MDS$W ’05 – The Definitive Report.

I, before this past weekend, had never been to a Sheep & Wool Festival of any kind. My high school reunion was the same weekend as MDS$W last year, and I planned veryveryvery poorly for Rhinebeck, soooo THIS was my first time.

This weekend, I popped my S&W cherry folks, and let me tell you…I NEEDED A CIGARETTE AFTERWARDS, it was that good!

In all seriousness, it was so amazingly great, it blew my mind. And not just because there was all this fabulous yarn (there was)…not because the sheep/alpacas/llamas were just *that* cute (they were)…but because of all of the amazing people I got to meet, some of whom I felt instantly connected to and hope I know for a lifetime (awww).

Now, all that mushy shit is fine and good, but Rossana demanded to see the GOODS, and what Rossana wants, Rossana GETS:

(WARNING: YARN PR0N AHEAD!! If you’re more into the party than the stash, OR you have a weak heart, skip to the bottom.)

What did Vibegrrl bring home in the VibeTote?

First up (after the T-shirt booth), was the American Cormo Association.

I did not understand the wonder that is Cormo until Claudia and crew showed me the light!! I took home 1400yds of thesoftestandyummiestever angora/cormo blend (destined to become a white Charlotte’s Web, I think) and 4 balls of cormo fluff for thrummed mittens. I thought I was buying just enough fluff for ONE PAIR, but according to Stephanie, I can outfit a whole FAMILY with that s@#T (my words, not hers).

After Cormo, I hit The Fold, where I picked up 2 hanks of Soft Rock socks and a Mountain Colors sock pattern.

Blue Moon Fiber Arts makes this yarn and it is handpainted, SUPERWASH merino!! I think the colorway might be Jewel of the Nile… There is, however, something very unmentionable about my aquisition of this yarn. We will not speak of it. Moving on…

One of my goals for the day was to pick up LOTS of fluff for thrumming. I’d already bought the Cormo, but then I found THIS:


This is 4.5 oz of wool roving that’s is just PERRRFECT for thrumming!!! Each ball is .5 oz and with 9 of them in rainbow colors, the thrummy combinations seem ENDLESS! RAINBOW THRUMS!

This is when it got surrrious, y’all, because this is when I hit Brooks Farm for a second look. I’d resisted the first time, but this round?

Not So Much…

I bought one hank of Duet (55% kid mohair / 45% fine wool ) and 3 hanks of Fourplay in a brick-ish color (50/50 Blend of Fine Wool and Silk ). The Duet is going to be a Clap-o-TEE and the Fourplay will likely be a wrap-around MiniSweater with long sleeves!!! (look and me all planning n’ stuff!)

Chelsea Made Me.

Um, so liiiiiiike…I’m really NOT sure how anyone walks into Tess’ Designer Yarn and DOESN’T walk out with something. What I *am* sure of though, is that the fine vendors at Tess’ DON’T appreciate being referred to as ‘Crack Dealers’. Luckily for me, I escaped having *only* bought these three little balls of Angora Merino (98 yards each!!) As an extra bonus, they threw in a free Bias Scarf pattern! yay! :)

Can’t you just *feel* the softness!?!?!?!

If those little teaser balls hadn’t existed, I wouldn’t have been in sooo much trouble!!! {{phew!}}

Next, in search of Koigu that was never found (they got CLEANED. OUT!), I stumbled on Peace Fleece!!

Hand Painted Needles!!! And the cute Sheepy!!

I’d been coveting those needles ever since I first saw them on the Peace Fleece website. So. Pretty! Must. Have! :)

My last BUT NOT LEAST Sheep and Wool Purchase was this:

REGIA MINI RINGEL @ 50% off!!!!!!

I have been WANTING ME SOME MINI RINGEL ever since I first saw some mini ringel socks on Michelle’s blog a while back… I just never bit the bullet and bought any over the internet. BUT THEN! THEN! DESTINY! Thanks to Sarah’s eagle eye, I scored all that for $14!!!! WOOO!!!

Just LOOK at that colorway!!

Not pictured above was this *really* cool typewriter key RING I bought, my S$W festival HOODIE that Silvia tried to trade me for, LAVENDAR Eucalan, and the Fiber Trends Felted Clog pattern that I totally keep meaning to buy…

So there you go!!! A WHOLE LOTTA SHOPPIN’, YO!

But like I said, while the shopping and the sheep were fun, it was all about the LOVE!!! I’ve put nearly ALL my pics in a fun-filled foto gallery for you BUT, before you go and check it all out, here are some snippets ‘overheard’ at and around The Festival:

“…put [your cellphone] on vibrate and put it in your pocket… I’ll CALL you…”

“I do not TALK people into Spinning…”

“I will puke in my PURSE before I’ll puke in your car!”

“…we had a bathroom SITUATION…”

“It is so much beautiful!! I LOVE!”


“…I brought some Oreos. I was hoping he could deep-fry them for me!!”

“…we were the crazy white couple…”

Ok, without further ado…I give you


S$W bloggy contest coming soon!!!

26 Responses to “MDS$W ’05 – The Definitive Report.”

  1. Jenny Says:

    LOVED the gallery of pictures! I was giggling all over again just looking at them! It is so much beautiful!

  2. molly Says:

    Wow, what a great haul. I really want to try thrumming–I’m jealous of all those colors you found. Looks like an amazing weekend!

  3. Lolly Says:

    Holey moley–what a stash! I really like that sock yarn from The Fold–so pretty!

  4. Vicki Says:

    Yum! A white charlotte sound really pretty, definitely different :) Yeah, you’re gonna have a ton of thrummed mittens. lol I SOOO wanna look at the album, but I have to get ready. I’ll be back!!!

  5. Jill Says:

    LOL – I am so beyond jealous! Your yarn is amazing!! I am going next year if I have to leave now and crawl (haha). But seriously, already marked it on the calendar!

  6. Jill Says:

    PS – What color is the Duet by Brooks Farm??????

  7. claudia Says:

    Great pix. I’m almost afraid to say this, but with all that roving I think you need to learn how to spin.


  8. Sarah Says:

    Yaay! I love to see the many pictures! Happiness.

  9. Rossana Says:

    Oh GOD, I’m so weak in the knees! Sigh. Satiated, completely satiated, by your little expose, thrums and 4-play even! I feel like I’m in an old François Truffaut movie, but in PINK and white, rather than B&W.

    I’m totally sad I didn’t get any Cormo, but next year I WILL! Oh yes I will!

    BTW, where’d you find the rainbow multipack of thrum goodness? I’m so thrumming along with ya this year!

    Thanks for fulfilling my peeping-into-your-MSW-stash desires. Sigh…

    Hey, the natives (locals) are gettin’ restless for a meet-up! =)

  10. Carrie Says:

    those pictures are so great, and your yarn haul is OUTSTANDING.

    (Um, can we talk about how you need to have an editing process? even if it’s just for pictures of me…)

  11. Diana Says:

    Hey, I have those same sock yarns! The green pair is done, and the brown ones are in progress. Check it out!

  12. Sue Says:

    Hey Lara. Where can I find a pattern for Zira?

  13. frecklegirl Says:

    So jealous!!!

    I have been looking out for that green regia stripe yarn for AGES!

    all the pretty yarn… sigh. :)

  14. frecklegirl Says:

    oh! and your tote looks AWESOME! How did you get it done?

  15. mat Says:

    yay gallery!

    dude, you had way too much fun!

  16. heather Says:

    Celtic knot was closed? Day-um…that is a great store…you’ll have to meetup with us MD knitters and pop in sometime! You’re close! :)

    LOVE the pics! I took a few for my photo album…:)

  17. Cara Says:

    Man, am I missing you!
    Great haul girlie – thought you were on a yarn diet or some such nonsense?

    ‘Till Rhinebeck! love love love!

  18. Silvia Says:

    Wow, your gallery is the BEST! I adore those Koreatown karieoke shots, blackmail material there chica.

  19. frecklegirl Says:

    Oh lordy! I just had a chance to look through the gallery (yes, I know I already commented once… I am THAT much of a loser.)

    BUT! I had to say that I thought I was the only one who knew the llama song! I sing that every time I see one! I love the llama goes to the dentist scene!!

    Also, Casey and I were laughing like crazy throughout the whole gallery- the karaoke pics are the best! and you went to a yarn store after all that?! hahahaha :)

  20. maia Says:

    I’m so very sorry about all the drool over your new stash. I am not woman enough to control myself apparently. :)

  21. Stacey Says:

    I’m so overwhelmed by all the pictures of yarn and hotties.

    And hey!!! Thats my sock yarn!!! Its so purty.

  22. Carol Says:

    Lara–enjoyed reading your entry on MD S&W–I stood in front of you and your friend in the orange sweater who works for Whole Food when we were getting the edible lamb–what is your friend’s name–I wanted to write her to say how much I enjoyed talking with her –love looking through your blog–your enthusiasum for the yarns is faboo–we all got good hauls–now the time to knit it up. Regards, Carol

  23. melanie Says:

    Dear me, I have *so* been missing all the fun over here! What an outstanding photo collection, thanks for allowing those of us who missed the festivities to live vicariously. Wouldn’t it have been great to have little video streams of the karaoke party?

    And The Haul, OMG, The HAUL! I am totally inspired to make thrummed mittens now, I am so picking up some fiber in NH this weekend for that. Thanks for the enabling inspiration!

  24. Sarah Says:

    Love the pictures, looks like you had lots of fun….

    I think I drooled on my keyboard a little bit while looking at your amazing yarn haul.

  25. lynette Says:

    i loved your photos! they looked like so much fun. i can only imagine how much more fun you had in person.

  26. MJ Says:

    Oh god, those are great pictures. Why oh why do I live in California and not back East? You guys look like you had a blast. Great yarn and fiber stash!