I’ve been coming across a lot of Laras lately.

First, Jeffrey sent me THIS link.

Yes, no need to re-read…her name was Lara. Dunno what this says about me. Likely nothing, but still.

THEN, I found this:


Now, being the kind of girl that buys *anything* that has her name on it, I had to get me a Lara Bar!! (tell me the intro to that website is NOT offensive (needs sound))


The other morning, I was late for work and didn’t have time for breakfast SO, I grabbed my Lara bar and headed out the door.

Since I became INSTANTLY trapped in hellish traffic, I had plenty of time to f#*k around with my digital camera and document JUST. HOW. DELICIOUS. my Lara Bar was!!!

Here is photographic evidence of that which IS Lara Bar:

Yeah, thaaaaat’s not good.

all-natural PUTRESCENCE!

Yeah, don’t buy those. Not good.

In other news, Baby Project #1 is nearing completion:


Some of you will TOTALLY know what it is baby project #1 *is*. I ‘m not sure if she ever reads my blog, but the momma of baby project #1 recipient isn’t a knitter, so even if she DOES come here, she won’t be able to guess what it is* :)

All I have to do is the finishing. All the knitting (save 4 rows of seed stitch for the collar) is DONE!! Maybe I’ll finish it this weekend!!! WOOO!!!!!

After that, it’ll be time to get cracking on Baby Project #2 and dig up my Rogue so I can finish it in time for RHINEBECK!

Happy Weekend, y’all!

*Orginally, my hands typed, “She won’t never need to know.” Clearly, I’m leaking brain cells.

8 Responses to “LARAS! EVERYWHERE!”

  1. Cara Says:

    I wasn’t gonna say it, but looking at the ingredients of said Lara bar, well, ick. Sorry honey!

    The baby project looks great – can’t wait to see it finished! Is that intarsia I see?

  2. frecklegirl Says:

    hehe- I love your photos… you crack me up.

    I loooove that pattern! Can’t wait to see yours- looks awesome so far!

  3. claudia Says:

    Nice work planning for Rhinebeck in AUGUST!

  4. Jenny Says:

    Look out, your face might freeze that way! At least, that’s what my mom always said.

  5. Stacey Says:

    I never see anything with my name on it…but I would totally buy it I ever came across anything :)

  6. Anne Marie Says:

    Thanks for the heads up about those filthy LaraBars. Even though you have a lovely name, I think I would only eat something that has the word “candy” in front of “bar”.

  7. Carrie Says:

    The packaging is pretty cool. Too bad it tastes like ass. And your baby project is looking fabulous! hee hee. all of us knitters know what it is. :)

  8. vibeknits » Sweet Cherry Pie Says:

    […] at one. Wanna see what she gave me when I went back to LI? Lara Bars. We all remember how I feel about Lara Bars, don’t we? HAR HAR, Sharon! I told her I wouldn&#8217 […]