST EVER???!!

I may be tired as shit, and my wallet may be a student loan payment lighter, but this weekend? BEST. EVER.

I couldn’t have had a better knit-partner-in-crime…

Me and Chelsea :)

Being that I have a sleep deprivation situation going on, I need to maybe get some sleep. I have a F@#KLOAD of pics though AND a S$W blog contest in the works, so I’ll be back with CRAZY AMOUNTS OF MDS$W FUN!! In the meantime, I leave you with this:

* go here.

22 Responses to “Dranks… $1.50*”

  1. Jenny Says:

    OH! We love ya and miss you already too! What fun pics. Good times. ;-)

  2. Lauren Says:

    Looks like so much fun! Great pictures.

  3. Rossana Says:

    I totally agree–can we keep them all? Such really great gals! Glad we ran into you you! And I so want to see all that you brought home with you!

  4. Shaz Says:

    Looks like you had a ball of fun. Good to hear.

  5. Jill Says:

    Okay – being the animal lover I am (the only thing that rivals my love of knitting), I think I would have most definitely come home wanting a baby sheep. Pic = tooooo cute!

  6. chelsea Says:

    AWWW! Right backatcha! When can we *reasonably* start the Rhinebeck count down, do you think? June? July? :D

  7. Anne Marie Says:

    Oh my god! I had SO much fun meeting you this weekend. I can’t even tell you. I will say that I will never drink a carafe of a drink named “blue” again :) And my ass misses Sky’s heated seats. Woman, you are a gem! GIDDY UP!

  8. frecklegirl Says:

    Oh my gosh! It looks awesome! Everyone was there! And the cute little sheeps! ee!

    You guys are all the greatest… making me feel included in all the fun!

    It turns out that I had to stay behind because it was my surprise bridal shower on Saturday! (one of the only reasons that I would be satisfied missing out on meeting all of you, etc) It was so wonderful and I will be posting about it soon, of course, as soon as I get my bearings!

    We are totally destined to hang out- it will happen!! Rinebeck!!

  9. claudia Says:

    I’m thinking that you might have trouble finding Korean kareoke at Rhinebeck.


    Nice to meetcha!

  10. Holly Says:

    I.Am.So.Jealous!! I definitely had fun on my own there, but I would have so had a blast with you (b/c you know I adore you and Chelsea!) – and you got to meet some of my favorite bloggers… I’ll get over it, really I will… I’ll just have to look at my purchases to ease the pain. ;)

  11. Vicki Says:

    Ah, I’d love to hang out with you and those girls! Looks like so much fun. Can’t wait to get the details on all your purchases. Everytime I see what people bought, I just wanna ask how much it cost lol. Ooh, contest :)

  12. Lolly Says:

    Damn girl, you painted the town RED! :) Sorry I missed you at the festival–the good thing is we live near each other, so we need to plan a meetup soon, k? Oh yeah, the Decemberists show rocked–you totally need to check them out :)

  13. Carrie Says:

    so. much. fun. lemon soju = sad time headache situation on Sunday.

    I can’t wait to hang out again! You. are. FABULOUS!

  14. sarah b. Says:

    Ummm…Not sure how I feel about the karoke shot that shows me particpating in Karoke Aerobics. :-) I miss you already. I wish I coulda packed you guys in my suitcase and brought you back to Texas with me! But, alas, I will just have to look forward to next year. We have set quite a precedent, though! Okay, I just got off the plane and must go post. :-)

  15. Kate Says:

    So sad I missed you all. We were supposed to meet Anne Marie and Carrie at their hotel then go out but got super duper lost :-( Next year I’ll be a pro at manuvering around MD!!

  16. Cara Says:

    Hanging with you was definitely a highlight of my trip – it was a blast! Thanks for the Brooks Farm shopping help! And the All-American Lamb sticker – my nephew was mighty jealous of that one.

  17. Sarah Says:

    I say the countdown for Rhinebeck begins now! Seriously, I need something to cheer me up – today has been very depressing after the fabulousness that was this weekend.
    Why can’t we have Sheep & Wool every weekend? WHY?

    like milk but strong…

  18. froggy Says:

    what a blast!

  19. ** frecklegirl ** Says:

    Mini Me!
    I was so sad that I couldn’t go to MS&W but guess what?! I was there! Jenny made a little frecklegirl doll and she got to participate in all the fun- HOW SWEET IS THAT?! I have the best…

  20. Norma Says:

    Had a wonderful time with you and Chelsea in the commemoratives line. It sounds like the afterparty was pretty durn good, too.

  21. Carrie Says:

    Food. Baby.

  22. greta Says:

    It was great to meet you on the hill where the Harlot was signing books even though you had no idea who I was (teehee)
    Wasn’t it FUN?
    Hope to see you at Rhinebeck as well….