Lessons of Love, Blood and Cutie Babies!

Re-reading that title, it *almost* sounds like I’m about to give you an entry all about the joys of childbirth.

Don’t worry.

I promised I wouldn’t show anyone those pictures, so…

What I AM gonna tell you about is how I MEANT to post from Long Island, I did, but I ended up learning that it’s really hard to blog when there is a 2-year old who wants to play with you every waking minute between 8am and 9pm and bury you under stuffed animals and cover you in Blue’s Clues stickers.


What else did I learn in the last week?


  • Ashley really loves Wapples and Boo Coo PaPa*. I’m actually quite fond of wapples myself :)

  • Boys from Canada suck, especially if they’re from Scarborough. Joanne told me this. I didn’t believe her. I learned quickly.
  • There are places on Long Island that make it seems like you are HOURS away from reality. Why the hell didn’t I notice that when I LIVED there?

  • NEVER, never EVER, EVER EVER take out your nostril scew. Like, EVER. Unless it’s Life-or-Death HAVE TO. Fail to heed this warning and I guarantee there will be crying, bleeding, swelling and just general freaking out.
  • Sometimes, people actually USE the things you’ve knit them! How crazy is THAT!?!?!?

  • Don’t feed a nursing mother squash for dinner.That is, unless you HATE her AND her baby and wish to cause them a night of gassy, colic-y sleeplessness.**
  • Knit-gift recipients don’t always appreciate the extensive photo shoots you subject them to. Sometimes they express their discontent.

    don’t see what I mean? look closer:

  • WHICH REMINDS ME! I HAVE AN FO!!!! Check it:

    Knit with Rowan All-Seasons Cotton on size 6US addi-natura circs. (0-3month size)

    Modeled by the lovely Bananahead!

    Ain’t she cute?

    Here is the side view…

    …and one more for fun :)

    It’s a pretty quick ( and FUN!) knit if you stay focused! I fudged the intarsia bits and, well, the sewing-in of the pockets could have been WAY better, but I sorta said screw it. If I’d waited to fix it, she would have OUT-GROWN the thing before I could give it to her***!

so, YAAAAY! FO!!! WOO!!!!!

All-in-all, the trip to NY was fun and tooo short :(

I MISS MY BABY NIECES!!!! (and uh, the rest of the fam too ;) **** )

It’s ok though, I’ll see them all next month at the Christening. :)

*waffles and Blue’s Clues Pasta
**or like, unless you don’t know better. But now you do, so you can’t use that excuse.
***besides, they were my first patch pockets. I think they came out good for my first time :)
**Remind me to show you the little gift my sister bestowed upon me. So thoughtful (uh? no? HA!)

13 Responses to “Lessons of Love, Blood and Cutie Babies!”

  1. Angie Says:

    The Anouk (and Bananahead) is amazing! Such great colors! You totally deserve a huge helping of Boo Coo Papa for your great work!

  2. chelsea Says:

    Anouk looks ALMOST cuter than that lil stringbean… Congrats on a dreamy vacation!

  3. Carrie Says:

    Anouk is adorable, and that tiny baby is a schmoo fer sure.

  4. heather Says:

    love that anouk! That pic is soo cute!(the finger)

    I did that with my nose as well…oh holy crap in a can – I thought I’d never get it back in…I stamped my feet and howled at 3 am! I’ve never taken it out again! hehe.

  5. Anne Marie Says:

    I Love Banananhead. She is SOOOO cute! She is the perfect model for your knitting.

  6. Tanya Says:

    What a cute baby! Even when she’s giving you the finger – ha ha ha. Anouk is just beautiful. You should be proud.


  7. Ann Says:

    Love the Anouk – and what a darling model you have!

  8. Vicki Says:

    What cuties! Love the FO, so perfect for her.

  9. Christina Says:

    Bananahead and Anouk both look adorable! The colors are perfect for her. Ashley looks like she’s having a great time with you too.

  10. Sarah Says:

    You did an amazing job on Anouk. It is perfect!
    Your nieces are precious….and the pic with Bananahead giving you the finger is hilarious.

  11. Cara Says:

    TOO CUTE! Bananahead and Anouk are perfect together. And it’s true about two yr olds – where do they get all that energy?

  12. Stacey Says:

    Nostril screw…not good if you work somewhere and have to remove it all the time. Hmmmm…good to know.

    Love the Anouk! Don’t know if I will ever make anything that complex. Well, maybe when Tracey has a daughter or something. Maybe then.

  13. Toni Says:

    She looks so precious in the beautiful Anouk!