I’m having a nervous breakdown.

I don’t know how else to explain it…

For three days, all I’ve wanted to do more or less is cry…
Like DUDE, I was in the Baja Fresh, trying to pick up dinner, and my eyes were welling up and I was getting all puffy, and biting my lip and it was TOTALLY obvious, but there was NOTHING I COULD DO!

While I’m not totally satisfied with how things are going, I certainly don’t have anything to CRY about.

I’m crying at work, I’m crying on the phone, I’m crying in the car, I’m crying on benches in the parking lot, I’m CRYING IN THE BAJA FRESH FOR CHRIST’S SAKE!!!

Granted, I DO kinda know the source of it all, but I STILL can’t explain it. I’ve soo lost and confused this week…

On the flip side, good things that have happened this week:

  • finding out I overpayed my rent for the last 8 months and have over a $200 CREDIT!!! WOO!! (which also means I now pay $30 LESS for rent every month!!)
  • My Valentine Daisies are still ALIVE!
  • The O.C.!! (sooo gooood)
  • CoverGirl Wetslicks! high beam gloss withOUT the stickiness! for REAL! (I have a serious lipgloss addiction. i will seek help.)

have a good weekend!

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