So seeee, I TOTALLY meant to make this a crazy-thrilling BLOGTASTIC week!!!


The thing iiiiis, I seem to be having a LIFEtasticweek, which is getting in the waaaay of blogtastication!

To make it worse (for the blog, that is), I can’t really tell you much in the way of DETAILS without incriminating the otherwise (not-so ;)) innocent!!

Between fancy work dinners, free days off, appearances that pay me good money to hang out with HOT and fun guys, guests on my radio show (NEVER happens!! SO FUN!), late-night impromptu road trips, exciting new opportunities, an afternoon of yarn, and sleep-deprivation delerium, I ROCKED OUT THIS WEEK!

What was the highlight though?






At this point, I would like to go over some factors that make this event exciting to me:

  1. July 19th, 2004. Do the math.
  2. I asked out a cute guy Saturday night and GOT. SO. DISSED. It was embarassing. Like, very. I needed this.
  3. If you could see the caller in question, you would covet the call. HOLY FUCKING HOT!
  4. At 2am on a weeknight, I have nothing better to do :)

Now, before you think less (or not) of your little vibey, I’m not entirely sure that the intent of the call was for booty (even though it was made at 11:30pm and my arrival at booty location was not until 3:30am) AND no actual booty was GIVEN.

The vibe of the encounter (vibe! heh, get it?) was waay more like a Jr. High Slumber Party, except instead of my best friend Julie, there was an incredibly HOT guy and instead of actually WATCHING the entire movie, we totally made out. :)

It turned out to be a really cool night where we hung out and ate at the Paper Moon (yum!!), watched LEGEND, made out, napped, cuddled, and just chilled till 1pm the next afternoon!!! WAY FUN :)

There’s totally more to the story, including the reasons why there will likely be no future installments, but publishing it on the internet would be SO BAD AND SO WRONG.

However, the POINT is, with all the HOOPLA this week, I’ve totally skipped over announcing the CONTEST WINNER!! I sooo promise I will have that for you first thing TUESDAY! :)

I promise.


*no need to tell me how potentially sketch that whole situation could have gotten. Actually, I bet you have no idea how sketch it could have been, but dude. I know. I’m aware. I planned accordingly. It was STILL not smart.

PS – I just realized that I can’t go on and on about hot boys and then leave you all high and dry with no hot boys of your own!!! Thus, I have poked around on the internet to bring you this fine bit of eye candy. Enjoy. :)

10 Responses to “BOO-TAAY!”

  1. Rossana Says:

    Oh you are SUCH a tease! Glad to hear your week was scrumptious!

  2. chelsea Says:

    o.m.g. loved that eye candy. we will get to hear all about it on weds, right?

  3. Vicki Says:

    You are too much! Darn real life for encroaching on blogging. Oh, and YUM! ;)

  4. Cara Says:

    My life is SO unexciting! I’m so glad yours is BOOTYLICIOUS! I hope you have a FANTASTIC weekend!

  5. Carrie Says:

    You work that boo-tay call, grrrrl! cuz you ain’t no hollaback girl….

    yay for cute boys.

  6. claudia Says:

    I really appreciate your concern for us on the hot boy front.


  7. Jill Says:

    Your post totally made me laugh – thanks, I needed it today! Great pic ;)

  8. Silvia Says:

    Well I’ve never heard of that movie, but I have heard of making out and that is way better than a flick.

  9. Anne Marie Says:

    Dear Count Bootula,
    I think that next time you should have a booty call contest…you could post pictures of people that you may want to drunk dial and we get to pick the order in which you booty-call them :)

  10. Sarah Says:

    Hey bootylicious! Now that’s a way to spice up a week – hooray!