Playing catch-up!

I *HATE* that I’ve been going a WEEK without posting!!


Anyway, let’s play catch-up! Here is a list of shit I’ve learned in the last week:

  • DSW Shoe Warehouse is the greatest place known to Woman. OMG, THE SHOES!
  • Even if you wear sunscreen, if you ride for 5 hours in a convertible with the top down, you WILL get a wierd convertible tan! It’s kinda like wearing pants to the beach and forgetting to flip over ;) heh. oh well.
  • There are TWO St. Patrick’s Cathedrals in NYC. If you are attending a wedding at one of them, this is an important thing to know if you actually wanna SEE the wedding. I DID NOT KNOW THIS!
  • Pretty Girlie Shoes are good for looking pretty. They are not good for walking many NYC city blocks.
  • Little chairs and seating spots made for children are made for REAAAALLLY TIIIINY ASSES! No matter how tiny you think my ass is, it does not fit.
  • I SUCK at Star Wars Trivial Pursuit. Lois is frighteningly good.
  • If you are FINALLY drunk and happy and buzzed, DO NOT KEEP DRINKING in a sad attempt to stay that way. Unless, that is, you wanna end up hunched over the toilet at Cafeteria. This is becomnig a bit of a trend, no?
  • Personal Trainers have NO MERCY! Even if you pout, whine, whimper, growl, hiss, and cry, he will not let you stop. He will just LAUGH at you!

And of course, THE PICTURES!

DRESS#2! (with even NEWER shoes!)
Click to see a super LARGE version!


Me and Ebony in the cab on the way to missing the wedding!

Deo and Ebony at Celebrating at Darren & Jen’s One Day Anniversary Brunch!!

A sign in Bryant Park! WOO!!

Visiting Ashley’s new house!!

Me and Jeffrey *

The Bride and Groom*

I’m working on getting a proper gallery up…photos are uploading AS YOU READ THIS! So uh, check back :) edited: bored? check out ALL the pics here.

* The last two pics were stolen from Allen Murabayashi, cause he can actually TAKE good pictures!

16 Responses to “Playing catch-up!”

  1. Joanne Says:

    Your weekend sounded way more fun than mine…even with the sore feet!

    I’m sorry…who got married? :P

  2. Cara Says:

    You look gorgeous! Love the shoes!

    There are probably more than two St. Patrick’s in the city to be honest. Which one was the wedding at? Sounds like you had a good time – next time you’re here it better be to visit ME!

  3. Sarah Says:

    I am drooling over The Shoes. You look stunning!

  4. Silvia Says:

    You look totally hot in that wedding ensemble! Nice. You and Ebony are the CUTEST EVER-really–I know these things.

  5. Gina Says:

    Those. Shoes. Rock.

  6. Vicki Says:

    Damn you look hot! Love the newer shoes. DSW really is the greatest :)

  7. Stacey Says:

    I just got some shoes from DSW yesterday…sneakers though. LOVE that store.

  8. jessica~ Says:

    Thanks for the Tips!!
    You look fantastic and OH MY GOD – LOVE the shoes!!

  9. Kate Says:

    I feel your pain on the drinking tip… I do the same thing. I love those shoes. Cough Cough I’m feeling sick and should probably go home (read: I should leave work immediately and go do DSW)

  10. heather Says:

    hot shoes, hot chica…good times!

    Thanks for sharing…you look mahvelous, dahling!

  11. Rossana Says:

    OMG! What a paradisically funtastic weekend! Your niece is just too adorable! And, dear, you look smashing! When’s your bday?

  12. Rossana Says:

    P.S. OMG, I was just thinking your new shoes kinda match Skye (or my monitor is off), and then went to read my friend Christina’s ( post today and it featured a new FO in colorway SKYE! It must be a sign that I should add some blue yarns to my stash…

  13. mat Says:

    >>DSW Shoe Warehouse is the greatest place known to Woman.

    Man too. Hot damn.

  14. Jenny Says:

    You missed the wedding!?! OMG! But you looked HOT. You must give more details soon. ;-)

  15. biglug Says:

    I agree that DSW is the best ever! My friend almost missed our friend’s wedding b/c she fell and tumbled down her driveway on the way to her car and ripped her stockings. So it could’ve been worse!

  16. claudia Says:

    That dress looks super-cute with the shoes.