So liiike, Mid Mid-Meetup Meetup Movie Night did not go down on Friday as planned.

As it turned out, a tiny, 8lb, 6oz crying midget disrupted our plans!

I’m an Aunty! (again)

Her name is Bananahead* (aka Danielle Nicole) :)

I got to assist with her birth and it was truly an amazing honor to have been a part of it and to share such a special moment with my brother and sis-in-law. I was present for my first niece’s birth as well and they told me it wouldn’t have been the same if I wasn’t there for the second :)

Now, while I was all honored and it was all beautiful and insane and awe-inspiring and I’m totally TOTALLY grateful, there were some things I must not have been paying attention to the first time around.


One word for you ladies…


What? You don’t know what that is?



You seeee, babies have really really big heads. Big heads which need to fit through really really small holes by comparison. SO! SOMETIMES they have to MAKE THE HOLE BIGGER. WITH SURGICAL SCISSORS.

Yeah, you read that right.

I watched them make a 2″ cut in my Sister(in-law’s) hoo-ha with a pair of surgical scissors.



I think I’m a little shell-shocked this time. Seriously. It’s a good thing I’m NOWHERE NEAR having kids yet.

HOWEVER, one look at that baby’s cute, cheeky face and you know it was soooooo worth it, yah?


Now, when my FIRST niece was born, they put the most ADORABLE little hand-knit hat on her, complete with cute little pom-pom! Naturally, I thought little Bananahead would return from her first bath with something similar.

oh. but. no.

I took one look at that kid in HER new hat and laughed my ass off!

I wish I had a PICTURE of the monstrocity they put on that baby!

It was all THICK with FUGLY GREEN AND ORANGE STRIPES!! VERTICAL STRIPES! AND IT WAS CROCHETED!!!( no offense) It was the most hideous thing I have seen in a loooong time. Dude, my niece TOTALLY came back looking like a toilet paper cozi!!!!!

What’s worse is that I’d only brought my Mini-Ringel sock! I had NO SUPPLIES with which to correct the situation!

SOMETHING had to be done though, right?


I found my way to the LYS, picked up some DB Baby Cashmerino and some DPNs, drove out to the hospital and GOT TO WORK!

(There might have been some snacking and playing with both nieces in between there, I can’t remember)

Since I’m not all that fast, and since there was a lot of interruption, it basically took me all day. At one point, my brother wanted me to come with him to get food, but, out of fear that I wouldn’t finish and Dani would be left hat-less, I was ordered by my Sister(in-law) to stay and KNIT! KNIT! KNIT! Bananahead *had* to have her hat!

Bananahead’s Baby Beanie ©

Bananahead IN her Beanie!

She doesn’t look that happy to be wearing it, but I think it was more the GAS and not her HAT that made her cry…either way, mommy and daddy seemed pretty happy :)

I *think* it’s about a 1/2 inch shorter than it should be, but overall, I’m pretty proud of it. I know it’s just a simple hat, but it’s only the second thing I’ve attempted to design (the other being an ipod cozi) and I think it came out mad cute!

Maybe eventually I’ll type up and pdf the pattern :) In the meantime, I’m knitting up a second one in stash yarn to test my 1/2 inch theory and possibly gift it to the other little bean that made her debut recently.

As for MM-MM MN, well… it may not have gone down Friday as planned, but it still went down!!! Here we all were after watching both The Legend of Billie Jean and Xanadu!! (The Pirate Movie was MIA):

(left to right) Michelle, Amy, Laura, Chelsea, Sarah and Me!

AND, because we can’t get ENOUGH of one another, TONIGHT is Mid-Meetup! WOO!

*Thanks to the vacuum pump that had to be used on her to get her lazy baby butt OUT, Dani was born with the cutest little banana-shaped head. Even though it corrected itself by the next day, I will FOREVER call her Bananahead :)

21 Responses to “KNIT AUNTY TO THE RESCUE!”

  1. Sarah Says:

    What a good aunty! The hat came out ADORABLE, just like the new niece!

  2. frecklegirl Says:

    awww! Welcome to the world, Dani/ Bananahead! :)

    Love the hat- the bow and the color! Gorgeous!

  3. Diana Says:

    Excellent knit rescue! Love the little bow on top.

  4. Christina Says:

    Your new niece is adorable, especially in her new hat. I swear being an aunt is the best. If I had ever seen either of my nieces being born, I’d never ever have any kids of my own. I give you alot of credit. The entire birth thing has been my biggest fears since they made me watch the Miracle of Life in high school.

  5. Amy Says:

    Adorable hat! Adorable Niece! What more could you ask for?

  6. Brooke Says:

    I am so bummed that a migraine got in the way of movie night. Any if you hadn’t reminded me I would have totally forgot about knitty tonight. Now I need to race home and grab the knitting. . .

  7. Cara Says:

    Mazel Tov! You know how much I LOVE being an AUNT! Great hat too – Danielle is my middle name – so great choice Mom and Dad!

    Congratulations to the whole family!

  8. Liz Says:

    Congratulations!! I want to be an Auntie, but it will be years before that happens. I got lucky with both of my babies though, no cutting down there for me. Course, my belly was cut open instead, but…Ah you get the point!

    She’s a cutie!

  9. Rossana Says:

    Welcome to the world, Miss Chiquita Bananahead! Such a beautiful little baby with the best knit hat by Aunty Vibe! What a lucky baby!

  10. Silvia Says:

    Bananahead is beautiful (but what else would I expect from your superior gene pool). Congrats to Momma, Daddy and Auntie!

  11. Vicki Says:

    Bananahead, I love it! she’s a total cutie, and definitely needed that perfect little hat. Oh, and um, OUCH!

  12. Jenny Says:

    My Lord that’s a cute baby and equally cute hat. Good rescue from the dangerous hat situation.

  13. heather Says:

    Way to come to the rescue! I love babies. I told my midwife…No episiwhatever! It made me so ill…good thing pixie was a too-wee thing!

  14. Sarah Says:

    Hooray for babies and beanies! She is a super cutie (but with an aunt like you, there’s not many other options!).
    And hooray for MM-MM-MN – the first of many (I hope)!

  15. Jenna Says:

    Congrats on being an aunty and witnessing the birth! I’m excited for the day when I have little nieces/andor nephews and can knit them fun stuff.

    I think it’s funny that men think they have it so haard because it hurts when they get kicked in the crotch. They don’t even get close to some of the pain we can experience.

  16. Joanne Says:

    Congrats on the new niece!

  17. Erika Says:

    Kudos to the best aunty – leave it to you to knit a baby hat in a day. ;) Yes, episiotomies are quite shocking – but remember, as long as the mother is BUI, i.e. birthing under the influence (of an epidural, that is), she won’t feel it until after the epidural wears off, and by then the baby is born and it doesn’t matter as much anymore. ;)

  18. Lolly Says:

    Yea! What a precious little one. Glad you saved her from the bad hat early on–it would have condemned her for life! The new hat is so cute on her little head!

    Congrats to your family :)

  19. Stacey Says:

    Very cute hat…and what a determined aunt you are! Whipping one up so fast and all!

    Episiotomy. I shudder just thinking about it. Ugh.

  20. Anne Marie Says:

    Bananahead is so adorable! And I think she loves her hat…she just doesn’t seem to care for that hospital blanket. Either that or she found out that Jennifer Garner is pregnant with Ben Affleck’s child. Ew.

  21. Carrie Says:

    Bananahead! Dani! is the cutest little schmoo EVER. What a sweet face – and the cheeks! I’m glad she has an aunty to rescue her from the horrors of the crocheted fugly.

    But OMG don’t tell me anymore about the scissors. ACK.