Someone called me a WIMP the other day. Someone was trying to suggest that maaaybe I don’t have what it takes to Rogue!

Someone is apparently wrong ;)

Bring it girlie, BRING. IT.

Now that I’ve started the sleeve (did you see the cute little budding cables?!?! I gave birth to baby cables!!!), I’m way less scared!!! I CAN DO IT!!! I’m still not sure if my gauge is right, but whatever…I guess either way, this is good practice!! (note that this is what I say now. If it turns out that my gauge is TOTALLY off and I have to re-knit this sleeve LATER , I will probably cry and Claudia will probably snicker in the corner ;))

There’s even a little un-offical knit-along going on!!! I’ve managed to poke the coals on a few Rogue embers and possibly gotten a fire or two started!!! If you’re local (or not!) and you wanna join in, I’m ALL ABOUT bringin’ people down with me!!! MWAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhaheh…{{cough}}

The fun doesn’t stop there though, NOOOOOOOOOOOO. I’ve been a’knittin’! Check this out:


Stacey, don’t you just totally wanna shove this in your mouth and eat it??!

I’m sooooo in love with my prettypretty roving!!!! Chelsea brought it back for me from Rhinebeck and I lovelovelovelove it! Chelsea also gave me the sweetest Christmas goodie bag of knitty treats because Chelsea soo rocks!!!! I never did get to take a picture of it all though :( BUT I LOVE IT!! THANKS GIRLIE!!!

The only thing about the thrums (and it’s probably my fault) is that they’re shedding all over the mitten! It’s cool though, cause then I guess I’ll have fuzzy thrummy mittens! Anyway, I think they are sooo pretty regardless, so whatever! WOO HOO!!! THRUMS!!!! Who knew Cascade 220 was such a deal too?!!? It’s 100% Peruvian Highland Wool at 200+ yards a hank for like $7!(hrm. I just looked at the ball band. it’s 220 yards. Is that why they call it Cascade 220?)

Speaking of Peruvian Highland Wool…Did y’all know that Elann has new stock? Yeah, NEW STOCK! Of all the colors I WANTED TO BUY but RESISTED BUYING and now have to RESIST AGAIN!

I feel like maaaybe the yarn diet is going to hell anyway, as I just bid $60 on discontinued yarn* on ebay. GOOD RESISTING, eh?


(*notice how I didn’t say WHAT I bid on? That’s because even though I half really want to LOSE the auction, I also half want to WIN, and if I TELL YOU, you might outbid me and snatch up my precious yarn! How bad am I!?!?)

As for the Friday-Date Boy (FDB?), I hesitate to put any details on here, as people that don’t knit read this blog and I’ve recently gotten into trouble by writing personal stuff which was misunderstood, but I CAN say that while no second date has been scheduled, MUCH email flirting has ensued and I have high hopes that a second date will be made! (ugh! It KILLS me, I SO wanna gush on in school-girl fashion about how he was all like “Hey!” and I was all like “Yeah, wassuuup, yo!” and he was like “werrrrd.” Hmm. It’s 2:30am. I have NO IDEA what I’m talking about. Disregard.)

Hey, lemme throw this one out there…

Should I be concerned that a co-worker identified what brand my super cute corderoy pants were because she had just bought the *same exact ones* for her daughters ages 12,14 and 17!?!?!? What does this say about me?!?!!?

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