Sophie’s Choice

Tomorrow, I will be faced with a very difficult decision.

It almost breaks my heart, it’s that hard!!!

What’s wierd is that I didn’t even REALIZE the conflict until just *yesterday*!!!

Tomorrow, I have to decide whether to go to my monthly knitty meetup at Mayorga OR THE DC PREMIERE OF STAR WARS EPISODE III!!!!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not crazy! I’m a knitter and all and I love my knitty friends and look forward to Meetup EVERY. MONTH!


Sorry girls, I’m totally gonna have to ditch you for the movie…

However, athough I am forsaking my knit brethren, it does not mean my little heart isn’t shedding a tiny tear in their honor… I’m very sad that I have to make such a choice, but make it, I must.

I do have mixed feelings about going to the premiere though. Three years ago on a Wednesday in May, I went to the DC premiere of Episode II and somewhat coincidentally, that day went down as the happiest day of my life so far. Like, seriously THE happiest day of my life. It was the day that my dream to be a full-time radio DJ came true.

People told me I should give up on it and find a sensible career and I didn’t listen, instead making some personal, professional and financial choices that were questionable to some. But THAT DAY, that day, it all came together in a fairy tale ending :) To make it all so much better, I had passes to see a movie I was really excited about and I was blessed with the company of the boy who encouraged me to ask for the job in the first place! I had a MAD crush on him and we’d just started dating :)

It was so perfect of a day that I remember lying in bed that night by myself, laughing at nothing. Just laughing. Happiness will do that to you.

Three years later, well…the job is fun and great, but not the Fairy Tale I thought it would be (I guess it never is) and the boy left a long time ago, leaving much drama and sadness in his wake (and happy memories too, but still…). I haven’t had a day like that since, and I don’t know I ever will. We’ll see, I guess.

ANYWAY, the point is, going to THIS movie premiere is reminding me of when I went to the LAST one and I guess I’m getting a tad remnicent and sad :(


I promised a bloggy contest, however, and bloggy contest I will deliver!!!

You ready?


The Contest is…


It occurred to me, after getting my nose pierced, that so many knit bloggers have nostril piercings!!! This is soo totoally fascinating to me!! (I’m not sure why, I msut have issues) SO, when I was at S$W, I made a bunch of them pose for pictures!!!

Here’s how it works:

  1. I’m going to post a pic of three noses from MDS$W (see below)
  2. YOU send me an email with your guesses!! (Do not leave your guess in the comments — it won’t count.)
  3. The FIRST person to match all of the noses correctly to the knitbloggers they belong to will win a prize!!!! (knitbloggers whose noses are pictured below are not eligible to win. heh.)

I think there will be a second place prize given to an entrant chosen at random from all of the other correct guesses!!! I have to FIND a prize for that, but it’ll make it more fun that way!!!

You have until Sunday night (5.22.05) at 11:59pm to enter :)

Now, without further ado, here are the noses:

To make it a TINY bit easier, I’m making it multiple choice!!! Each of those three noses belong to one of these FIVE knitbloggin’ MDS$W attendees:

  1. Jenna
  2. Carrie
  3. ME!
  4. Heather
  5. Anne Marie


Good luck, and may the force be with you ;)

17 Responses to “Sophie’s Choice”

  1. frecklegirl Says:

    I sent a guess but I bet I am wrong… Here’s hoping!

    When I start to feel a little blue and nostalgic, I make a list of the good things. That usually makes me feel better.

    Like: You got to meet all those cool bloggers at MS&W!

  2. frecklegirl Says:

    oh- and that movie just KILLS me. SOOO SAD!

  3. Jenna Says:

    Aw, the part about the movie day was so poignant. I really hope that the star wars premiere day is as great this time around. Let’s hope that I get my dream job on that day, too!

  4. Lolly Says:

    I hope this premiere is good too–you never know what is around the corner :) Wow, I just saw another trailer for Episode 3, and I am getting pretty giddy about it… *nerd*

  5. Rossana Says:

    Perhaps you could have your knitgroup meet AT the movie? =)

  6. Sdrec Says:

    Well I hope something really nice happens to you at the premier … new BF … new friend whatever :) and new force for being such a great DJ and person … and blogger :]

  7. Carrie Says:

    Oh, schmoo. I hope something wonderfully fantastically awesome comes with this premiere. You deserve all the happiness in the world!

    And also, come visit!

  8. Vicki Says:

    I woulda gone with the knitting, but I have no plans to ever see Star Wars (any of them really). In 6th grade they were coming out with Ep. 1 I guess and they sent our school the original and some Doritos (and some ideas on how to “teach” from the movie, what crap!). So we watched it. I remember trying to get one of my friends to hold hands with her bf. And wishing the guy I was obsessed with would dump his gf for me haha. Anyway, not so interested in it. Enjoy though! :)

  9. Cara Says:

    This movie is freaking BIG! I’ve got my 4yr old nephew going around saying, Luke, I am your father, come to the dark side (he’s never seen the movie but is appropriately obsessed with Darth (he calls him Dark) Vader).

    It’s so CRAZY that Georgie and I are seriously considering going to a MOVIE THEATER to see it. We haven’t been to see a movie, in a theater in about four or five years.

    Have a blast!!!! The force IS with you!

  10. Jenny Says:

    You will have to give a report on the SW movie. Dare I say, I hated I and II, so sad because I thought they had potential. But even I am psyched by the previews for the 3rd. ;-) Can’t wait to hear what you think!

  11. chelsea Says:

    I see. Well… have a good time, I guess… No, really. We’ll be fine.

    (And keep an eye out for hotties while you’re there… In case you have good movie karma again this year.)

  12. Jill Says:

    In this case, I’d have picked Star Wars too. Sadly I won’t see it tomorrow – but I will get there! I need to rewatch I & II. Give us a report after you see it :) As for the Meetup – I keep getting emails for one in my area and I never seem to make it. I really need to do so. I have no knitting friends and I must find someone to share my insanity :)

    P.S. – A litte wallowing in nostalgia never hurts :)

  13. Anne Marie Says:

    I think the last Stars Wars movie day was just the best day of your life up until that point. The are more to come, I just know it…I mean did you know that season 3 of Six Feet Under just came out on DVD and that the season finale of The COntender is coming up? These on-screen events will surely catalyze happy times.
    And I love your contest!

  14. Sarah Says:

    Chelsea and I will get by without you… somehow. Have fun with your special-people premiere… I will be seeing it with the rest of the normal folks on Thursday (but thus able to also attend Meet-up hooray!).

    Definitely look for hotties – nerds make the best boyfriends/husbands.

  15. Silvia Says:

    Just don’t dress up as a SW character and stand on line for 12 hours. We, the knit community, beg you not to do that…

  16. BigLug Says:

    That’s great that there’s enough bloggers with nose piercings that you can create a contest from it. I hope you had a positive starwars experience. Use the force you must.

  17. vibeknits » BOO-TAAY! Says:

    […] !! However, with all the HOOPLA this week, I’ve totally skipped over announcing the CONTEST WINNER!! I sooo promise I will have that for you first thing TUESDAY! I prom […]