Knitting, Knitting and MORE KNITTING!

This, my friends, is officially a KNIT blog.

Therefore, one might assume KNITTING goes on here.



Unfortunately, there has been little in the way of PROOF of this lately.

Therefore, I bring you THIS little photo display:

Bananahead’s Baby Beanie ©, take 2.
I wanted to knit up a proper prototype of the pattern (you know, one that would’ve FIT) before I write it up. I jsut have to knit the little bow and PRESTO! FO!

Baby Project #2
I was gonna take the month of Aug. off from Baby knits, but my sneaky friends and family have decided to bust out and baptise their children in SEPTEMBER instead of OCTOBER (when I thought they were gonna). pffth! Back to baby knits…


Yeaaaaah! You’re not seeing things. That looks a helluva lot like MY ROGUE!!! She’s BACK IN ACTION, YO!

I wanna finish her in time to wear her to Rhinebeck, so I gotta get crackin’. Unfortunately, since baby project #2 is on the front burner, I think that means that R2 tasty gets reshelved until NEXT Spring. (plus, I was knitting her on Crystal Palace Bamboo circs and I *just* realized how much those suck, but I don’t wanna bust out and buy some addi turbos for it, so screw it, ok?) I can only have two major projects going at once, dude. I get overwhelmed.

How happy was Rogue to be out of the dusty reject bag?


I SWEAR, that’s how she naturally arranged herself on the carpet. SERIOUSLY! SHE LOVES ME!

awww :)

(I love you too, Rogue!)

There is, of course, also a certain Baby Knit which is now an FO which I have yet to SHOW you. That is because, this Saturday, I will be seeing the recipient IN PERSON and figured it is better to hand-deliver it :) (this way I can force the thing ON the child and take lots o’ pics, ya?*)

So, check back next week for those, when I blog at’cha from lovely LONG ISLAND! WOO!!!!

Crap, it’s 2am. I better get my ass home and to sleep!!!

4 Responses to “Knitting, Knitting and MORE KNITTING!”

  1. Anne Marie Says:

    I laugh whenever you say ‘banana head’. You are a baby beanie MACHINE! Good luck with Rogue. She looks complicated.

  2. Sarah Says:

    Rogue scares me. She loves you though, so I think everything will work out just fine for the two of you. And the beanie for lil’ Bananahead? So precious!

  3. Silvia Says:

    Why not knit up an actual banana hat? So cute, and she’ll so be annoyed when she’s like 8…

    Go Rogue, but I’m sooo sad that I won’t see it in person (probably).

  4. Stacey Says:

    Good luck with finishing that Rogue in time for Rhinebeck. And I mean that in the most unsarcastic way.