The N to the Y to the C!

I’M ALIVE!!!!!

(I know a couple of you were wondering…)

I’m alive…BUT, (sit down for this) I have not been knitting!!!



So bad.

So um, since I have no KNITTING to show you, I thought maaaybe you could help me out with a little som’n som’n. :)

This weekend, I’m going to a wedding in NYC!!! It’ a mini-reunion of sorts, as a bunch of my college friends are all going to be there and I’m waaaay excited!!! The thing is, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO WEAR!!!!

In my search for A dress, I ended up coming home with TWO! TWO DRESSES AND TWO PAIRS OF SHOES! I’m not completely in love with EITHER, but alas, time is runnin’ out. I was hoping maybe YOU could take a look at them and tell me what you think (and any ideas you might have to accessorize them) WOO! FUN!


This is dress 1 (and her shoes and accessories so far):

This is dress 2 (and her shoes and accessories so far):

So whaddya think?

It’s going to be f’in AWESOME I think — 3 days in NYC!!!

Tonight is Knitty Meetup, so hopefully, I will have something KNITTED to show you next time :)

PS- Thanks again for all your sweet thoughts :) I’m feeling much better!! It was just a passing thing related to a specific ‘saga’ that was going on which I think is probably more or less over now :) . But thanks :)

39 Responses to “The N to the Y to the C!”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Hmmmmm tough choice…you look amazing in both. I would personally go for the second look, just because it’s a simpler look…but I am so torn because I really like the first dress too. I am not helping, am I? ;) Which one do you feel more comfortable in?? Whatever one you pick, you are gonna look smokin’.

  2. Kelly Says:

    You look fabulous in both but I gotta go with Dress #2! I love the sexy shoes and you can never go wrong with a simple little black dress. Very CHIC!

  3. Sheri Says:

    Like ‘em both but my choice would be Dress #2! Have fun!

  4. Diana Says:

    They are both super cute, but Dress #1 looks like fun! It just looks happy. The white accents and accessories are nice for summer too.

  5. claudia Says:

    I choose Dress #1. Maybe because you are smilier in it.

  6. Kate Says:

    Dress #2, LOVE LOVE the accesories for that outfit. Do love the shoes from Dress #1 but Dress 2 outfit looks more vibe-ish.

    You are one hot mama in both though!

  7. Holly Says:

    Definitely Dress #2!! It’s much more Vibegrrl-ish… and you look smokin’ in it!

  8. Gina Says:

    My vote is as follows:
    Day wedding = #1
    Evening wedding = #2

  9. Cara Says:

    No. 2 all the way. It’s NYC – No. 1 is, I don’t know – too D.C. ;-)

    and WHAT?!? You’re coming HERE? Details please!

  10. dm Says:

    Male opinion: The dress decision depends on what impression you want to make at the semi-reunion. Dress #1 screams “FUN WEDDING PARTY GIRL” who will slow dance with an 8 y/o boy and make him feel like king of the world. Dress #2 sez “I am woman…who will steal your boyfriend and ride him like the bucking bull at the Hock ‘N Spit Saloon on Route 5…and when I’m done, he will be unusable as a man.” who will also play the main role in that 8 y/o’s memory when at the age of 12 he has that “special moment” that every boy has when he thinks “OMG! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!?! I THINK I JUST BROKE IT!!!” Sooo…what impression do you want to make?

  11. Carrie Says:

    omg comment #10 is making me laugh. I like Number One. But I like black and white. And those shoes. You will be a hottie hot hot in whatever you wear!

  12. Susanne Says:

    I am still choking with laughter and amazed at the poignancy of comments #10…! omg you look amazing in both but I love b/w so go with #1 with shoes from #2! Although the comment re the wedding being afternoon or evening is worthy of pause! have a great time no matter what you put on or how many 8 yo boys you dance with…

  13. Rossana Says:

    I vote for outfit #2. Have a great time! And glad you’re feeling better!

  14. sarah b. Says:

    The comments here are cracking me up! I like them both. I know that doesn’t really help you much, but I agree that the first one is more fun and the second more sophisticated so take ‘em both and wear the one that suits your mood that day. :-)

  15. atouria Says:

    #2 definitely. I love the sleekness of it and the accessories are awesome!

  16. chelsea Says:

    number 2! But, re: the necklace on 2, A says “um, is that a bit too much blangBLANG?” He says dress 2, shoes 2, but accessories 1.

    I am all two alla time.

  17. Silvia Says:

    I like #1 and hope comment #10 is NOT your brother!

  18. Sarah Says:

    1! 1! my vote is for 1! It’s so cute and flirty and fun! (Although I agree that if the impression you’re going for is sexpot, #2 edges it out, but I’m still all about #1)

  19. Joanne Says:

    outfit #2

  20. Jill Says:

    You look amazing in both dresses…. so my vote is:
    Day Wedding – #1
    Evening WEdding – #2

    I like #2 better overall, but I think the white accents on the first dress would work better during the day. Let us know what you decide – and have a great time :)

  21. heather Says:

    Dress number two —-fo sho.
    Have a wonderful time and don’t forget to drop by some N’WhySee yarn stores!

    hey, where is my pattern?

  22. Anne Marie Says:

    #2. It is so much sexy. I love.
    But keep the #1 shoes for future use, they is COOL.

  23. Carol Says:

    Definitely #1. The white relieves the black and makes it happily festive. The utter black of #2 is much more sultry. Do you want to do sultry at a wedding? Well, then again……….

  24. jessica~ Says:

    I love love love the second dress. It’s got a sophisticated but sexy but relaxed look to it. Plus, the acessories are perfect! You look great!

    [comments on this entry are too funny!!]

  25. BigLug Says:

    Dress Number 2!


  26. frecklegirl Says:

    I am going to have to go with #2 because that necklaces is FABULOUS!!

    The shoes with #2 are awesome too… it is all about the accessories. :)

  27. Stephanie Says:

    I have to go with #2 because you look hot. Well, you look great in both, but I love the jewlery and shoes in look #2. Can’t wait to see what you decide.

  28. Christina Says:

    I love #1, but I agree that both are terrific. I’ll have to go along with the #1 for a day wedding, and #2 for a night wedding.

  29. Jenny Says:

    You are Hottie H. McHotterton. Holy Moly!

    I love look #2. Love it. I guess that if it’s an afternoon wedding though, #1 might be more in keeping with the time of day, and you could wear #2 out on the town.

    Have a super good time!!!

  30. Ines Says:

    #2 – #2

  31. melanie Says:

    Am I too late? Oh well, my vote is for #1 – although I am totally cracking up about the logic from commentor #10. Hysterical!

  32. Vicki Says:

    Both look amazing, but I like #2 better. Love the necklace! Have fun :)

  33. Stacey Says:

    I gotta go with #2 also. Love the look of #1…but it just doesn’t scream “wedding” to me. It screams something else…I just can’t quite make out what it’s saying ;)

  34. juliefish Says:

    Number 2!! Love it!! With the beautiful necklace from #1. I live in NYC…you’ll be fabulous in that combo!

    Have recently discovered your site and am loving it.

  35. Jenn Says:

    #2 without a doubt. I think #1 is “younger” looking and if this is a college reunion for you, the more sophisticated the better. It is very attractive, alluring even, but don’t think it’s in any way too provacative – it’s high enough and long enough to prevent that! Have a great time!

  36. carolyn Says:

    i like dress 2. it’s funkier and more sexy-suave, sophisticated. and dress 1 is a little too “charlotte york” and that’s not you, in my mind at least.

  37. wendy Says:

    dress number one! i love how the pearls replicate the lines across the dress. and the shoes are too cute!

  38. Kristine Says:

    So which one one? I lean towards one…..see ya Tuesday!

  39. emy Says:

    Hi, I’ll go for one – so whimscal and unusual. I bet it’s gonna be a head turner!